#TBT to Greg Gianforte’s White Nationalist Ties

I know the latter T in TBT usually means Thursday, but in light of today’s events it seemed fitting for a throwback Tuesday:

ReWire: Montana’s Gianforte Donated to White Nationalists, Anti-Government Extremists

Missoulian: Gianforte on donating to suspected white nationalist: ‘I was unaware of some of his views’

Mic: It’s Not Just the Body Slam. Greg Gianforte Also Has Ties to Accused White Supremacist

New Republic: Greg Gianforte has disturbing ties to white nationalists.

The Montana Post: Let’s Talk about Greg Gianforte’s Support For and From White Supremacists

Weird, nothing really of note comes up when you google other Montana politicians and white supremacy, except for words like “denounce.”


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  1. Why am I not surprised?
    He’s a Republican, after all…

  2. A dangerous group of individuals posing as Republicans; re: Gianforte.
    That’s the only thing I can think of that could explain their wacky behavior.

  3. Are G.G. & Trump so eager for supporters that discernment goes out the door?

  4. We can take away his House seat in the 2016 election, but we have to began planning for it now. It disturbs me that some are
    focusing on another try with Quist, a good man, but a horrifically flawed candidate. We need some one with experience, a woman, and a tested and true progressive. A novice candidate might repeat Quist’s troubling “gun ad.” Women voters are angry and extremely motivated: they themselves will vote in massive numbers. An authentic Montana progressive will excite and impassion youth, labor, and lackadaisical voters who stay home cuz they aren’t enthused by the Montana Democratic Party’s establishment picks. I’d sell my favorite saddle horse to support financially the candidacy of Amanda Curtis.

    • Amanda would certainly get my vote.

      • Hopefully, Amanda has been spending some time in Eastern Montana so that the people there can get to know her. This way they can see that she really cares about the issues that affect them and that she has proposals that will help them.

    • I would certainly vote for Amanda but we need to make overhauling NAFTA, overturning Citizens United, The Sherman Act, a Student Debt Jubilee, legalizing Cannabis, doubling minimum wage and enacting a Robin Hood Tax to expand Social Security and pay for Medicare Part E planks in the Democratic Platform. It’s time to deliver to the Boomers and the Milliniels and all in-between, and to make it clear we are ALL anti-Fascist! Do this and I believe we can drive turnout up enough to make a profound change in the direction of our Nation, indeed of the Human Race. Oh, and Wind Energy as a new crop for our farmers and ranchers!

      • Old Line Democrat | August 17, 2017 12:41 PM at 12:41 PM |

        Why don’t we just concentrate on getting a Democrat elected and work to get them elected in other states so we can even have a chance at tackling your wish list. I suggest you run for state office to get some experience and name recognition so you can win in the future. All politics is local so getting something positive going in our Legislature would work its way up. We have to overcome the power of ALEC and the hard right that are controlling our lawmaking and bring it back to the people not the corporations and right wing evangelicals.

    • We can take his seat away? You’re whistling through the graveyard.

      The Montana voters overwhelmingly rejected the Democrat platform, and nothing has changed since then, not even the candidates being discussed.

      Unless the Dems figure out who their constituency is, they are going to become a permanent minority.

      • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | August 21, 2017 1:30 PM at 1:30 PM |

        Unless Dems figure out…hence my suggestions for a platform that will appeal to our current constituency as well as draw in just 5 or 10 million of the 70 or 80 million who don’t currently vote. As long as the Democratic Party operates as GOP lite we will continue losing. We are at a point in history where we need heroic actions and rEvolutionary thinking, World Changing events are upon us and we can use that change to benefit all of us or we can let the Robber Barons use these “emergencies” to secure their grip on a new Feudal society. After all, the result of 40 years of Trickle Down economics is a nation of Peeons. As for my running for office, I’m an honorably discharged veteran of our Army and BUT a former POW in our War on Drugs so while the one would help, the other is fatal for political office. Damn shame too, being retired I have lots of time to study issues and I’m old enough to have learned how much I don’t know, how much I do and how to tell the difference. And I’d be a super-weapon for a filibuster-anybody who knows me will tell you I can talk for hours and not say a thing! And Eric, I think this platform will speak to many Montanans who feel like nobody has been listening for a long time.

  5. Opps, read “the 2018 election” and “to begin”. My proof reader is on the road today.

  6. Amanda Curtis sponsored a bill (a restraint on free speech imposed upon the media) in the last legislative session that would have been unconstitutional had it been enacted, and would have cost taxpayers a significant sum for the Attorney General to defend in court (and lose). In my mind, this sort of misguided pandering means I will not vote for her if she runs. Folks should take John Heenan seriously. He can hit GG hard on things like campaign finance and disclosure.

  7. I will not vote for Amanda Curtis. She has no business in politics and leans too far to the right. She isn’t savvy enough, or smart enough for that matter. There are a lot more intelligent women out that could represent Montana in a more professional manner.

    • Rep.. Curtis made a mistake with HB-553, a serious mistake. I don’t know whether she’s learned from that, or what she might have learned, but HB-553 does not disqualify her from serving in the legislature.

      Ms. Warburton’s attack on Curtis’ intelligence and character is beyond the pale. And, dead wrong on the merits.

    • If you are looking for the perfect progressive candidate, Montana will keep electing retrograde republicans. Remember, perfection is the enemy of good enough. Montana is a conservative leaning state.

  8. Do not think Amanda Curtis will draw Montana voters. Hope a better candidate comes out of the woodwork.

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