Steve Daines Continues to Avoid Constituents. Wants to Become Pen Pals Instead

As the August recess drags on it seems like Steve Daines is taking this Congressional “vacation”  literally.

Daines did what most college students do during Spring Break or summer vacation do—he posted his vacation pics to Facebook and told us all the cool things he’s been up to instead of hosting town halls.

#vaca #blessed #derelictionofduties

But Daines wasn’t only taking to social media to brag about his taxpayer-funded vacations on the very public lands he hopes to privatize.

Daines is lonely. It is hard to try and represent Montanans when you never meet with them. Daines used his newsletter to try and rekindle his relationship with his constituents.

Seemingly unaware or unwilling to participate in the tested method called face-to-face interaction, Daines sent out this plea for feedback from Montanans:

Last week rang in the 86th Montana State Fair! Thousands attended the rodeos, horse races and concerts in Great Falls.

County fairs and rodeos, outdoor barbeques, and music festivals like “Music on Main” in Bozeman are happening all over Montana in the summer months. Long drives to lakes, floating down rivers, camping and hiking characterize summers in Big Sky Country.

I just returned from a backpacking trip myself and I’d love to hear about your summer! Where’s your favorite summer spot in Montana? What summer community events are happening near you?

Fall is just around the corner, and with it will come changing leaves, bugling elk and school! I hope you’ll keep in touch with me as summer begins to wind down and folks get ready for the next season.

As always, I encourage you to contact my office to express your concerns or opinions on policy issues important to you. And if we’re not already connected on social media, I invite you to follow my daily updates on Facebook.

It’s my number one priority in Congress to represent the values and interests of the people of Montana, and your input is very helpful as I do. I also invite you to visit my website,, so we can stay in close touch.

Best Wishes,

Best wishes and please tell me about your summer vacation, but not about how you want to keep your health care, your public lands, or your rural hospital.

I hope in two years Daines takes a permanent vacation.

P.s. Daines has still not held a town hall in 2017.


15 Comments on "Steve Daines Continues to Avoid Constituents. Wants to Become Pen Pals Instead"

  1. If he stays on vacation until his term ends, I will defend his decision to so do.

  2. I would be looking at some kind of a platform. Tester stopping the tear down of Colstrip….not or completing Keystone pipeline….not. or ??? What donations have you made other then increasing the deficit. Voters don’t care anymore about twisted news, just results. Loose the Governors seat and Tester’s spot and the Dems are pretty much history for a while in this state. FYI, Gianforte was in Butte at the pit today to see what he can do help for jobs in Montana.

    Since 2000, he (Gianforte) and his wife have made more than 500 contributions in Montana elections. Of those, 134 were made to support 114 Republicans on the November 2016 ballot.

    • Old Line Democrat | August 17, 2017 7:48 AM at 7:48 AM |

      Again, you try to troll this site.
      First, why is GG in Butte? Because Pruittand Trump are destroying the EPA piece by piece. It is clearly a PR stunt to fool and distract.
      You link to the Missoulian article that ties both GG and Daines to a white nationalist. That tells me that in light of the recent events in NC that these two side with Nazis. They should do the honorable thing and resign. Not a peep from either of them on Trump’s outrageous comments or his affront to all who died and suffered in WW II fighting those Nazi ideals that he clearly supports.
      Finally, why do anything to save Colstrip? It’s market is drying up as the rest of the world and sane US businesses stop denying reality. Same with Keystone. The price of oil has destroyed its economic viability. Supporting it now is only an attempt at more ham handed repudiation of Native Americans and Obama. Yes, the dismantling of his entire presidency is rooted in racism.
      I don’t expect a cogent reply from you as even you can’t deny the truth of it.

      • Using spin and rhetoric to twist the truth into lies and tagging everyone as racists and Nazis will get you nowhere with the typical voter. Everyone is tired of hearing this BS and hate with nothing to promote the future. Only excuses / reasons to drive the economy down.

        • How’s the pay cranking out this garbage?

        • @bull**it – You’ve been watching Trumpsky ranting too much. His belligerent dishonesty has seeped in through your pores…….or wherever.

          “Everyone is tired of hearing……..” No, YOU are tired of hearing facts and truth and it makes your skin itch.

  3. Daines, don’t give us the baloney ‘how was your summer’ BS! We were FIGHTING to keep YOU from SCREWING our healthcare you pompous coward who can’t face your constituents in person!

  4. Daines, just maybe one townhall meeting in Bozeman, just one face-to-face with the Montana people you represent.

  5. If we can get a decent Democrat with a plank of overhauling NAFTA, enforcing the Sherman Act and locking up some Banksters and Robber Barons, overturning Citizens United, legalizing Cannabis, enacting a Student Debt Jubilee and doubling the minimum wage accompanied by tripling the tax on UNearned income, now taxed at 1/2 the rate for income EARNED with blood,sweat and blisters, and enacting a “Robin Hood Tax” on Wall Street trades, we might begin to win elections. Until we drive voter turnout above 75% we will continue to fail-all the white folks are afraid when the brown folks are in charge they will treat them like they have treated brown people for 2000 years. We need to recognize this and build a true working majority of progressives-or as we used to call them rational thinkers.

  6. He is so obviously a moral coward. Not exactly a Montana value!!

  7. Daines, Gianforte, and Zinke have all drunk the Trump Koolaid. They would never speak out against their hero! That’s why you won’t see any of them at a town hall where Montanans can give them the butt chewing they deserve!

  8. We need to put this man’s picture on a milk carton….maybe someone will see him in the State that he represents. I am beginning to winder if he even knows where the hell Montana is!

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