Daines Town Hall in Bozeman this Saturday

Steve Daines, imbecile

This Saturday, August 19th at 6pm at the Bunkhouse Brewery in Bozeman, Montanans are holding a Town Hall for Senator Daines.

The question is will Steve Daines show up to the Town Hall that his hometown Bozeman neighbors are holding for him to ask him about his votes on Repealing their healthcare and the critical services that are at stake in the federal budget?

Or will the absentee Senator be an empty Chair at his own Town Hall???


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  1. Daines will do anything to avoid direct answers to health care issues. Does he support Trump’s support of KKK, Nazis and white nationalism??

  2. It will be an empty chair whether he shows up or not.

  3. Daines has been remarkably inarticulate and specific about hate groups – by name -that exist in our good state, and can’t he find the COURAGE to speak out like Senators Corker, Scott, Flake, Graham, McCain and several more? I thought you were Montana ‘tough’ Steve!

  4. I’m betting “Dodging Daines” is a no-show. And if he shows, I’m betting he trots out a lame party line to the effect of “Montanans want the RIGHT to die without insurance and without medical care, if that’s what they chose.” Or all they can afford….

  5. Danes is among the best at “deflection”. Ask him am question about health care and his will be about the eclipse.

  6. A question off the subject a tad. With Montana at the top of the chart for most DUI deaths, and alcohol abuse, is there no place but a Brewery to hold a Town Hall Meeting for serious questions about Montana’s needs ?

  7. Letter to sen steve daines.
    I will make this short and sweet. You have waited , hemmed and hawed too long and have made one thing perfectly clear. You agree with and support the far right, white supremacist , racist, fascist neo-Nazi administration led exclusively by the resident tramp and have, by your silence, become one with it. By not denouncing this dangerous clown BY NAME, you are complicit in his crimes and are therefor equally unfit to serve in the office of Senator. I am disgusted, as are thousands of American Montanans, and embarrassed by your cowardice to stand up for what is right. You can count on my continued efforts to seek your ouster in the next election. SIEG HEIL !

  8. Did he make it? What happened?

    • I don’t think he made it (surprise, surprise). I checked today’s Bozeman Chronicle and nothing, and one would figure the paper might cover such an event, although I could be wrong. Daines was a no show at a similar town hall meeting we held in Missoula a couple of months ago. We did have a substitute cardboard cutout of Daines and it was the most articulate that I’ve seen the senator.

      Here’s a great letter in the little Seeley-Swan Pathfinder pointing out Daines lack of concern about Montana’s dire fire situation:


      I’ve noticed that fellow Bozemaniac, Greg Gianforte, has been missing, too.

  9. Maybe you shout set up town halls for the President, or the Pope – I’m sure you would have great success there too !

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