Daines Ditches Town Hall to Hang with bff Kellyanne

Surprise, surprise: Steve Daines did not attend the town hall meeting that his constituents graciously hosted for him on Saturday.

Where, or what, could have been a more valuable use of Senator Daines’ time?

A tipster e-mailed that Senator Daines was spotted chumming it up with Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway in the posh resort town of Big Sky Montana.

I wonder what Daines and Kellyanne were talking about.

Did Senator Daines ask Mrs. Conway why her boss played the “both-sides” card after Charlottesville?

Daines was quick to hop on Faux News and condemn the racist protests, but then the next weekend he cozies up with Trump’s top advisor.

In Montana, we’ve gotten used to Daines’ doubletalk, but it still pains me to see him blatantly try and have it both ways.

It’s almost as if the huffing and puffing on cable television by Senator Daines was just for show.

A politician who says one thing and does another–never heard that one before…

Senator, you either stand up to the racists, the nazis, the white supremacists, and those who defend them, or you don’t.

Montana would like to know where you stand.

P.s. Instead of hanging with Kellyanne Conway in Big Sky, maybe hold a town hall.



14 Comments on "Daines Ditches Town Hall to Hang with bff Kellyanne"

  1. I wonder what they were talking about. Perhaps, what the new Pence power structure will look like?

  2. Another profile in courage.

  3. Daines appears to be totally frightened of Montana residents. Has anyone asked where Mrs. Daines was when Steve was kibitzing with Kellyann?

  4. taking lessons from the Trumpster, relax away from the maddening crowd, check your overflowing bank accounts, no town hall questions, no real press conferences, just have fun in Montana and grab Kellyanne by the, uh hand

  5. He just looks pleased as punch to be hanging out with Kellyanne! Little piece of advice Daines, Kellyanne is not the best of Trump’s professional liars. Better go take lessons elsewhere.

  6. maybe hold a town hall, a REAL town hall, not your usual fake tele-town-hall where nobody gets to say anything unless they are agreeing with you, or praising your “job well done”. How about you attend ANY town hall that your constituents hold. If they can go to all the work of putting it together, you can at least ATTEND. That is, after all, what the August Recess is supposed to be for….

  7. Maybe, Kelly Ann was on a recruiting mission. Maybe Trump wants to replace someone in the cabinet or perhaps it is to recruit a replacement for Ryan. I’m not sure how that works for Speaker of the House and how that is brought up for a vote.

  8. Oops, it is Senator Daines so perhaps a candidate to oppose Mitch McConnell who would be more to Trumps liking.

  9. Oops, it is Senator Daines so perhaps a candidate to oppose Mitch McConnell who would be more to Trump’s liking.

  10. If I could wipe that cheesy smile off his face…

  11. Does that background in the pic look like anything in Big Sky and show me where there was a legit advertisement of this so call town hall. How can you sleep at night?

  12. Our elected leaders and their staff are all jet-setters; Golfing and European and Asian excursions, and an occasional trip to the Rocky Mountains for R&R. It’s as decadent as the decline of the Roman Empire… irritating and unsettling.

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