Did Greg Gianforte Hitch a Ride on a Government Plane for his Booking?

The answer appears to be yes.

Montana’s favorite conman/Congressman Greg Gianforte was in Bozeman this week for his booking.

You all know the backstory at this point:

Reporter asks question.  Man gets angry.  Man bodyslams reporter.  Man becomes Congressman.

Gianforte plead guilty, was sentenced to anger management, community service and a fine.

Gianforte served his time, but while he stopped fighting with reporters, he took up arms for a new cause: fighting to prevent a mugshot and finger printing.

Well,  this week Gianforte lost that fight.  A Bozeman judge declared he had to go through the normal booking process like every other convicted assailant.

While it is a win for the justice system to have Gianforte treated like the low-level criminal he is and not like the billionaire tea-partier he plays on tv, Gianforte’s booking experience was not like every other criminals.

I’d reckon to guess that most average criminals drive their Subaru or Ford Escape to the court house.  Gianforte appears to have flown on a government plane to get to his booking.

As a taxpayer, I don’t think we should be using government travel resources for criminals to get to their bookings.  I am progressive, but not that progressive.

I wonder how the fiscal conservative Gianforte would feel if the federal government paid for every criminals transportation to their booking.  He’d probably none too pleased.  But that seems to be the world Gianforte wants: one set of rules for us, another set of rules for rich guys like him.

I think billionaire Gianforte could reimburse the taxpayer for this flight.  It’s the least he could do.


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  1. Well, really, since he flew in with Daines and Zinke on their US gov’t sponsored junket/photo-op, what’s the diff? Saves Our Congressman some time out of His Busy Schedule, anyway; the merits of this argument are very thin, IMHO.

    • Maybe a bit, but you know the right would be screaming about it if the shoe were on the other foot. I don’t want to become an exactly screaming republican but Democrats have become too timid to point to the dumpster fires we are often up against and scream, HEY LOOK AT THAT DUMPSTER FIRE!! Too often the left seems to think that it’s in poor taste to answer republican misinformation or fake news, or even to be direct in our criticisms of their candidates. There’s a sense that EVERYBODY can easily see that a guy like Gianforte is a rich little man who doesn’t care about real people and their real lives in his adopted state…and a reluctance to shout that a bit more than just saying it’s obvious to all.

      Sure the higher ground is nice…but it’s not getting through in these times of fake news politics and the background din positive messages are up against. I think at least in the near term, we might have to be much more direct about talking about both ourselves as a party and our competition and that includes standing up to right wing misinformation and fakery, and not shying away from calling BS what it is.

      Getting lost in the noise, manners and politeness hasn’t helped us a bit. and if we don’t win we can’t make positive change for real Montanan families….and that’s what’s most important.

    • Birds of the feather flock together Dan.

    • “Saves Our Congressman some time out of His Busy Schedule” What? Kissing commie-colluding Prez Perv’s ass???

  2. Considering none of them bother to meet with their constituents, why do they keep coming back here?

  3. So am I right in thinking that Gianforte, since he is convicted of assault, now cannot own or carry a gun?

  4. Maybe he can get Trump to pardon him

  5. With regard to Confederate monuments:

    Shortly before the Civil War began John Brown staged a raid on the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. His intention was to seize arms and give them to the slaves to start a rebellion to end slavery. Robert E Lee commanded a force of Marines and ended this action with the capture of John Brown.

    For this attack on a federal installation John Brown was found guilty of treason was hanged. Despite the good intentions of John Brown this was an appropriate penalty for his actions. Sometime later the Civil War began with the attack on the federal installation of Fort Sumter by the Confederate States of America. It does not seem inappropriate to consider this action the same as that of John Brown with similar penalties for those responsible. It is very likely that with different people in power at the end of the Civil War, this might be what happened.

    Had it not been for the brilliant diplomacy of Secretary Seward, the Confederate States of America would have been successful in forming an alliance with Great Britain. This alliance could easily have changed the outcome of the Civil War. The attempt to create this alliance certainly compounded the treason that had already started at Fort Sumter.

    While it certainly seems that those who were leaders and followers of the Confederate States of America regarded their goal as proper, it was not and the continuation of slavery was the prime mover and the action itself was treason.

    Many seem to feel that taking down the statues of those who fought for the Confederate States of America is rewriting history, it seems that putting them up was the attempt to rewrite history. It also seems to be an attempt to glorify something that was in no way glorious.

    It certainly does seem that it would be appropriate to put the statues in museums with appropriate captions for what they are and what these people did. It also seems appropriate to make sure that the statues of those who saved our union continue to be in places of honor.

  6. Isn’t it ironic that literally a few hours after Greg Gianforte referred to Montana citizens – and some of his constituents – who ensure the government follows the law when logging on our public lands as “environmental extremists”…..

    That Gianforte was literally photographed for his “mug-shot” and fingerprinted after he plead guilty to assaulting (ie “body-slamming”) a reporter on the eve of the Montana special election that put him in office.

    Of course Gianforte calling environmentalists ‘extremists’ takes a page right from the playbook of Senator Testser and Senator Daines, both of whom have also called environmentalists who fully participate in the public process for resource extraction on America’s public lands ‘extremists.”

    Oh, and Gianforte also followed Tester’s lead and completely lied about public lands logging lawsuits.

    In the Misosulian coverage of the In the Missoulian coverage of the dog-n-pony show with Zinke, Perdue, Daines and Gianforte it was reported that:

    “[Montana Congressman Greg] Gianforte said the federal Equal Access to Justice Act, which allows those who successfully sue the government to recover their legal costs, needed reform to reduce “frivolous lawsuits.”

    “It’s been hijacked by environmental extremists who use it to create a business model to shut down almost every forest management project here in the state,” Gianforte said. “Over 50 percent of planned forest management projects in the state are challenged in court, tied up, and ultimately they burn.”

    That “Over 50 percent of planned forest management projects in the state are challenged in court, tied up, and ultimately they burn” needs a very serious fact check. Will anyone in the Montana media rise up to the occasion?

    Readers will recall that the Washington Post’s famous Fact-Checker gave Senator Tester the maximum Four Pinocchios for telling two ‘whoppers’ of a lie about public lands logging lawsuits when Jon Tester claimed that “Unfortunately, every logging sale in Montana right now is under litigation. Every one of them.”

    See: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2015/02/25/montana-senator-twice-gets-his-facts-wrong-on-timber-sales-and-litigation/?utm_term=.f4f71d1269c4

    • Why don’t you come to a collaborative meeting before you start running your mouth?

      • Howdy James. You know I’ve been to dozens of collaborative meetings over the years and that our Restoration Coordinator at the WildWest Institute is the co-chair of the Lolo Restoration Committee, right? I mean, you wouldn’t start running your mouth without knowing that, right?

  7. Christian Whalen | August 27, 2017 5:23 PM at 5:23 PM |

    Wasn’t Gianforte complaining about the governor’s use of a plane?

  8. sadly, the majority of those convicted of a crime do not roll up to the law and justice center here in Bozeman in suburbans or ford escapes, but in cars of friends, in foot, via bicycle, or any pos junk car they happen to afford.

  9. Better mug shots than the Thug Shots that the creative folks can generate.

  10. Greg, just another conservative thug. Who votes for these jackasses anyway?

  11. Just another Nazi leaning conservative I believe

  12. Hummm, says Perdue and Zinke flew to Mt. I don’t see anything about GG and Danes on the flight? What the heck?

  13. I bet they went to a McCartney Concert too, and they will work for the Clinton Foundation after their terms. hehe oops, sry, forgot the Clinton Foundation is not currently hiring.

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