Cowards, Crooks and Carpetbaggers

All last week Montanans were inundated with embarrassing and maddening news starring Montana Republicans.

You saw them lying to cover their own failings, you saw them in court being sentenced for their failings, you will see one of them soon in a very special picture and you saw more ethical violations in a week than you thought possible from a group of elected officials that refuses to meet with their own constituents.

It’s easy to say that in a single week the Montana Republic Party took another major step backward in the eyes of the people of our great state. 2017 has been a very eye-0pening year for Montanans.


Matt Rosendale

One of the Republican cowards last week was Matt Rosendale. In his first interview, he claimed that Senator Jon Tester supports a National Gun Registry (cue the deep voiced narrator and a computer in the woods). This is a cowardly act of desperation by a man with no successes to show and with no clue how to run his own office. But, Politifact also investigated this claim and rated it a “Pants on Fire Lie.”

Not only did they find it false, they also found that Senator Tester has stood up to the feds when legislation was drafted that might have started the slippery slope towards a gun registry. Maryland Matt is a political coward unable to speak the truth and actually stand up for his policy ideas or values—because he has none. Hey Matt, stick to shooting down those enemy “Drooaaanes” in your back yard.

Senator Steve Daines

With the Republican Party in full retreat and unable to own up to their years of race baiting dog whistles that have come home to collect their due, it’s hard to find the biggest Republican coward last week. But the biggest coward in the Montana Republican Party has got to be Steve Daines.

In an Ed-Board interview with the Montana Standard Daines claims that he still wants to repeal the ACA and replace it. Oohhh come on, really? Didn’t the Republicans come up with like 6 different repeal and replace plans? All terribly unpopular, all kicked millions of Americans off insurance, and all to give tax breaks to the wealthy elite, like Daines and Gianforte. Steve Daines voted for all these bills, having no political courage only a burning desire for precious tax breaks.

After 7 years of right wing propaganda, Daines still claims that the perfect replace plan is just around the corner. It’s not. The ACA is the conservative healthcare plan created by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts but Daines all of a sudden doesn’t understand how the “Free Market” works. He and his cronies continue to sabotage the healthcare markets with their “repeal and replace” bull, despite what Daines says about wanting Trump to pay the insurance subsidy payments. Daines wants the ACA to fail, he wants it in a “death spiral” but the ACA is not failing, it’s working. Check out a good piece from our friends at the Montana Post for more on Daines being a GOP lap dog.

P.S. Will Daines ever hold a town hall???


Art Wittich

Oh boy, this is the story that just keeps going. Crooked Wittich lost his appeal to the Montana Supreme Court over his conviction of violating Montana’s campaign finance laws. Wittich illegally coordinated with Western Tradition Partnership (WTP) in his primary race in 2010. WTP is an anti-union billionaire dark money group who made up allegations against Wittich’s Republican primary opponent to help Wittich into office and carry out their right-wing agenda. Wittich is also Greg Gianforte’s lawyer who helped sue to block public access and whose firm represented Gianforte in his recent assault case. Speaking of Mr. Gianforte…

Representative Greg Gianforte

The Gallatin County Judge has ordered Rep. Gianforte to be finger printed and have his mug shot taken. Gianforte refused to be booked after his conviction for assaulting Ben Jacobs. He filed an appeal to prevent his mug shot from being taken, but this story of Affluenza hopefully ends here. Unless, Gianforte believes his rights are more privileged than the rest of us and he wants to waste further taxpayer dollars on this charade…wait a minute…now, Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office will not release the mug shot to the press? Why won’t this end?

Sheriff Gootkin, who has donated to Gianforte and allowed Greg to be driven away from the scene of the crime by Steve Daine’s Chief of Staff Jason #WheelmanThielman, should have booked Gianforte at the scene or later that night when he was charged. AS per protocol, finger prints and a mug shot are ordered immediately after being charge with assault. Because of the sheriff’s clear flouting of the law for a political favor, Montana taxpayers had to foot the bill for this mug shot appeal and now the press has to file a lawsuit to get a public record of our own Congressman. Time to vote out both Gianforte and political cronies in Gallatin County.

Secretary Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke is now under investigation for an ethics violations for his threats to Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, during the healthcare debate. The Department of the Interior’s own Inspector General is investigating possible violations of anti-lobbying laws.

Not only did Zinke get slammed with ethics violations, he also handed in his Monuments Review term paper to Professor Trump without a definitive answer to his assignment. Will he or won’t he protect public lands? What monuments is Zinke proposing to shrink? What is our dear Secretary proposing to do with the nation’s historic treasures? We’re not sure. Zinke won’t release any of his findings or suggestions to the public. It appears that he wants to wash his hands of this controversy, slink back to California or Greece and leave this in Boss Trump’s hands to deal with the fallout. Quite the leader Zinke is.

At least Zinke’s daughter has some sense and told Trump to “shut the f*** up” and that he was a “know-nothing, never-served piece of shit.” We need Zinke to show some courage like his daughter and stand up for what is right…wait…did he just gift his campaign bus to a political friend? Never mind.


Troy Downing

In a possible violation of the Hatch Act, Secretary Zinke’s wife Lola took to twitter to endorse Troy Downing in the Republican Primary for Montana’s U.S. Senate Seat. Troy Downing is from California, recently, very recently moved to Montana, and he is friends with fellow Californians Lola and Ryan Zinke. You will recall that Ryan Zinke spent most of his time in California while he was Montana’s lone representative. Ya, they sound like REAL Montanans to us. Here’s to the California Carpetbaggers, because we know Californians love to stick together, and usually right around Flathead Lake.

Luckily 2018 is right around the corner and these walking ethics violations have a chance to get voted out. Montanans can’t wait.


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  1. Speaking of Sheriff Gootkin. Rumor has it he may have been “impaired” when he struck a deer on his motorcycle recently.

  2. I have never seen a tally of how much the taxpayer’s “champion” Art Wittich has cost Montanans in tax dollars. I know some of the prosecutorial work was done for free by a Billings attorney and that court costs were assessed but I imagine that Art has been a financial load on those he pretends to represent.

  3. It makes me furious that these slimeballs have people in Montana who seem to think all this is just hoolala by the press and continue their support. We need to vote all of them out of office and wipe our hands of them.

  4. “We need to vote all of them out of office and wipe our hands of them.”

    Easier said than done, Vonnie. It would appear that a majority of Montana voters are just as blind, deaf and stupid as any other red(ish) state – otherwise why do we keep electing these pieces of crap? It would also appear that there is nothing – nothing at all – that will turn a Republican voter away from the dark side. I don’t see any magical way to do so, so the only hope I can envision is a massive get-out-the-vote endeavor to mobilize the couch-potato, lackadaisical, and apathetic portion of our state who allows these thieves, liars, criminals and sociopaths to be elected by their just not showing up at the polls. How to do that is a mystery to me – we worked tirelessly for Bernie Sanders and Rob Quist, and it just didn’t work – the majority of Montana voters still gave us the Cheeto-in-Chief, and Gianforte. Frankly, I’m pretty disheartened at this point…

  5. I warned Testers office, when Zinke first got nominated that he could not be trusted with public lands.

  6. I don’t see any way to win elections fair & square until the Citizens United decision by the corrupt (at that point) judges seated on SCOTUS is reversed and we progress to amounts of money needed for education, safe bridges and roads, FEMA, ending “our war” in Afghanistan, affordable housing et al. Which leads us to ending income inequality. Which means reforming the tax code and taking back all the excess wealth that goes into Republican politics. Democrats by and large do not have resources to fight money with money. Until this happens, we are not a democracy and the middle class will sink under.

    • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | August 31, 2017 4:57 PM at 4:57 PM |

      Sherman Act, also known as the Anti-Trust Act, probably the most important piece of legislation castrated by the Reagan administration. Recall Reganomics has to be the motto of the Democratic Party-Reaganism is the disease Democrats must cure.

  7. You forgot one: Jeff Essmann who is now running for mayor of Billings. He was responsible for the State of Montana throwing sick people under the bus with his idiotic revamp of Montana’s medical cannabis program and remember that he cost the counties tens of thousands of dollars with his paranoid assertions that the Democrats would “fix” the election with mail in ballots. I’s place him in with the crooks category.

  8. I knew Pat when he was a volunteer ski patroller. It saddens me to see what I thought was a decent guy give in to the political machines.

  9. Let’s not leave out that the reporter body-slammed by Gianforte invaded Greg’s space and was offensive. I know it’s popular to put down Republicans, but had it been me, I would have given the jerk a crushing knee-blow to his groin and told him to back off.

    Personally, I tire of the petty stuff I’ve seen written here. I haven’t and would not vote for any of the people you constantly put down, but there is a limit to reasonableness in criticism. It appears that you constantly cross the line just to have something to criticize. Therefore I’m departing this crowd.

    • The difference is Vern, you would have been charged with felony assault, arrested, fingerprinted, had your mug shot taken, and be ineligible for a deferred sentence.

    • Vern, how do you know the reporter “invaded Greg’s space and was offensive?” The audio of the altercation shows the reporter asked a valid question about how Greg felt about a piece of legislation being considered by Congress.

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