An Old Montana Political Riddle

If Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte travel to all 56 counties, but no one is around to see them, do they actually meet with their constituents?

The month of August came and went.  Montana farmers harvested their crops, Montana’s children went back to school, our forests continue to burn, and two members of our Congressional delegation continue to be missing.

Typically, the month of August is full of public events for Senators and Congressman and women.  It’s a great time to hold a town hall, or a listening session, or even a round-table discussion.  The month is a chance for our elected men and women to get out of “the swamp” and back in touch with their constituents.

It would be hard to know that from the millionaire class of our delegation.  Mr. Daines and Gianforte were no where to be found for a majority of the month.

I did not hear about one town hall by either member.  This is a disturbing pattern developing from two of our elected officials.  What are they so afraid of?

We know Gianforte is afraid of the media.  You would think post-body slam that the media would be more afraid of him.  Gianforte broke his promise to his assault victim/reporter Ben Jacobs and decided to avoid an interview.   Gianforte must not body slam that hard…

We’ve known for months that Daines is afraid of catching something from real life Montanans.  Opposition, genuine discourse, and common-sense cannot be transferred over the phone, so Daines has relied on tele-town halls instead of meeting with Montanans in person.

But don’t fear, we were able to see them puckering up to the Trump Administration for photo-ops at a fire briefing.

The biggest news that came out of that event was that Gianforte and Daines genuinely believe that environmentalists are on team fire in the lifelong battle between fire and man.

Despite this inactivity, I recall reading many quotes from spokespeople and in e-newsletters from the members about how they are traveling to all 56 counties in Montana.

I tell you what, getting turned around a few times driving from Fortine to Forsyth doesn’t qualify you to be a member of Congress.

Listening to your constituents, even the ones that disagree with you, is a prerequisite for those offices and that taxpayer funded paycheck.

Mr. Daines and Gianforte may have been to all 56 counties, but they aren’t earning their paycheck.


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  1. Gianforte posted somewhere that he’d visited all 56 counties during the August recess. I don’t want to call him a liar but really? Wibaux, Lincoln, Daniels, Pondera, Carter? Prove me wrong, Rep. Gianforte.

  2. Bozeman held a town hall with a “vacant seat” for Daines after first being invited to do his own. Members of the audience asked questions. If another member had read up on Daines’ comments whether steady or all over the map it was counted as the empty seat responding. Needless to say there weren’t very many that the vacant seat could recall ever having heard about. Someone there held a camera for Face Book, haven’t heard that it’s been put up there.

  3. When you are a millionaire you make the rules…welcome to the new reality…you receive what you vote.

  4. Heard or read somewhere that they had a “town hall meeting” at Big Sky with their rich friends.

    • The 3 Trump Toadies in the picture don’t have the balls to go meet face to face with Montana voters! They are too busy snuggling up to their hero Trump in order to learn how to get rich by lying, stealing, and not paying their fair share of taxes! They can’t launder money for Russia yet cause none of them own casinos. But getting into real estate is a great place to start their apprenticeships. They’ll start by selling off Montana’s public lands!

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