Part Time Californian Troy Downing Names Part Time Californian Lola Zinke as Campaign Chair

Candidate for Montana Senate, storage mogul, and California resident Troy Downing gleefully announced today that his campaign will be chaired by a fellow Californian!  Santa Barbara’s own Lolita Zinke will serve as campaign chair for Mr. Downing’s campaign.

If you put these two together you might have a full Montanan!  Or at least a Bozemanite–HIYOOOOOOOOOO.

Downing tweeted the news that Mrs. Zinke would be chairing his campaign and Mrs. Zinke retweeted the announcement declaring she was “honored and excited” to try and help elect California’s 3rd Senator.

A tipster sent along a few of Mrs. Zinke’s tweets in order to hopefully provide a crystal ball for how she will run Downing’s campaign.

Here at the Cowgirl blog we are very excited for the direction Mrs. Zinke wants to take the Downing campaign:

With Mr. Downing’s support of DACA we can finally put to bed the xenophobic, anti-immigrant, and divisive rhetoric we’ve seen many Republican candidates use in the past.  I hope Mr. Downing and his campaign chair will call out his opponents for any extreme rhetoric moving forward.

Also, I am sure the nearly 200,000 Californians protected by DACA appreciate their Montana transplants standing up for them.

I thought I’d seen it all when Matt Rosendale shot down that drone years ago, but a pro-DACA Republican in the Montana Republican primary might take the cake.

In this five way primary for the GOP nomination it is important for these candidates to start separating themselves.

Looking out for the priorities of California will certainly distinguish Mr. Downing from his adversaries.

I wonder what Mr. Downing’s opponents think of his pro-DACA chairwoman.



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  1. Wow,with the Zinke family firmly behind Downing this feels like GOP civil war. Daines+Rosendale versus Zinke+Downing. Seeing as both Daines and Zinke aren’t very popular right now they might sink their respective candidates and someone like Olszewski might emerge from the primary.

  2. Yeah, well, I wonder whether Mrs. Zinke knows anything about winning a political campaign. Big difference between being a spouse and organizing the campaign. They crow about being Californians as if the fifth-generation descendants of sod busting immigrants should be grateful Not.

  3. Look, I worry about the “Dreamers” as much as anybody but we need to take care of far more immigrants than just them. It’s taken me six months to get cable installed-actually it still isn’t in-9/13 for the final install-and the hold up was a lack of help! The crew that finally showed up was Jose, Hose B and their friend Manual. We are trying to have some work on our foundation and every contractor who gave us a bid explained it would be a while because they can’t find help! Coyotes who used to show up every year with crews for orchards, farms, ranches, builders, well this year they are afraid to leave home! Even if they are on this side of the border travel to the Northwest from NM, Arizona or California is just too risky. If you live in Montana and can’t find a job, it’s not “illegal aliens” holding you back. And that lack of lower-paid laborers causes higher-skilled workers to be unable to work! Too many CEOs and not enough steno-pool workers to torture an old expression. Comprehensive immigration reform is just self defense at this point.

  4. We need to view this candidate as serious competition. He is a carbon copy of Zinke and Gianforte and if you read between the lines the in Lola’s posts, the Daines/Gianforte/Zinke team are setting Downing up with national connections to continue their long planned push to fill statewide and national seats with republicans that look like moderates but who are; in fact, hard line tea party republicans with long term goals of pulling the plug on public lands and programs that help the little guy and feed the corporate interests. I see so much arguing over the perfect progressive candidate that Montanan’s can get behind, but very little about the fact that Downing is the perfect repeat of Daines, Gianforte and Zinke and their far right evangelical mission to take over the politics of Montana! They already have the financial resources at their finger tips and I promise that Downing will begin a campaign to make himself “Montanan” very soon when in fact this man is truly a Californian with part time connections to Montana at best. In April of 2015 a Fallbrook California website published this article heralding Downing as one of their citizens —

  5. Don’t forget Judge Russ Fagg. He’ll probably get in the mix as the “moderate” candidate. Here’s hoping it gets really bloody.

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