Zinke’s Poll Numbers Plummet in Montana

It’s hard being Interior Secretary.  Ryan Zinke is learning that.

Montana’s former Congressman turned Trump Cabinet Secretary is currently under investigation for the alleged threats he made to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski during the GOP’s failed health care boondoggle.

He is seeing wide-spread opposition to his plan to reduce the size of our National Monuments in order to allow for more of that sweet sweet corporate profits for energy companies.

Lo and behold, Mr. Zinke is not very popular right now.

A new poll from the Western Values Project shows most Montanans aren’t too big of fans of Zinke.

According to the poll, “Voters are also less likely to believe the Interior Secretary “understands Montana”, with fewer than three in ten (29%) believing this describes Zinke very well.”

This really is the logical conclusion for Zinke’s metamorphosis.  Montana politics has seen Zinke go from moderate state legislator, to crack-pot LT Gov candidate, to right-wing nutjob Congressman, and now to the lackey of a President from New York City who probably thinks a whitetail is just some woman he has yet to grope.

Zinke may have finally “made it”–he gets to fly around the country, cut ribbons, threaten Senators, the works, but he has crystallized what some of us have known for years: he’s left Montana and any semblance of Montana values behind.

This post features a political cartoon from Butte’s Paul Seccomb.



17 Comments on "Zinke’s Poll Numbers Plummet in Montana"

  1. Why would he care what Montanans think about him? Montana was a step he stumbled on while on his way to his grand adventure.

  2. A little late to whine, the damage has been done. But the people who voted him in are the SAME people that will keep him regardless. Easy to figure this one out.

  3. He’s well past caring about what Montanans think of him, if he ever did, and what do polls matter? He’ll never run for elected office again. He’s got his Washington contacts and will leave gov’t. to be a well paid consultant. Maybe he and GG and Daines will start their own K street firm?

  4. Another opportunist using Montana as a launching pad to further their largess! I mean he has been supported by the government since I suppose he enlisted in the military. Am sure he had an illustrious career but it’s time he let go of the government tit!

  5. Relax: The neo-confederates who elected Trump, Zinke, Daines, Gianforte will replace them with people as bad or worse. The legacy of ignorance & race-hate . . .

  6. Weird post.

    First, Secretary Zinke isn’t running for anything, he is working for President Trump, implementing his policy.

    Second, were you in Montana last November? The voters here very decisively voted for President Trump. We WANT and expect Secretary Zinke to follow his instructions.

    Please explain why Secretary Zinke should care about push polls. I’d love to hear it.

  7. I predict a run for president. He’s got lying, fear-mongering and a disrespective mouth; that goes over big here in Montana.

  8. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | September 12, 2017 10:46 PM at 10:46 PM |


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