This is the Government Speaker Knudsen and the GOP Legislature Wanted

GOP Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen (TEA-Culbertson)

Yesterday was a dark day in the Montana capitol.  Folks from across Montana lined up across hearing rooms and overflow rooms to beg for their lives and well-being.

It was a harrowing thing to see.  For more than two hours, Montanans testified on behalf of the disabled and the poorest of our citizens.  Asking the legislature not to go through with proposed 10 percent cuts to services.

It was a sad state of affairs.  But it is the logical conclusion to a game of brinkmanship Speaker Austin Knudsen and the GOP legislators have been playing for years.

Montana’s constitution requires a balanced budget, so if you refuse to raise revenues and use overly ambitious revenue estimates you will force the state down a path of draconian cuts.

This is exactly the path GOP controlled legislature has placed us on.  By refusing to come to the table and deal they have sent us down this path of despair.

Now we are seeing what 10 percent cuts actually look like.  It looks like families fearing for their lives.  It looks like mothers testifying that if these cuts go through they won’t know what to do.  It looks like a state fundamentally unable to take care of the disabled in their communities.

All of this, to avoid a tax on tobacco?  Montana is better than this.

The Interim Committee voted to delay these cuts for 6 months.  But the fear and anxiety for these families won’t be delayed.  It will continue to be a crippling force in their daily lives.

The GOP lead legislature needs to take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves: is this really the Montana they want?

Their actions say yes.


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  1. This proves how little R’s respect people’s right to life, but what do the R’s stand for…hate and greed. Who is the leader of hate and greed, Satan!

  2. “Oh my! Oh my! The sky is falling! What if it hits me in the head ? While I was feeding my face with drugs?! BTW, what time is the bus going back? And when do I get my payback for coming to this thing?” LOL

    • You sir/madam/beast are a rude, ignorant ass. Here’s hoping someday you have to deal with the trials disabled/elderly invalids have to deal with. May then you will have some empathy.

  3. I was there and contrary to ele’s comments there were people genuinely terrified of these cuts, the elderly, disabled adults and children many in wheelchairs begging to be allowed to stay in their own homes rather than being forced into nursing homes. Shame on anyone who makes fun of these cuts. There will pain and suffering for our most vulnerable citizens.

  4. Looking at the picture in the Billings Gazoo, of LLew Jones, the cuts ought to come from his food budget. Amazing comments from people in a state that is supposed to be loaded with “christians”-actually Montana has become a state for the “I got mine and you ain’t gonna get yours” crew. Cut benefits for the ill and disadvantaged, why not start with the farm subsidies that the above pictured idiot receives.

  5. Knudsen and the Republican legislators put Montana in their Koch Agenda race to the bottom. They are doing to Montana what Gov Brownback did to Kansas. The fact is right-wing Conservative Republican politicians are destroying our state with their disastrous policies that give to the rich and screw the working folks. It’s good to keep in mind that Knudsen is a very rich attorney and has happily taken about a million dollars of Federal Farm Subsidies to line his fat pockets, Knudsen only cares about power, position and money, like most of MTGOP politicians Knudsen worships mammon and does not give a rip about the people.

  6. As the guardian of an adult niece who has had a severe seizure disorder since she was a toddler with resulting cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities I would just like to say that making fun of the disabled reveals your disabilities, and your lack of experience with the disabled. You are missing out on witnessing a great deal of courage, love and compassion modeled by beautiful people with severe challenges. I feel very sorry for you and the people around you who are exposed to your ignorance.

  7. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | September 14, 2017 2:00 PM at 2:00 PM |

    heartless greedy self-absorbed hypocrites. Who keep getting re-elected year after year, playing musical chairs when term-limited out, all too often running unopposed. Montanans voted for this government and they deserve to get it-good and hard! maybe then they will wake the fuck up.

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