Steve Daines Votes Against FEMA Funding, Takes Credit for FEMA Money

A tipster pointed out that Steve Daines voted agaisnt the Hurricane Harvey relief package last week.  I didn’t think much of it.  An alleged champion of fiscal conservatism like Daines surely doesn’t feel it is the government’s role to protect communities during natural disasters.

Daines voted no last week on legislation that bolstered FEMA’s budget as our country deals with natural disasters from Montana to Texas.

He was a one of a handful of Senators to oppose the bipartisan measure and he voted in opposition to the President.

The White House thanked Congress, saying, “The President appreciates Congress putting aside partisan politics and acting quickly to ensure that first responders, local officials, and Federal emergency management personnel have the resources they need to respond to the natural disasters impacting our Nation.”

As I look outside my window and can’t see the mountains due to smoke, I thank Congress for their cooperation too.

Thankfully, FEMA is finally starting to pony up and help Montana with these wildfires.

You know how FEMA wouldn’t have the funds to help Montana fires?  If they went broke providing aid for the hurricanes.  If Congress had not passed a funding measure for FEMA.  If Senator Daines had got his way.

But that nugget of truth hasn’t stopped Senator Daines from taking credit in the Montana media for the money coming to Montana.

3 days after voting to allow FEMA to go broke, Senator Daines told KECI, “”With more than a million acres of our state up in flames, these additional resources to help our firefighters attack the flames is much needed. I will continue to work to ensure firefighters have all of the resources they need until this terrible fire season is over.”

To vote against funds one day, then take credit for them three days later is disingenuous hypocrisy at best and outright lying at its worst.  Stand by your votes Senator, don’t pretend you didn’t take them.

Senator Daines and I have something in common: we have nothing to do with FEMA being able to help Montana fight wildfires.  Only one of us is a U.S. Senator though.

Next thing you’re going to tell me Daines votes against meals on wheels funding then uses the program for a photo op.  Or that Daines wants to repeal the ACA but touts funding for Community Health Centers provided by the ACA.  In the wise words of former President George W. Bush, “fool me once, shame on–shame on you.  Fool me–you can’t get fooled again.”



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  1. But we are going to have another teletown hall with comments being provided by the Daines misinformation bureau and/or his supporters on how to suppress forest fires? Just another exercise in pissing into the wind, just like all the rest of his “meetings”. Montanans dug into their own pockets to help neighbors while this worthless piece of garbage was taking trips around the world on the taxpayers dime. Change his name to Nero as Montana burns.
    Perhaps the computer geniuses like him and the double G can explain why 368K Montanans have had their data stolen by hackers. Maybe instead of trying to repeal ACA at every chance, these two “geniuses” could figure out how those of us that have had their data stolen could have been better protected. A little late now but the three credit reporting services, need to provide the following: Ability to check your credit report at anytime with NO limit of the number of times you can access the report in any given year the cost of which will be born by them, provide insurance to ALL people, at the company’s cost, that are in the data files to cover the costs of repairing your stolen credit information and damages caused by this type of activity(they did not get your permission to compile data on your credit did they?).

  2. You have to wonder about the voters in Montana. You really do.
    It’s like the old bumper sticker that was frequently seen during
    W’s tenure: “If you are not outraged, you aren’t paying attention.”

    But that’s just it. Most Montanans don’t pay attention or just don’t
    care. This is how we get the Daines and Giantfortes of the world. That, and
    not running decent candidates. Of course, money does buy elections, so that
    is part of it as well.

  3. Horse’s ass? No, no, Daines’ face.

  4. Who pays for the teleheils the corporatist Daines conducts? Are transcripts available to the press and public? Does anyone fact check them?

  5. People in Montana vote for the R!! It doesn’t matter what that R has done. They fall hook and sinker for their ‘we’ve got your back’ rhetoric, all the time stabbing it. They don’t care about worthwhile candidates while listening to the trashing of any Dem with millionaire out of state $$$.Their whole approach to elections: fake promises (America, great again), no programs (we’re gonna have the best,FREE healthcare) and trashing the opposition.

  6. Orville Bach – Re: How do we get better election results than the idiots and monsters we largely have now? I see 3 possibilities:
    1. Get corporate money out of elections. I don’t see that happening anytime soon – not with a Reptilian Congress.
    2. Educate the voters on issues, and why the Daines, GG, et. al. that they elected are terrible choices. Don’t see that happening, either; trying to educate the uneducable – the willfully-ignorant – is a fools errand, much like trying to teach a pig to sing: it’s a waste of time, and it annoys the pig. Many of us worked tirelessly for Bernie and Rob Quist, and I’ve spent many hundreds of hours on social media trying to educate Republican friends and family – and they just aren’t having any of it, trust me. I can honestly say that I’ve never once succeeded in convincing a single person of something they didn’t want to believe in to begin with.
    What’s left?
    3. Convincing the apathetic and the disillusioned to care enough to get off the couch and show up to vote. I know, that’s a tough road, too, but I don’t see any other way. How do we do it? I’m not sure I have an answer to that, either, but “Get out the vote” campaigns, and registering new voters may be the only way, as today’s youth may well be the answer – they don’t seem as interested in business-as-usual as most older, set-in-their-ways folks…

  7. Bonnie is correct. Both Dems and Republicans vote Party. That is how Trump was elected. Certainly some of this is due to agreeing with the policies of the respective parties. Republicans want lower taxes, against abortion, strong military, small government and so on. Very few voters are true independents. Most always vote for the same Party. Unless there is some major issue such as war or economic downturn. Montana is somewhat unusual with a Democrat governor and senator.

  8. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | September 14, 2017 1:16 PM at 1:16 PM |

    Kevin hit the nail right on the head-apathetic voters are the key, along with the youth, to the future prosperity of the Democratic Party. If we can get even 1/4 of the eligible-but-not-voting-cuz-I-don’t-give-a-shit crowd to give a shit enough to vote! Automatic registration is one of the ways we could improve this-voting by mail is so easy once registered that turnout could increase to 70 or 80%! IMHO the more people voting the better. The GOP feels the reverse is true-all you sheople should just shut up and let wiser heads pick your leaders, i.e. White Wealthy POMs. (Property Owning Men)

  9. “Hurricane Harvey relief package”. What’s this package stuff? Is there a request for more money than just for the hurricane?

  10. Thanks, Mary! I try to keep an open mind, but it’s difficult when Senator Daines talks out of both sides of his mouth!

  11. I am from Montana and I did not vote for Him nor Trump. Also people who vote for republican or democrat just because they are they are the ones that are stubborn. I will not call anyone uneducated for who or what they choose

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