Just What the Heck is Going on with Corey Stapleton?


I’ve been trying to follow this story coming out of Helena over the past few days.  But it has been difficult to track.

I remember the hubbub following the special election in May when Secretary of State Corey “Lil Corey” Stapleton claimed there was over 300 cases of voter fraud in Montana.

Following President Trump’s unfounded, unverified claims of massive voter fraud in the November election it only seemed right for Lil Corey to try and follow in Big Don’s footsteps.

But the recent news out of Helena seems to indicate Lil Corey might be in over his head.  This is such an absurd situation it is genuinely difficult to make any sense of it.

From what I can gather:

  • Stapleton, in August, claimed there were over 360 cases of “illegal” votes cast.
  • County Clerks and Recorders asked Stapleton to provide proof.
  • Stapleton pretended not to understand request for proof.
  • Stapleton ignored Montana’s media requests.
  • The Montana Legislature asked for proof.
  • Stapleton hid behind his chief of staff and refused to come before a legislative committee.
  • Stapleton’s chief gave different claims of “fraud” than the previously cited 360.
  • Stapleton sent a letter claiming the media misreported his original claim of voter fraud.
  • In that letter, Stapleton claimed he sought corrections for the reporting, something the AP and Lee Newspapers deny.
  • Then this week, Stapleton sends out an e-mail citing 363 cases of bad ballots.

Which is it?  Is the #FAKENEWS lying?  Or is there over 360 cases of illegal ballots?

My MT Hat’s off to the reporters who have to deal with this kind of lying and deception.  Lee Newspaper’s Holly Michels has done a great job tracking this story.

The Billings Gazette Editorial section took Stapleton to task, but I think they are far too kind.

What we really need to see is: “Mr. Stapleton is a Liar.”

Our media just isn’t prepared or equipped to deal with such blatant deceit–but sadly–it seems to becoming the new norm from the modern GOP.

I am patiently awaiting clarification or maybe some proof from Mr. Stapleton.  But for now, I’ve got to call a spade a spade.  And the evidence suggests that Lil Corey, is lyin’ Corey.


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  1. The pathetic fraud blocked me – as well as others – on Twitter when I tweeted at him that he was lying about voter fraud.

  2. Lil Corey is following the cues of Loaded Diaper Donald and John Kasich. Stapleton’s email smells of ghost writing by ALEC or AFP. Lying is the new Republican norm, sadly. Stapleton alleges he’s not responsible to the media or his constituents for his actions: maybe the courts will settle this.

  3. Could we please not resort to name calling to make a perfectly valid point. Is making fun of short people any different than making fun of disabled people? It buries the real headline, which you correctly pointed out, is that Stapleton is making things up and has been caught in his own lies.

    I don’t claim to know the answer to the “Trump Phenomenon” but it certainly isn’t to sink to his level.

  4. Republican Secretary of State Stapleton has ticked off the election administrators of both parties in counties across the state with his loose language. Elections are human undertakings that may be subject to error, and we should work to eliminate those errors. From what I see close up in Missoula County, our elections officials are doing just that. I am confident other counties’ election administrators are making similar efforts to make their elections ones voters can be confident in. Republican Secretary of State Stapleton missed a golden opportunity to lead this effort by collaborating with the officials in the trenches; instead he has insulted and called their efforts into question. What’s worse, he has undermined voters’ faith in the democratic process, something that is shameful. In my opinion, it will take YEARS for him to repair the damage, assuming he even tries.

  5. The problem is the idiotic base will believe the lies and reject facts. So then “public support” of “election comissions” arises and we know where that leads: voter supression.

  6. Having worked at the SOS office for eight years I’m totally aghast at what is happening there. In the past, the office worked with all counties to make sure voter records were meticulously maintained. Today you would be hard-pressed to find a clerk and recorder who is not dismayed by the way the SOS has handled elections.

    I designed and monitored the voter fraud website. We never had more than half a dozen complaints, and never once something substantial. They were usually “I saw so-and-so standing too close to a polling place.”

    I, too, got the newsletter Pete Talbot referred to in his post. That’s something else I used to construct. The two secretaries of state I worked for made, a Republican and a Democrat, always made sure the other parts of the office, Business Services, Notary Compliance, and the Administrative Rules, were part of the newsletter. These parts of the SOS office affect the daily lives of all Montanans in many different ways, but not one word about them in this alleged “newsletter”.
    One additional niggle…I always made sure that the newsletter was accessible to all in a text format so that even those with low-end connections were able to view it. And it was always shareable, in email or on the website.

    Because the SOS is an elected official, those who are elected tend to be elections wonks, but never before have I seen the focus be solely on one relatively small part of what the office does. It makes me wonder if Mr. Stapleton is neglecting business services, notaries, and the crucial rules which define government operations, to the detriment of Montana citizens.
    Since I still know many people who work in the office, I know the current management is sorely trying to the experienced workers there, those with the institutional knowledge that allows for continuity. The office is hemorrhaging workers who are desperate to find someplace to work where their talents are appreciated.

    (From a Facebook post made earlier today.)

  7. Where’s all that Navy ‘courage’ Mr. Stapleton? Couldn’t face an interim committee, so you send an underling, NOT yourself? SHAME

  8. http://www.newsweek.com/russian-hackers-tried-breaching-wisconsin-voter-system-homeland-security-says-669917
    What’s our ‘boy’ doing about Homeland Security’s warning today issued to state SOS across the land? What’s Stapleton’s plan, ‘if’ he has one? He’s more concerned about helping suppress voting than real Russian cyber-attacks!

  9. Sadly a majority of today’s Republican politicians are part of the American Fascist movement, whether they know it or not they are American Fascists. “The American Fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact….. They use every opportunity to impugn Democracy….They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.” – Vice President Wallace, The Danger of American Fascism 1944

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