Why Can’t Steve Daines Hold a Town Hall? He’s too Busy Trying to Takeaway Your Health Care.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Steve Daines is here, and he wants to break Montana’s health care.

I am reminded of a previous post from this blog: Current View of GOP’s Health Plan.

Instead of holding a town hall over the August recess, or generally meeting with his constituents, it seems Steve Daines was busy scuba-diving in the Swamp.  What does Daines have to show for it?  He came up for air and gave Montana this monstrosity known as Cassidy-Graham.

Cassidy-Graham is the latest iteration of the GOP’s attempt to fulfill the bumper sticker rallying cry that has been their platform for the last 8 years: REPEAL OBAMACARE.  You’ll remember Daines and his GOP pals tried this two months ago.  Here’s a refresher from July:

Now I know, it seems like I’ve been hard on Steve Daines.  But trust me, he deserves it.  It’s a rarity for an elected official to so actively advocate for policies that will have such adverse impacts on their constituents.  Daines is advocating for legislation that will allow get rid of the protections people with pre-existing conditions currently have.

If you have asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, sleep apnea, pregnancy, acne, acid reflux, kidney stones, migraines, ulcers, heartburn, seizures, alcoholism, kidney disease, mental health issues, obesity, an insurer can decide to charge you more for coverage.

We’ve never done a reader-census here at the Cowgirl Blog, but my guess is you or someone you love, fits into one of the above boxes.  Daines’ bill would devastate the lives of anyone that has a pre-existing condition.

His bill would end Medicaid expansion.

His bill would block grant Medicaid to the state with no requirements that those dollars go to cover the poor and disabled.  With a state budget in crisis thanks to GOP legislators who refuse to play ball, I wonder where that money might go….

Graham-Cassidy is an abomination and Steve Daines is in the corner, with pom-poms, calling out a call-and-response:

Daines: What do we want?

*deafening silence*

Daines: To take away health coverage from thousands of Montanans.

Not a very catchy cheer and not a great policy position for one of our U.S. Senators.

Today, John McCain came out against this bill.  He listened to his constituents.  He listened to his heart.  At this point, I am starting to worry that Daines is lacking ears, and a heart.  First he loses his ears, then he loses his heart, and the fact that he thinks the State government can cover the Medicaid cuts tells me he might have lost his mind.  That doesn’t leave much. We’ve had 34 Senators from our great state.  Some have been good, some have been bad.  We’ve had farmers, ranchers, soldiers, miners, and hell, even one criminal, but we’ve never had an empty-suit–until now.



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  1. The reason Steve Daines will not hold a town hall is because he is bought and paid for. Why should he meet constituents? He knows he would catch holy hell. So he collects his dark money and follows his marching orders. There is now way Daines could stand up to the scrutiny of having to answer intelligent questions. It is much easier to simply lie and then cowardly refuse to face the voters. But the bigger questions is, why aren’t a majority of Montanans outraged by his behavior? As long as he can lie and remain a coward and still garner the majority of support within the state, don’t expect any changes from this joke of a senator.

  2. I have a hard time figuring Steve out. He has more money than most people in Congress, apparently, so getting rich probably isn’t his main motivation. He is a climate change denier/blame the “radical environmentalists” so I think he is clearly not fighting for the planet, let alone Montana’s beautiful wild places. He hasn’t advanced any meaningful legislation so the only role he plays in the US Senate is as loyal back-bencher for Mitch McConnell (who is, in my opinion, one of the worst Senate leaders, ever.)so he isn’t hitting for the fences as a legislator. He hides from his constituents or answers their letters about issues with a sick patronizing tone (I know, I have a file full of his digital dreck)so he is not in it to fight for the people of the State of Montana. Oh, he is only fighting for some. Ah, who do you suppose that is?

    • Geoff, partial answer to what cranks Senator Daines.
      He’s a soft spoken authoritarian,
      Lots of people in and out of Montana covet reliably authoritarian Steve.
      The more we critique his subversion against the will of the people, the more authoritarians support him.

      And that’s some of what cranks our Junior Senator〰️
      the desire to be in company of authoritarians.

  3. Actually this new Bill would end Medicaid completely in 10 years. And Steve and Greg like the vast majority of their coworkers are millionaires but they are also victims of a horrible disabling mental disorder-Hoarding Disease. They can never have enough money, they always need MORE MONEY. I would feel sorry for them but they have figured out how to make the rest of us enable their sickness, like it or not. We need another j.Rankin. Maybe a Mike Mansfield? Montana used to elect some of the most liberal congressmen in the Nation-what happened?

  4. Daines and his Republican cohorts consistently exploit the not so bright and economically strapped people who form much of their base in Montana. Idiotically, their supporters are surprised and befuddled when they discover that their subsidies are hacked away in favor of giving the rich tax breaks. This ‘screw the needy behavior’ would not be so offensive if all of our legislators gave up their taxpayer funded health care and used the same health care system they impose upon everyone else. The legislators who complain vociferously about entitlements for the aged and the poor are sociopaths who conveniently forget that the perks and benefits they get (for the rest of their lives!) are BIG TIME taxpayer funded entitlements.

    Sociopath: noun, Psychiatry.
    1. a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

  5. When you can’t do anything right a good strategy is to focus on how terrible the accomplishments of the other side are. This is especially true if your leader keeps saying really stupid things.

  6. Yes, we know Daines does not give a crap about people in Montana unless they have a bunch of money in the bank and are more than willing to shove fist-fulls of cash up his over productive ass. In today’s news, the Billings Gazoo noted that there are several pieces of legislation that were introduced to assist and further protect consumers from hacking into all of the information contained in credit reporting services. Not one repuglican has come out to endorse any of the bills.
    Just where are the two computer geeks that were supposedly elected to represent the interest on Montanans? You would think that they would give a rats ass about the 360K Montanans that had their personal data compromised. However, it would seem that, for Daines and Double G, it would be so much easier to throw all them under the bus and hope that most were eliminated with the elimination of ACA.

  7. Let’s all do what we can to vote him out. While we are at it, let’s make sure “Body Slamming” Gianforte is voted out too. I am sick and tired of going to Daine’s office and asking for a face-to-face town hall. I am sick and tired of writing about saving my health care. I am sick and tired of his staged online “Town Halls.” I am so sick and tired of Steve Daines and his pretense of caring about Montanans and their health care. He needs to be voted out before he and Trump destroy this country and our democracy with it… that is if it isn’t already too late!

  8. Max Baucus gave us this Health care program that he later stated is a Train Wreck just before moving to China, as this Program is failing and I have always believed we should have a signal payer system for all, just like the majority of the modern world today as Wall Street and K Street and Special Interests Groups now own and control the U.S. Senate
    thanks to the 17 Amendment that took the Ownership of the U.S. Senate away from State Governments and now we are no longer the United States as states no longer have any power or authority or function in the United States Government as state governments no longer choose who will represent the State Government in the U.S. Senate as U.S. Senators worked for the state governments and were directed by their states how they would vote in the Senate as that was the purpose of the Senate to allow state governments to be Directly represented and own and control the U.S. Senate making the States United in the U.S. Government with full control of one half of the Legislative Branch of the U.S. Government

    • @Bruce Kershaw – So you would like to return to the situation that had William Clark parading through the corridors of the Legislature with openly displayed fistfuls of cash to BUY a seat in the Senate?

      Have you considered a possible alternative approach of LIMITING the endless flood of dark money that is making the Senate (at least the part on the extreme right) even LESS representative of their states?

      Why do you suppose that the mega-donors and their tame legislators are so frantically determined to fend off those limitations? Think about it, instead of mindlessly repeating the ranting of brain-damaged zealots who worship at the altar of Ayn Rand.

      And, while you’re at it, quit being so gullible about the pseudoscience cranked out by paid corporate shills to deny the reality of climate change and disruption. Read a book, for crying out loud!!!

  9. As evidence mounts about the Russian interference in our election, it appears that #45 was a Russian gift to the Republicans also. Hopefully they will get to pay the price for there unbounded support of his agenda. This should make America great again by proving it could survive the worst President in our history.

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