A Voter and a Fraud

Paul Seccomb is a political cartoonist from Butte.  We enjoy featuring his drawings here at the Cowgirl blog because they are really rad.



6 Comments on "A Voter and a Fraud"

  1. Great, Spot on.

  2. Stapleton doesn’t have a clue how to be Secretary of State. He can’t even pronounce Secretary correctly.
    It’s Secretary, not “Secatary”. I’m hopeful that the D’s are putting a good candidate to run against him.

  3. The GOP could not find even one crossover voter in 2016. Now they are hard-pressed to identify a fraudulant voter. Republicans acting badly.

  4. Good grief, GOP ‘piles on’ even when they won most of the races, come on Corey, do your duty and not attack voters but go after Russian and other foreign hacking!

  5. Have some pity on the Secretary; we know because the President told us that there were 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes for Hillary, but when investigated only 3 fraudulent votes for Trump were found. Clearly the Secretary has his work cut out for him knowing how diabolically clever we democrats are.

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