Price Resigns over Private Flights, Could Zinke be Next?

Ryan Zinke is a fraud.  It is well documented on this website, by the Montana media, and by Zinke’s own ever-shifting moral and political compass.  The man is a cheap catchphrase, phony smile,  a patriotic platitude, and a tip of his backwards cowboy hat at every corner.  It worked when he was in Montana.  The Montana press didn’t have the time or the manpower to expose Zinke’s opportunistic journey from state legislator to Congressman for what it was: a craven desire to accrue more power–at any cost and without the requisite skill set.  But now, Zinke has been exposed.

Zinke’s public statements in the past have always shown he believed Montana to be full of rubes.  A non-answer here, a a platitude there, and everyone will hopefully remember he once was on SEAL TEAM SIX.  Zinke’s arrogance traveled with him to Washington D.C and was on full display this past week.

President Trump’s cabinet has a well documented problem with travel.  They take private planes, and military aircrafts when commercial air would have sufficed.  It has already cost Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price his job.  Will Zinke be next?

Zinke’s crimes against the taxpayer have not yet met the level of his ex-colleague Price.  But the way in which Zinke has tried to justify his trips show a lack of respect for the taxpayer’s mind, not just their money.

The publication E&E News discovered that Zinke took a private charter flight from Las Vegas to Montana and charged the taxpayer for it.

The story is worth a read, but to summarize: Zinke used over 12 thousand dollars of taxpayer money to fly from Vegas to Montana.

Was Zinke checking on one of the many national monuments he hopes to shrink?

Was Zinke checking on a Interior Department related situation in the Nevada dessert?

Maybe he was checking in on the Bundy’s in Nevada to see if they wanted to take any more public land as their own!

No, he was speaking to a NHL team.  Yes, a professional hockey team.

What on earth could speaking to an NHL team have to do with being Interior Secretary?

Don’t worry, Zinke’s all-star spokeswoman Heather Swift clarified.

From E&E:

“As a former military officer and current government leader, the Secretary was asked to give a speech about leadership and the importance of teamwork,” Swift said in an email. “The Department’s career ethics officials determined this was well within the Department’s mission and it also was a key audience of people we are trying to target to use our public lands.”

Swift dismissed a question about whether Zinke’s attendance at the hockey dinner affected his ability to take a cheaper flight.

“Suggesting that by cancelling meetings and events the Secretary could make a different flight is not a valid argument,” she said. “That point could be made for every person who ever books flights. It’s important for the Secretary to be in the field talking with the American people and meeting with local and state officials, which was exactly what he was doing on both legs of that trip.”

I don’t know what “in the field” means to Ms. Swift, but the Interior Secretary has a lot more fields to worry about than an NHL team.

Also, for what it’s worth, the NHL team Zinke spoke to is predominantly Canadian.  So unless Zinke has some super secret plan to trade Mt. Rushmore for a Tim Horton’s I don’t think Ms. Swift’s logic holds water.

With Tom Price resigning, could Zinke be far behind?  I just hope that he returns to California instead of Montana, he’s already hurt us enough.

Zinke has always wanted to feel important.  Whether it was floating his name for Speaker of the House, Vice President, and then begging Trump for a cabinet position, he’s always been too big for his britches.   But now Zinke’s britches have fallen off, the Secretary has no clothes, and all that’s to cover his ass is that Cowboy hat he tries to wear.  It’s about time it got some use other than for photo-ops.


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  1. Remember ‘Super SEAL’ had his own ‘travel’ problems with the US Navy and his commanders…

  2. And he was the man who raced to reveal that Seal Team 6, his unit was involved in the raid on the OBL compound, in an interview with Mike Dennison early the next morning after the raid…to pat himself on the back.

    And then either when people started saying that the Team Designation shouldn’t be shared for safety’s sake, or when he realized that his of the event and the actions of the others might be sees so clearly as typical Zinke self promotion…he tried to pretend IT NEVER HAPPENED and even was caught on record criticizing Joe Biden for it.

    What a weasel. A ll one needs to do is look at the timing of the article and read Zinke trying to get his name in the paper for it in the original article:

    Also…created a Special Forces PAC fund, that he used to pay himself, his own company and other friends large amounts of money from for consulting, and then decided to use as his own piggy bank to pay for his election campaign.

    This is the very definition of a slickee boy weasel…it’s probably why he gravitates to the orange man and has orange dust on his lips.

  3. The plane he took to MT is owned by WY oil and gas interests who have a need to get leases on the federal lands Zinke controls.

  4. Zinke was speaking to a newly formed hockey team owned by none other than Bill Foley, a mega rich guy who has bought up real estate, ranches and businesses here in MT. He bankrolled Zinke in all of his elections.

    • while zinke may have benefited from foley and fidelity only a few people from whitefish (zinke’s hometown) supported him. most of his fidelity donors are from florida.

  5. #FireZinke

  6. The Zink will not be resigning anytime soon! He’s latched onto the government tit and will not be letting go anytime soon. He does not care what you or I think for if he did he would not be calling us a bunch of bull shitters! Me thinks his pants are too tight around his jewels thus causing him to not think straight!

    • darn’ tootin’….Zinke’s got the ‘teat’ firmly in his mouth, and after this, he’s on the ‘swampy slime’ trail of being a lobbyist, or maybe he wants to come back and run for Gov?

  7. Hinky Zinke, and his wife, are nothing but a couple social ladder climbing wannabes.

  8. Zinke has finally gotten the job he wanted! Big Oil will be fattening Zinke’s bank account in return for access to our public lands! Wall Street told Trump who they wanted in his Swamp Cabinet and Zinke is a perfect example. It’s all about making the rich richer, raping our environment, stealing our public lands, destroying education (dumber voters), destroying rural healthcare, Social Security, Medicare; all the while declaring they are “Right to Lifers”. Their lives, not ours!

  9. Commander Zinker may want to opt out of SOI and run for Senate or Gov, god damn him anyway.

  10. Zinke’s SPECIAL flag.

    “A security staffer takes the elevator to the seventh floor, climbs the stairs to the roof and hoists a special secretarial flag whenever Zinke enters the building. When the secretary goes home for the day or travels, the flag — a blue banner emblazoned with the agency’s bison seal flanked by seven white stars representing the Interior bureaus — comes down.”

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