Steve Daines Refuses to Hold Town Hall, Will Charge $20 for Access Next Week

Over the last year or so Senator Steve Daines has been too busy to hold a town hall with his constituents.

He’s found time to hob-knob with the President.  He’s found time to host lavish fundraisers in Big Sky.  He’s found time to go backpacking during the Congressional recess.  But a town hall with his constituents has never made it on the calendar.  In fact, Montanans looking to contact Senator Daines have received full voicemail boxes, form letters, and locked offices across Montana.

Lately, a Montanan had a better chance of finding Greg Gianforte’s mugshot than Steve Daines holding a public event.

But Senator Daines is hosting his high-tech jobs summit next Monday!  What a great opportunity to talk about the many pressing issues facing Montanans!  How will Daines’ attempts to eliminate all certainty in the health care market impact jobs?  How will the mother who works two jobs and her kids receive health care through Medicaid be impacted by Daines’ desire to end Medicaid expansion?  These are all important job related questions Montanans could ask Senator Daines.

But Senator Daines is not a cheap date.  The former tech salesman turned millionaire elected official knows better than to give away his access for free.  It usually costs a couple thousand bucks a head to get into one of his fundraisers.  Senator Daines has lowered his asking price for access now though.

Boy does Senator Daines have a deal for you–his constituent, his boss, the people he is supposed to represent!

For the low-low price of $20 you can have the chance to talk to your elected official!  What a deal!

But wait, there’s more!

Senator Daines’ event is being put on with taxpayer dollars.  A tipster sent in a flyer they received promoting the event and scrawled at the bottom was, “Prepared, Published and Mailed at Taxpayer Expense.”  Capitalization issues aside,if taxpayer money is being spent on this event, why charge the taxpayer to come in?

Perhaps the admission fees will go to pay for a charter flight for the two Trump Administration officials in attendance.

I don’t mind my taxpayer dollars being used to put on an event that gives me access to my elusive, millionaire, cowardly Senator–but don’t double charge me.

Shame on Senator Daines.  The very people he hopes to punish with his policies, probably can’t afford the price of admission to see him.

Senator Daines continues to prove he is the Senator for all of Montana–all of Montana that can afford the price of admission.

Tell us in the comments which part of the agenda you’re most excited to spend $20 dollars to listen to!  Personally, I am excited for Daines old boss Greg Gianforte to speak twice.  I hope he talks about the virtues and values of outsourcing.

P.s. Can I borrow 20 bucks?


32 Comments on "Steve Daines Refuses to Hold Town Hall, Will Charge $20 for Access Next Week"

  1. The fact that idiots still vote for that POS speaks volumes.

  2. This is absurd. If he’s using taxpayer dollars to put on an event it should be free to the taxpayer. Next thing he’s going to hold a town hall and charge 100 dollars for admission. Where does this money go? To his campaign? Sickening.

  3. Snuhwolf is correct: the “elevated” MT constituency is the problem. Daines replacement will be yet another Conrad Burns clone, leading the trickle-down chant whereby the hicks convince themselves they sit at the table with the Bushes, Hunts, Koch Bros, and the Cheneys.

  4. Daines is a hypocrite, a liar and a coward. And I guess that describes the majority of Montana voters, because that’s who put him in office. I loved the big grin on his face that ran as an AP story as he expressed his support for cutting taxes on millionaires (you know, the tax overhaul plan) which will run up the national debt for our kids and grandkids by 1.5 trillion. Isn’t it interesting how Daines and his ilk HATE deficits and the increasing national debt when the Dems are in charge? But hey, when the GOP is in charge, as Dick Cheney once said, “deficits don’t matter.” Coward, liar, hypocrite and maybe the worst senator Montana has ever had. But that’s okay voters, you elected him

    • Hang on Orville, the National debt doubled under the Obama regime, and you are worried about it just now?

      • ” the National debt doubled under the Obama regime,”

        This just goes to show how dishonest you are.

        1. Prior to the Obama Presidency the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were never on the books.

        2. The Great Recession and their subsequent affect on Revenues as well as the costs in unemployment insurance claims, the TARP bailouts all came from the Bush Admin. Now if you wanted to be honest (hahahahah) you might have said,
        ” the National debt doubled under the Obama regime from a lot of factors, some which were his responsibility and some from his predecessor”. But that would require you to use more than 2 brain cells and you have demonstrated repeatedly that you only have one. But aside from that tragedy, how is it that you, a supposed Conservative were once opposed to deficit/debt and now are ok with it?

      • *Eric
        Like many people (and likely Orville Bach) I don’t have a basic problem with deficits. I do have a big problem with hypocrisy and lying. Republicans in congress were apoplectic about Obama and his budgets growing the national debt by 68% (not doubling). They conveniently forget to mention or criticize both Reagan and George W Bush who both really did double the national debt during their terms.

        What is galling is that the next time a democrat is president or the Dems have control of the house or senate the media will once again allow the Rs to tut tut about the dangers of the national debt. The Rs have no credibility on this issue unless they are willing to forego their Holy Grail of another massive tax cut for the top 1% in order to control deficits.

  5. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | October 4, 2017 12:03 AM at 12:03 AM |

    the way things are going I’m beginning to rethink my plan to live to be 100. On the other hand maybe I will, just to annoy Republicans. Just looking at my long hair upsets their whole day, most of the reason I let it grow.

  6. Steve Daines is a California Carpetbagger….here to screw every Montanan.

  7. Typical rich white trash that screws working Americans. Thanks to all the idiots that elected this crook.

  8. No doubt Daines is one of the worst senators Montana has elected but we must remember how this all happened. I feel the Montana Democrat Party and Bullock deserve much of the blame here. Senator Baucus retired prior to end of his term in Feb.2014 Bullock appointed his Lt.Gov. Walsh to fill that seat and given a leg up as incumbent. Walsh was endorsed by Bullock, Senator Tester and Baucus all party insider. When The New York Times reported Walsh had plagiarized 2007 paper for his degree the democrat party elite continued to support Walsh even though all major media called for Walsh to end his campaign. Finally Walsh stepped aside early Aug. 2014. Mid Aug. the democrat party selected State Rep. Amanda Curtis to replace Walsh. Curtis started her 2.5 month campaign with little money and no name recognition but was able to get 40% of vote to Daines 57%. So basically the democrat party elite handed the 100 year held democratic seat to ignoramus Daines. So there is a lot of blame to go around here.

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | October 4, 2017 3:50 PM at 3:50 PM |

      The truth hurts.

      The MT Democratic party has a lot to be embarrassed about.

  9. You are aware that Senator Daines still has more than 3 years left on his first term, right?

    Are these blog posts, talking about Daines your idea of inspiring a Montana Dem Party, that is still reeling from the last two elections? Good Luck with that.

    • Aware? More like depressed by that fact. But thanks for the reminder. Maybe you can give me a paper cut and then pour lemon juice on it.

      • Never happen – that would be mean. I actually wasn’t taunting, just trying to figure out what part of Neverland the author lives in :)

  10. He’s a speaker at a conference. The conference isn’t about him, it’s about the high tech industry in Montana and high tech jobs. This blog post twists the scenario around. Daines isn’t charging anything. The conference and all the speakers therein costs $20 to attend. The GOP does plenty of rotten things without having to resort to twisting the news. I don’t think doing this is helpful because it opens up the progressive side to righteous criticism. GOPers can look at this and point to it as an example of lefties being ridiculously unfair.

    • I think the point was that the only public place where a constituent can track down Senator Daines is at a venue that s/he will have to pay to enter.

      As for the Senator speaking at a high tech conference that “isn’t about him”, call me dubious at best. The first time I heard the Senator’s sidekick, business partner and political understudy, the equally elusive Mr. Gianforte, speak was at a local service club where he was supposed to be talking about entrepreneurship and the value of high tech jobs for Montana. Instead he gave a full-on campaign speech full of self-congratulatory anecdotes and criticism of the Governor for traveling by state airplane instead of driving and “getting out to see the people” as he was doing with his self-proclaimed, 45,000 mile, road-trip across Montana. Unlike the Senator, Mr. Gianforte has to run again in 2018 and, hopefully, he will be engaged by more informed and clear-eyed voters this time. If he can be found.

    • Weird, the press release from Senator Daines’ office says, “U.S. Senator Steve Daines today announced that registration is now open for his second biennial Montana High Tech Jobs Summit in Missoula on October 8 & 9.”

      The word HIS would seem to indicate this is not just a random conference at which Daines is speaking. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think it is “ridiculously unfair” to hold an elected official accountable for the words they use. Especially when they have developed a pattern of hiding from their constituents.

      Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

      If my elected official is hosting, even “co-hosting”, an event for the public, I don’t think any of his constituents should be expected to pay money.

  11. Good thing the author didn’t put their name on this piece, as it is full of lies and misinformation. Daines isn’t charging a thing; the High Tech Jobs Summit is. Taxpayer money isn’t funding the Summit; there is a list of sponsors like Microsoft and T-Mobile who are funding the event (if I’m wrong on that point, someone please correct me). Stop making the Dem party look bad by spreading misinformation about the other side; it makes us no better than them if we sink to their level.

  12. MTCG, a bridge too far. Correct your story

  13. The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | October 5, 2017 2:15 PM at 2:15 PM |

    Thanks for more fake news Cowpaddy! Nothing like making us libtards look more tarded.

    • @Fake Fenske – You don’t need any help looking more “tarded.” Describing you, the word “moron” comes to mind.

    • I had to look up libtard to see if it is a real word:
      libtard /libˈtärd/
      1. an individual, whose thinking process has been
      rendered impaired by political correctness and the
      failure to understand that people are responsible
      for their actions and the world does not owe lazy
      or stupid people a living.

      That libtard voted for someone with no qualifications to be president and now everyone is losing his old health care coverage.

      #liberal#bleeding heart#communist#socialist#marxist

  14. And everybody else is like “but he got you on the fake news thing though.” Seems all that’s printed here anymore…

  15. Simple question. Exactly how many public meetings has Sen. Daines held since being elected?

  16. Wow, that is a lot of money ($8 million) to just see Tester lose. I wonder how this compares to the billons Hillary spent.

    Also, Danes has had several telecom meetings. If you would dial in you might learn about how Colstrip plants 1 & 2 were saved and how the Keystone pipeline was approved, and many job saved including now high tech jops promoted. Tester don’t spend that money all in one place.

    HELENA – U.S. Sen. Jon Tester reported Friday that his 2018 re-election campaign raised another $1.2 million the past three months, pushing him close to $8 million in total funds raised.

    Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist have each raised just over $3 million to fund their campaigns. About 64 percent of contributions to Gianforte’s campaign have come from individual donors, while most of the rest is $1 million of his own money, which he poured in in the last three weeks.

    • Telcom meeting=Potemkin Villages. Nice try Komrade.

    • Telecom “meetings”??? Those aren’t meetings, they’re just filtered and scripted vehicles for more of “Inane Daines” false, self-serving campaign rhetoric. I haven’t seen that much crap since the last time I mucked out a dairy barn.

  17. Got my big flyer from idiot daines today. It was addressed to “Residential Customer Montana”. And, there, for a while, I was thinking I was a constituent. Guess I will be a customer-but I am not buying anything this asshole says.

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