Speaker Knudsen Prepares for a Special Session

The following is a political cartoon from Butte’s Paul Seccomb.


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  1. We wouldn’t be in this problem to through away the states money if Knudsen would have listened to the public, Mt. chamber of comerce that thand Governor and let some of the same bills pass that the legislators have to go back and correct at rhe publics exspence

  2. Knudsen purposely Brownbacked Montana EXACTLY like Republican Governor Brownback did to Kansas. Surplus to deficit – just add the Koch Agenda tax cuts for the filthy rich and corporations and watch your state be dismantled. Conservative Republican economic policies have NEVER worked and never will, Conservative Republican economic policies have been a race to the bottom with 60 years of history as proof. Montana must go BACK to the tax rates and policies that worked so well, for so long, for so many.

    • You mean the policies of JFK and Ronald Reagan that worked very Well?

      It’s simple, the size of government in Montana has grown to the point where we cannot afford it.

      I hope it gets downsized to pre-Gov BS levels and stays there.

      • “It’s simple, the size of government in Montana has grown to the point where we cannot afford it. ”

        You keep saying that without anything other than your opinion to back it up.

        What makes you thin “We cannot afford it”?

        • Because my taxes and fees are already too high, yet the State is going broke. Looking at incomes here, nobody but State Employees have gotten a real raise since the beginning of the Obama Economy.

          • Lebowski The "Dude" | October 13, 2017 11:02 AM at 11:02 AM |

            I think you meant the Bush Economy. It is what created what you call the Obama economy.

            “Because my taxes and fees are already too high,”

            Well man, that’s just like, your opinion man.

            Nobody? I went from 35 an hour to 65 an hour in the past 4 years. I think you are doing it wrong, try smiling when you say, “Do you want large fries with that order”?

            • Historical Real Median Household Income for Montana
              Date US Montana
              2015 $55,775 $49,509
              2014 $53,719 $46,382
              2013 $53,166 $47,796
              2012 $53,031 $46,533
              2011 $53,223 $46,605
              2010 $54,405 $46,382
              2009 $55,478 $46,753
              2008 $57,276 $48,056
              2007 $58,003 $49,762
              2006 $56,957 $47,759
              2005 $56,122 $47,698

              Well “The Dude” facts are stubborn things. The Great Leader, Barack Hussein Obama was President from 2008 to 2016.

              • Lebowski The "Dude" | October 14, 2017 8:16 AM at 8:16 AM |

                Guess that recession thing that happened, never happened.

                You can read a line of statistics many different ways, yours lacks any meaningful context.

                Here is one for you:

                Historical Real Median Family Income for Montana
                Date US Montana
                2015 $68,260 $64,061
                2014 $65,986 $60,713
                2013 $65,153 $61,177
                2012 $64,548 $61,636
                2011 $64,766 $59,246
                2010 $65,888 $59,255
                2009 $67,476 $60,769
                2008 $69,756 $62,550
                2007 $69,929 $61,154
                2006 $68,801 $59,960
                2005 $67,761 $58,206

                While US Per Capita income has remained relatively stagnant Montana rates have increased by 8%.

                Now get me some large fries and a Coke.

                • That’s funny – like 95% of anonymous blog posters, you are not here to actually dis use anything, but to be a troll. Thanks for the laugh.

                  • Lebowski The "Dude" | October 14, 2017 3:15 PM at 3:15 PM |

                    That is the easiest way out when you are wrong and getting your ass handed to you.

                    You keep making this about Bullock and the MT leadership and whining that you are taxed too much, yet when you are shown to have no clothes you keep on going about how wonderful you look.

                    You are naked.

                    And you forgot the Ketchup.

  3. I really am confused, our economy boomed along for 75 years with EVERYBODY flourishing and poverty rates falling to the lowest rate in history. Then we elected Reagan and kept electing Republican Robber Barons no matter how badly things are going and now here we are. I really just don’t get it-even Republican voters admit their Reps are governing for corporations and not them and yet they keep voting for more. It’s their kids being poisoned and shot along with the little Liberal babies, THEM getting mowed down at a C&W concert, 2nd Amendment is to protect us from tyranny? Our alleged President was installed by a foreign power and he’s being controlled by a group of military generals and Intelligence officers! Our AG wants to steal our property and throw us in prison for smoking pot or having gay sex. How much “tyranny” will it take before gun nuts admit tyranny really is a lame-assed excuse. Our Constitution also protected slavery at one time, we changed that, maybe it’s time to change the 2nd as well. The original purpose WAS to protect slave patrols after all…

  4. Sorry, got off the subject but it’s all part of the same stupidity. I am in a position where my life can’t get much worse so I am ashamed to admit I’m rooting for a total meltdown. I fear it is the only thing that will save the Planet. No, strike Planet, it will be fine, Human Race is what I fear, and fear for. If we don’t pull our heads out we will fuck it up so bad there won’t be a bunker deep enough to hide in or mountaintop to hide on, once methane and CO2 become the main gases in our atmosphere bacteria will be the only survivors and it will be a few million years before the NEXT dominant species evolves. Oh, but I forgot, evolution is fake news so I guess God will step in any minute now, right? Please Christians, do hold your breath till he gets here…

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