I’m Sensing a Theme Here: Greg Gianforte Bested by a Lawyer Again

Man, it has been a rough month for Congressman/assault committer Greg Gianforte.

His mugshot was just released last week following a prolonged process.  The reporter he promised an interview to decided to call him out for breaking his promise.  The journalism non-profit he paid his hush money to called him out for being all talk.  And now, a little-known Billings attorney has out-raised him in the 1st quarter of this election.

According to Federal Election reports, Billings lawyer John Heenan raised $325,000.  Recent inmate Greg raised $252,000.

I know what you’re thinking: this doesn’t matter.  Greg Gianforte makes the monopoly man look like a pauper.  He uses $100 bills to wipe off the Kobe Beef from his lips every night.  He names his guns after the Copper King who literally purchased a Senate seat.  So what if he gets out-raised?

This shows what Montanans have known for years and GOP insiders have worried about for months: people just don’t like Greg Gianforte.  After the assault, the broken promises, and now the mugshot, people just aren’t opening up their wallets for a guy who’s rap sheet looks like one from a former contestant on the Jersey Shore.

I will admit it, John Heenan, Grant Kier, Tom Woods, and whatever other Democrat joins this primary are not going to be able to outspend Greg Gianforte.  But if Greg continues to be an asshole, they might not have to.


14 Comments on "I’m Sensing a Theme Here: Greg Gianforte Bested by a Lawyer Again"

  1. Will he ever state clearly to the people of Montana whether he is 100% behind Trump? Or that he has the courage to disagree with the Republican President? In other words, does he put his party before everything else that is decent? I hope the journalists keep asking him to give them the lowdown on his feelings about Republican President Donald Trump.

    • During the special election campaign, Gianforte said he was completely behind Trump. Of course, that was after Trump won in Montana by 20 points. Before that, Gianforte was lukewarm on Trump.

    • Geoff, Sadly Trump still has high approval rating in Montana. Montana voters heard a lot of promises from Trump they really liked and they are not ready to give up on those promises yet. Attacking Trump will not help ANY Democrat in Montana and tying a Republican to Trump will only help the “R” at this time. It will be a while until Montanans catch on because Right-Wing media dominates our state 100%, e.g. Voices of Montana, most Ag and industry “news”, FOX “news”, Rush, Hannity, Breitbart, (etc, etc,)and also now far right-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group. AND absolutely nothing will change until the MT Dems start writing their own narrative, start educating the people and give voters something to vote FOR….which they seem so determined not to do.

  2. It is a nice mug shot though.

  3. Nice Thugshot, Greg.

  4. I do not believe that this is a true mugshot. If this was used, I am sure Gallatin County would have had an Offense Number, Date, Organization and other information in the “Official” Mugshot photo. Oh, yes, where is the height measurements on the wall behind him. Hmmmmm a very important addition to an “Official Mugshot”. Many things does not add up, oh maybe Mr. G. knows how to operate the Photoshop program, after all he is supposed to be a computer whizzz!

  5. He’s a ‘whiz’ alright!

  6. Hey, where the hell is the PROFILE shot?

  7. A mug shot that is a SMUG shot.

  8. This picture is what the libs in Montana think will help them in the next election? This is what they were waiting breathlessly for? Wow.

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