VP at Charter Communications: ‘No program is going to make little disabled kids more intelligent’

The  screenshot taken from twitter user @Mtpols pretty much speaks for itself:

But it also highlights a very sad and prevalent viewpoint that many on the GOP side feel about these potential cuts to our state budget.  These programs don’t matter, care for the disabled, poor, and elderly does society no good.  Heck, Mr. Smith even used the same GOP talking points Speaker Knudsen has trotted out: cut the Helena fat.

It’s nice that Mr. Smith outed himself as an insensitive bigot.  If only all people holding these views would just say so publicly with their name, photo, and profession attached.

I called the 800 number on my Charter bill to ask if this multi-billion dollar company shares the viewpoint of their VP in Montana, but they just kept trying to get me to upgrade my cable package.

These proposed budget cuts are brutal, and people like Mr. Smith just don’t seem to care.


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  1. Do we want these children who have disabilities to grow up, hold jobs and pay taxes, or do depend fully on us to support them? Or does he and the rest plan to find a way to get rid of them? Isn’t that genocide?

    Makes NO sense to me!

    • Well, according the the repugs, its useless to educate the brown,latino,disabled or poor. Besides, how else will they fill their private prisons with slave labor to work at a chicken processing plant?

  2. Nothing changes: Google the 1980 libertarian party platform and David Koch: End all public benefit programs and return to the nirvana of predatory capitalism: No medicare, unemployment insurance, social security, welfare, or inheritance or income tax. Pretty good ideas after you’ve inherited a pile that ensures control of the legislature and the “free market”. Under cover of Trump’s unending barrage of personal abuse and lies the republican “freedom caucus” is enacting this program today. Surprise: Koch Industries is providing the funds making the lawmakers fully independent of their constituency. Surprise: Denny Smith, Jeff Assman, Corry Stapleton, and all the rest are safely on board.

    • Bingo! “Koch Industries is providing the funds making the lawmakers fully independent of their constituency.”

      • Of course you do realize Obama, Biden, Hillary, Feinstein, Schumer, BAUCUS (and the list goes on) have taken Koch money? Of course you do. But you’d rather support politicians (fully independent of their constituency) taking money from such upstanding citizens like Harvey Weinstein? Of course you do.

        • Lebowski The "Dude" | October 18, 2017 3:28 PM at 3:28 PM |

          Hey Art, cmon with me out behind the barn.

          • Money goes with corruption. Until and unless elections are only publicly funded, the dark money and the PAC’s will continue to sway politicians. The NRA has a strangle-hold on our government. Australia had a mass-shooting problem in 1996. They changed the laws, now they don’t have that problem.

            • Some links to learn more about campaign finance reform and publicly funded elections:
              * TED talk and book by Laurence Lessig (http://lesterland.lessig.org/). He does a very good job of laying out what the problem is.
              * Issue One (https://www.issueone.org/). Former government officials – senators, governors, members of the house – from both parties – people who have lived the problem speaking out to end it.
              * Sarbanes (https://sarbanes.house.gov/). Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) has been very vocal on this topic. He introduced a bill in the House that would create a national system of public financing using a matching program for small dollar donations to give candidates an option that doesn’t require big donors. His bill is the Government By the People Act (https://sarbanes.house.gov/bythepeople).

          • Ish. Sicko.

        • Again the right tries to commingle Koch Non-Dark Money, with the massive amounts of unsourced, secret agenda dark money the Koch’s and their political arms ALSO given without oversight to candidate, especially Montana GOP candidate and the party itself (AFP basically runs the MT GOP). And even better the estimate is that of the hundred of millions of dark money spent by the Kochs (and let’s remember they are only one of many republican 501c4s doing this dirty dance…most of the Koch money comes from about 400-500 ultra rich families and a companies.

          If I told the wingers in this state that 400 of the richest dems were funding anything from the local rodeo, free air to breath or scratching one’s ass, they’d boycott it like poison and scream about the unfairness and corruption of the left. But those same wingers are oh-so quit and willing to roll up and pretend that the 400 richest families in america share all of the same values and goals as they do while voting their handpicked candidates in…and then wonder why every bill seems to involve some sort of tax cut for the rich, deregulation that ALWAYS hurts the middle and working classes, and some sort of sham health care reform.

          Campaign money is bad and we should eliminate it. But lets not pretend that legal giving to campaigns (whether from individual, companies, unions or even the Koch’s) that is traceable, regulated, reported and in which we citizens can ascertain clearly who has been given what and even why if they vote in favor of the money – and secret dark money that is dominate by the right and republicans. Two completely different things.

  3. Unbelievably heartless and inhumane….. how did the GOP get like the? Abe Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower would be appalled. The TEA Party ruined them….

  4. Haven’t they heard about Stephen King? Little disabled kid? What flagrant, willful ignorance!

  5. The philosophy in the headline to this article is 100 percent WRONG! Head Start has been caring for eager-to-learn for more than 50 years and doing a fine job. Experimental events and daily attention prove this headline is the part that is stupid, not the forming brains of the kids who have a step up when entering public schools.

  6. This guy is a heartless privileged pig. Bye bye Charter. I will not contribute to this cretins salary!!

  7. What a horrible person…but the real horrible is how many feel this way in that party and their mindset. My god, what’s next…those old people are going to die any way, so why give them medical care or help them be comfortable on the way?!? Poor people are always going to be poor probably, so why not just starve the out anyway?!?

    We’ve seen how this nation is capable of treating what it deems it’s nuisances during our worst historical episodes – native Americans, minorities and immigrants…these guys would take us back there every day.

    Yet the irony is that a blatant selfish a-hole like this will cry a river if a husband wants to take his brain dead wife off of a ventilator or Senior want to seek end of life counseling and scream about DEATH PANELS!! He’ll also act like the victim if anybody calls him out on his callousness or challenges that white privilege screaming about reverse racism. Dim bulbs and horrible people…meet the MT GOP.

  8. A Social Darwinian universe is the unspoken narrative of our current Robber Barons, dressed up in the rhetoric of freedom, liberty, individualism, etc. Their ideology tells us we must each be a unit of capital, on our own, rising or falling as the supposedly free market dictates. There is no such thing as a public, they say, only individuals or at best families, competing with each other. Any coming together–into trade unions, political organizations, non-profits–that seek to promote collective as well as individual well-being is considered contrary to human nature. Democracy for them means freedom of the individual and the corporation to pursue their own interest, but not the freedom of a majority in the state to come together to regulate, tax, spend, create…

  9. I guess Betsy can go ahead and leave little disabled children behind after all.

  10. Lebowski The "Dude" | October 18, 2017 1:33 PM at 1:33 PM |

    If given the choice this guy would take the Old Yeller Route.

    Sorry kid, you are a drain on society. Lets take a walk out behind the barn.

  11. OK, it took over 10 minutes with a tech support guy, but I finally got an email address for “corporate responsibility” at Charter: responsibility@spectrum.com. So I copied the screen shot and pasted it into an email message, asking whether a) this person really IS a Charter employee? and b) if so, do his views represent corporate values? I added that I have been a customer for 9 years, and I gave my name and address. It’s been about 20 minutes and no bounce-back for a bad address. So maybe others should try it.

  12. I was working my way through UofM at Opportunity Workshop at a CETA job that Reagan ended. Along with my college career. Since the inception of Reaganomics our Nation has gone to shit both morally and economically. The blame does has to be split two ways, the Democrats for being complacent and the Republicans for being lazy, ignorant, unfeeling greedy assholes. I’d say the blame is about 5%/95% split…I was a “conservative” veteran until about my second year at UofM studying under Professor Nate Blumberg. Jimmy I wish we had about five more of him in our schools today-or better yet, our Congress.

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