On Whitefish Energy Scandal, Steve Daines is either lying or incompetent

By now we are all familiar with the 2-person Whitefish Montana couple mysteriously received a HUGE contract to restore power for Puerto Rico.  It’s been all over the news.  Many people are skeptical because the company is funded by Trump donors, has connections to Interior Secretary Zinke, and because it is a 2-person company that just won a $300 million dollar contract to restore power to an entire U.S. territory.

But not if you ask Montana Senator, and former Congressman Steve Daines.  According to Politico:

Montana Sen. Steve Daines said he’d never heard of the two-person, two-year-old company based in his state that won the $300 million contract. “I literally found out about [Whitefish] in the paper,” he told ME. “Anytime a large contract is awarded Congress should be asking questions. It’s appropriate.”

This is interesting because  according to the local news Whitefish Energy was trying bring a transformer factory to Columbia Falls just last year.

I guess it is not that surprising.  Daines doesn’t seem to spend much time in Montana, even less time paying attention to what’s going on in our communities.

Zinke’s stepped in this crap pretty bad.  It seems like Daines is now trying to get as far away from it as possible.  If he says it is time to ask questions, I wonder which ones he will be asking.

White Fish?  Never heard of it, but me and my wife, we catch blue ribbon trout all the time!


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  1. Well, no surprise, he’s exhibited both dishonesty and incompetence from Day 1! Why change now?

  2. Wonder if you could get on to Daines’ “TELE-HALL” to discuss this? Ha, good luck!

  3. I noticed this a couple weeks ago Hope you keep on it. Thanks

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