The Battle for the Heart of the Montana GOP is on

It’s about one year from the 2018 election but the under-card might be more bruising and fun than the main event.

Never in my lifetime have I seen so many Montana politicians openly kissing the feet of political Kingmakers on the East Coast.  Bannon, Trump, McConnell, it’s hard to see the faces of the Montana GOPers because they have them so firmly planted on these folks’ keisters.

First, let’s look at Matt Rosendale.  Rosendale has done a delicate dance, kissing up to just about everyone.  It’s no wonder he can’t be bothered to actually regulate the insurance market, he’s busy kissing up to White Supremacists, Citizens United, and just about anyone with a checkbook.

Rosendale’s got his main squeeze, noted White Nationalist, racist, and slime ball Steve Bannon.  

But he’s also kissing up to Mitch McConnell and has received media training from the hated “establishment”.  As noted before on this blog, this love triangle for Rosendale isn’t going to end well.

And now it seems Rosendale’s chief rival has secured the backing of the Trump family.

Part-time Montanan Troy Downing tweeted a picture of himself and the Trump children this week.  The implied endorsement of the Trump family surely sent shock-waves through the Republican field.

This battle between a guy from Maryland kissing up to Steve Bannon and a guy who can’t even get a resident hunting tag kissing up to the Trumps has left me wondering just what the hell happened to the Montana GOP.

I never thought I’d find myself longing for the days of Denny Rehberg and Marc Racicot, but at least those guys knew Montana.  Now we are left with a proxy battle between out-of-state interests.  

Where have all the real Montanans gone?  It’s no secret that we’ve seen the rural parts of our state get a little deeper red, but is this really what they want?  A millionaire mansion rancher who can’t even pronounce Montana right or a California transplant who literally got busted for masquerading as a Montanan?

Unfortunately, in the Age of Trump it seems Montana GOPers are falling over themselves to kiss the ring of special interests.

I’d ask where have all the Montanan Republicans gone, but we watched a New Jersey gazillionaire body slam his way to a Congressional seat.  He traded in any semblance of a conservative platform from his failed gubernatorial bid and replaced it with a fake smile and a refrain of “Drain the Swamp”.  It’s no surprise to see rich out-of-staters competing for the GOP nomination to the Senate–it seems like that’s all they have left.

The battle for the heart of the Montana GOP is well on its way, and it’s between two out-of-state millionaires competing over who can do the best impression of a New York reality TV star.

Is this really what the Montana GOP has been reduced to?  I am left to wonder what the farmer from Meagher County would think about Steve Bannon’s anti-trade policies?  Or how the Republican in Miles City would feel about President Trump’s proposed cuts to USDA?

All the twitter photo-ops in the world won’t help these candidates explain away their backers anti-Montana policy positions.

When this primary is over, we will see just what the Montana GOP stands for–national identity politics or Montana issues.  Should be fun.


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  1. My guess is that nothing an out-of-state, millionaire candidate can say or do will be off-putting enough to turn off a majority of Montana voters, as long as he has an (R) next to his name. I don’t believe that that’s because Republican voters – in Montana or nationwide – really WANT what today’s Republicans are peddling, just that, historically, a majority of Republicans come in basically two flavors: 1. The Charlie Brown voters, gullible suckers who will fall time and again for the lies dished up by the professional liars at Faux and GOP Central, no matter how many times the Reptiles pull the football of promised prosperity away after the election, and give it all to the 1%; and 2. The intellectually-lazy, who have never in their lives done a lick of homework regarding a GOP candidate’s background, lies, or history – they just pull the lever for the “R” every time.

    Well, maybe those two are really one and the same. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone who HAS done any homework on what the GOP and its candidates stand for would STILL vote against their own best interests, but we’ve seen it time and again – so maybe gullible and intellectually-lazy go hand in hand, and are inseparable traits that GOP candidates rely on, over and over, since that kind of voter rarely if ever changes those core characteristics and suddenly becomes a curious candidate-researcher.

    Call me pessimistic – and nothing in the world would please me more than to be finally proved wrong this next time around – but I don’t envision any GOP candidate SO slimy and dishonest that long-time GOP voters will wake up one day and say, “Gee – I just CAN’T vote this ruthless, lying bastard!” Instead, the only hope I can muster is that of getting more of the disinterested and disaffected off the couch and to the polls – the ones who haven’t drunk the GOP Kool-aid, but just haven’t had the time or interest in participating. Maybe things are getting bad enough – finally – to convince them to do so…

    • Battle for the heart for the GOP? I am reminded of words spoken in Matthew 12:34 Brood of vipers,how can you being evil,speak good things? For out of the heart the mouth speaks. When their “leader” speaks evil and you see none of his followers speak out against it really show the true character of what the Republican party has evolved into.

  2. As long as the MT Democrats sit back and allow the Republicans to write their narrative the Dems will never gain much ground in Montana. The MT Dem Party does not seem interested in educating the public about what they actually stand FOR. Meanwhile the Conservatives demonize the Dems 24/7/365 on FOX “news”, Breitbart, Rush, Voices of Montana, religious radio, social media, etc, etc……and so it goes.

  3. You sound pretty desperate, slinging labels such as White Supremacist with such abandon and with zero evidence- but then, that’s what you SJWs always do. Everything that you wrote is ridiculous. How can an endorsement of Trump by a Republican send “shockwaves” through the GOP? He’s the GOP’s Presidential victor, after all. Perhaps you mean shockwaves through the RINO establishment- you know, those “real Montanans” who run as Republicans even though they are Democrats at heart. Well, they should be worried because they are on their way out. How exactly is Mr. Bannon “anti-trade”? He merely wants fair trade. The real, critical issue facing this nation of people is immigration, but you types will never admit it- because you view it as heresy to suggest that unfettered immigration of incompatible cultures is a threat to our own culture. You are right- this WILL be fun- it will be fun watching you chase your tails as your party continues to lose seats in state and Federal governments because of your inability to say no to your extreme Leftist members. The trends are obvious, and irreversible. Fewer and fewer are fooled by your socialist utopian nonsense and your obvious lies.

  4. Well said Kevin Curtis. We are now almost at the end of 2017 and even though democrats suffered terrible loses in the state of Montana nothing has changed in the democrat party leadership in Helena. The GOP has the governor between a rock and hard place do to his own party and himself not getting rid of senate bill 261. The GOP is not going to raise taxes. Bullock will have to do the cuts and will get much of the blame. People have short memories and will maybe unfortunately blame the guy doing the cuts, Do what is the democrat plan going foreward? It sure can’t be be blame the GOP the are bad vote democrat. Didn’t work for Hillary but that is all I see for a message from the Montana Democrat Party at this point.

  5. “I never thought I’d find myself longing for the days of Denny Rehberg and Marc Racicot, but at least those guys knew Montana.”

    Yep. Except for that pesky deregulation.

    “How can an endorsement of Trump by a Republican send “shockwaves” through the GOP? He’s the GOP’s Presidential victor, after all. Perhaps you mean shockwaves through the RINO establishment- you know, those “real Montanans” who run as Republicans even though they are Democrats at heart.”

    Another sack of shit transplant with no idea of our state’s history. We “REAL MONTANANS” have always prided ourselves with our sense of independence and pragmatism rather than ideology. Here are some questions for you regarding what “REAL MONTANA” is:
    ~What was the Butte Labor Movement?
    ~Who was Mike Mansfield?
    ~Who was Jeannette Rankin?
    ~Who was William A. Clark and what is the 17th Amendment?
    And yeah I am 4th gen. My father was on of those RHINO’s who also happened to be the E.D. for a while for the Montana GOP. My own personal politics are diametrically in opposition to my pop’s but I don’t consider him any less of a Montanan than I and I know that he would say the same. The real problem in this state?… You can’t get a good blow job in California ‘cuse all the cocksuckers moved to Montana

  7. Don’t worry about the GOP, we will continue to get rid of RINOs and I truly expect to have a veto-proof majority in Helena after next year’s elections.

    I’m surprised anybody is left in Montana claiming to be a Democrat, given that the State party is the same one who laundered money and then sold themselves out to Hillary, and then rigged their primary here to put Singing Robbie up as a candidate.

    You don’t see that with the GOP here.

    So remember, even Reagan was a Democrat once, and there is room under the big GOP tent for all who want to make America great again, Make America safe again, and repair the economy in Montana again after 12 years of bumbling and corruption in the Gov office! Join up for the big win!

    • A couple of points, Eric: yesterday’s elections should be an indicator for the upcoming 2018 midterm races. Democratic wins in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington… Not looking good for “veto-proof majority” in Helena.

      As for the “rigged” primary that gave us Rob Quist. First, it wasn’t a primary, it was statewide delegates voting for the candidate they thought that might beat Gianforte. I was there.

      Finally, “You don’t see that with the GOP here.” Your nominating convention for the special election was a back room, closed-door affair with the candidate who had the most millions of dollars getting the nod. Democracy at its finest.

      And with Trump/Bannon at the top of your party, the fissures are starting to appear. You should enjoy your majorities while you can. The times they are a changin’.

      • Pete do you think it’s a win that a Dem candidate doesn’t lose in a heavily Democrat State?

        Didn’t surprise me at all.

        As far as the Montana Dems go, are you trying to claim that their process wasn’t manipulated to get the win for Singing Robbie? Are those Phantom Central Committees still meeting?

  8. So by your description, “Real Montanan” means communist dupe with a sense of entitlement for merely having been born here and absolutely no requirement to understand the failings of Unionist, Leftist ideology, even though they destroyed numerous industries and led to the demise of all those good union jobs. Got it.

    • You are full of yourself aren’t you. Just what do you know about unions? Probably just the talking points provided to you by the right to work clowns.

      • I’ve been a union member for 22 years. I pay dues through the nose so that my union can give money to people like Hillary so that she can give it to Russians to make up lies about successful businessmen who actually employ people and make things.. and will make America Great Again. The trends are obvious and irreversible. I’m glad to be from here, but that doesn’t make me special. Those of you loudly proclaiming proud-to-be-nth-generation Montanans are pawns for the commies who have been pulling the strings in this state for decades… but not for much longer.

  9. J. C. Kantorowicz | November 7, 2017 7:45 PM at 7:45 PM |

    Boy…. You socialists really have your panties in a bunch! What is the matter? Can’t get that self defined communist from Anaconda to commit to a run? Or after your melodious looser, can’t find a single retrobate to shame himself. I will guarantee you that Tester has no backers left. People are not stupid enough to listen to his lies in Montana and then follow his words, deeds and votes in the swamp. The people of Montana will not put up with your socialism any longer!

    PS: I will pay $1,000 cash to the person who positively identifies the “Montana Cowgirl” to me. Only cowards whose opinions are not credible remain anonymous!

    “So by your description, “Real Montanan” means communist dupe with a sense of entitlement for merely having been born here..(more mouth frothing)”

    Ha ha ha ha!! You are so cliche! John Birch called and said you should lay off the tap water as the fluoride is makin’ ‘ya pink. How’s that whole “Russia-Thingy” working out? Just can’t figure out why it won’t go away? You want to see a REAL commie dupe? Check your bathroom mirror.

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