Troy Downing’s Explanation for his Illegal Hunting Reads like a Breitbart Mad Lib

Californian Troy Downing and his campaign are losing it over his well-documented residency problem, but first a quick trip down memory lane.

I love road trips.  Packing in the van to head out to one of Montana’s public lands.  Buying beef jerky.  And most of all, playing Mad Libs.  For those of you that don’t know, Mad Libs are a word/phrase game that can provided endless fun for kids in the pre-wifi and DVD player in every minivan days.  You know, when kids were REAL and gritty, not these soft kids who play fruit ninja during the drive from Belgrade to Bozeman.

A typical Mad Lib would read like this, “the (insert adjective) (insert name) went to the (insert place) and it was (insert adjective).”  For me, the result would read “the farty Fartman went to the fart store and it was farty.”  I am not very creative.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported:

Records in an investigation into U.S. Senate candidate Troy Downing’s alleged hunting violations show that during the time he received residential hunting licenses in the state, his time spent in Montana was “seasonal at best.”

That’s according to tax and phone records as well as public social media posts analyzed by a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden who investigated Downing and later issued several misdemeanor citations to the Big Sky Republican.

In response to this reporting Californian Storage Wars magnate Troy Downing issued one of the most bizarre campaign statements I’ve ever seen.

The statement reads in full:

First and foremost, it’s no surprise that a Democrat judge, appointed by Democrat Gov. Schweitzer would release details of this case before Troy is afforded due process in the court of law. These are the same politically motivated tactics that were used by the left on President Donald Trump. Obviously the swamp doesn’t exist just in Washington D.C.

This is nothing more than an orchestrated attack on a combat Veteran by Senator Tester’s allies who are desperate to stay in power. These moves are obviously politically motivated and makes a mockery of the judicial process.

We aren’t going to litigate this issue in the press and we think it is absurd that the press feels its appropriate for us to argue a legal case that hasn’t even been tried yet.

After enlisting in the United States Air Force in 2001, Troy Downing was called to serve 2 tours in Afghanistan. He spent 8 years in service defending our freedoms. He has owned property in Montana since 2000, and has been a full time resident in Montana since being honorably discharged in 2009. He also joined the Montana VFW (Post 12112) and the Montana American Legion (Post 30) after returning home. Troy is proud to call Montana home.

It’s unfortunate the liberal Montana FWP deep state is on a witch hunt, going after a combat veteran that is a part of a charity organization that helps our wounded warriors recover through fly fishing in Montana’s natural setting.

Troy spends tens of thousands of dollars to support our wounded warriors in fishing trips in Montana, and, he overpays by tens of thousands of dollars to fish and hunt to support other charities here in Montana. It makes no sense that he would try to skirt a small difference in a resident vs non-resident license in Montana.

Troy loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing in Montana. He would never intentionally do anything to violate that passion for conservation and preservation, what all Montanans value. He is confident this issue will be resolved very quickly.

Troy went on KMON 560AM Great Falls this morning and addressed this very issue with Greg Neft. You can listen to that interview here.

There’s not enough tin-foil in all of Montana’s Albertsons for this statement.  The Downing campaign wants you to believe that there’s been a years long conspiracy theory to undermine a guy who up until recently didn’t even live in Montana.

The statement is signed Kevin Gardner.  In my years covering Montana politics I’ve never seen this Mr. Gardner character.  Maybe he came from California as well.  Not only does he not know that judges in Montana are non-partisan, it’s clear he’s never interacted with the folks at FWP.  

Liberal is a word I would use to describe the machines at the Gold Bar, not FWP officials.  These people are public servants who don’t want to be involved in your hunt.  A great day at FWP is when they don’t have to interact with any humans.  The idea that they would be engaged in a “deep state” conspiracy is so laughable it counts as a free-space in wing-nut Bingo.

It would seem in its quest to distance itself from their candidate’s residency issues the Downing campaign elected to play a game of Mad Libs: Wing-Nut edition.   They would have been better off saying, “These farty farts from the farty government are pure farts” it would have been more believable.


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  1. It was really “such unfortunate timing” that Downing decided to re-release his 2:22 long intro ad just as this news was breaking.

    Have you see that hokey thing? It’s on YouTube. The tale of rich, privileged out-of-stater stranded in the wilds of deepest darkest Alasska on 9/11. OMG! we’re stranded with no idea when our fancy expensive floaty plane will save us. WHAT WILL WE DO?!?
    And then the plane (Tattoo voice) comes into view and a fuzzed out shot of the pilot is heard shouting “Osama bin Laden”. Praise be, he was saved so he can show you how Montanany he is now, to the bone. (When he’s not in California or some place else playing rich privileged great white hunter.)
    Bye Troy, or should I say Felicia?

    • This ad was just run before the final segment of Meet the Press today. Boy that cost some big bucks. It unfortunately is a well done ad. It is right out of the Daines,Zinke and Gianforte playbook. All the things right wing Montana Republicans love. “Poor” boy save country,starts business from “nothing” sells outs for millions,pretends to be a put meat on the table blue collar guy and loves being a regular Montana Joe(that just happens to live in rich gated community some of the time) and is harassed by a damm bureaucratic game warden. I actually thought this nomination might go to the born,raised in Montana long time judge Fagg but I see the light now. It’s the money the GOP right loves. I wouldn’t bet the farm against this guy in getting the GOP nod come next June. Tester and the Montana Democrat Party are going to have their hands full next year. It will down and dirty. I just wish I could get my hands on some of those millions that will flow in and out of the state

  2. Can you spell ‘carpetbagger’ Troy?! He figures is ‘Double G’ from Jersey and Cali can ‘squeak in’ he’ll try?

    • Funny that nobody seems interested in pointing out that the Archetypal RINO, Jesse O’ Hara, has actually in lived in Florida for the last 4 years and yet he still tries to “poach” REAL Republicans in Montana on a regular basis; every Leftist rag in this state is happy to print the bleatings of our homegrown Romney-esque Cuckservative, never once questioning the nature of his continued influence in a state he left for cozier climes. Can you spell “shadow party?”

  3. Maybe we should just move on and push to rename the state Calitana or Montanifornia? Pretty soon ‘ol Marj will be around to tell us Montana rubes that the REAL problems are Syrian refugees in Two Dot and ranchers that have been infiltrated by the commies :(

    • At least Troy Downing is an American. I bet you’ll see no problem with allowing Muslim refugees to hunt in Montana. Even if some of them decide to hunt Montanans.
      Immigration = War

      • I cannot tell if you are a sarcastic Liberal Troll trying to make conservatives look like assholes or you are seriously this much of an asshole.

        At any rate you are a riot.

        • Think what you will. The trends are obvious and irreversible. Trumpslide 2020 is already assured. Get your “scream at the sky” outfits ready now.

          • Daines reversed his endorsement of Roy Moore. Christmas comes early for Doug Jones.

            • I would expect nothing less from Mr. Daines than just such a cowardly, cuckservative act. Always wrong. Just like McCain and McConnell. Fortunately, the swamp is draining. Real men like Moore will replace such cowards.

              • As a die-hard (blowhard?) Trumpeteer, I’m not surprised that Margerie has no problem with crowing about yet another sexual predator as being a “real man.” Shame on you, on behalf of women everywhere. Or… are you even a woman, “Margerie,” or is it really you, Vern Smalley…?

                • So, now someone named Kevin is speaking on behalf of we poor little women… And telling us that we shouldn’t appreciate real men. I guess I’m supposed to just swoon over his Gamma boy personality!

          • Trumpslide? That sounds like one thousand pounds of shit running off a ramp and splashing on the sidewalk.

            You are a riot.

            • How perfectly Leftist of you to proclaim that Muslim immigrants deserve to be judged as individuals, not as a group, while in the same breath denigrating Christians as a group. You people invented Identity Politics- you just never imagined that you’d lose sole use of it.
              What is “glowingly obvious” to you is irrelevant to me; I’m more concerned about what to do about the deer that are eating my bushes. Fortunately as a Montanan, I have an easy solution.

            • Laugh while you can. You’re going to cry later.

      • ~”At least Troy Downing is an American.”
        Glowingly obvious that you are not a Montanan. Are you even posting from in state? I suspect you may not even be a real American. How’s the weather in Macedonia?
        ~”I bet you’ll see no problem with allowing Muslim refugees to hunt in Montana.”
        If you pay your taxes and follow the laws I don’t give two shits who hunts here.
        ~”Even if some of them decide to hunt Montanans.”
        (snort!) FAR more worried about our own wacky doodle domestic Christian fundamentalists. Give M.O.M. a hug for me.

        • How perfectly Leftist of you to proclaim that Muslim immigrants deserve to be judged as individuals, not as a group, while in the same breath denigrating Christians as a group. You people invented Identity Politics- you just never imagined that you’d lose sole use of it.
          What is “glowingly obvious” to you is irrelevant to me; I’m more concerned about what to do about the deer that are eating my bushes. Fortunately as a Montanan, I have an easy solution

          • “Muslim immigrants deserve to be judged as individuals..” Yup. That is the point!!
            “while in the same breath denigrating Christians as a group.” So what are YOU saying? Are ALL Christians wacky doodle fundamentalists? I certainly don’t think so. And yes deer can be quite tasty.

            • I know this is difficult, so I’ll go slowly. You suggested that you’re less concerned about randomly selected Muslims than you are about fellow Americans who are fundamentalist Christians. So even though almost all terrorism in the last 30 years has been perpetrated Islamists whose religion glorifies violence against we infidels, you’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and yet you view fundamentalist Christians, as a group, more likely to be “wacky doodles”. That’s a perfect example of the reverse, suicidal bias of the Left.

      • Just to make clear why our unfettered immigration (1,000,000 per year since 1965) from too many non-European countries has undermined our American culture, understand that America is not, as the popular phase states, “a nation of immigrants”, nor is it a “nation of laws”, nor a “nation of ideas”. It is a nation of people, with a culture derived from those descendants of colonists who split with England to be free. Senator Tom Cotton, one of the smarter men in DC, puts it this way:

        “For too long, a bipartisan, cosmopolitan elite has dismissed the people’s legitimate concerns about these things and put its own interests above the national interest.

        No one captured this sensibility better than President Obama, when he famously called himself “a citizen of the world.” With that phrase, he revealed a deep misunderstanding of citizenship. After all, “citizen” and “city” share the same Greek root word: citizenship by definition means that you belong to a particular political community. Yet many of our elites share Mr. Obama’s sensibility. They believe that American citizenship—real, actual citizenship—is meaningless, ought not be foreclosed to anyone, and ought not be the basis for distinctions between citizens and foreigners. You might say they think American exceptionalism lies in not making exceptions when it comes to citizenship.

        This globalist mindset is not only foreign to most Americans. It’s also foreign to the American political tradition.

        Take the Declaration of Independence. Our cosmopolitan elites love to cite its stirring passages about the rights of mankind when they talk about immigration or refugees. They’re not wrong to do so. Unlike any other country, America is an idea—but it is not only an idea. America is a real, particular place with real borders and real, flesh-and-blood people. And the Declaration tells us it was so from the very beginning.

        Prior to those stirring passages about “unalienable Rights” and “Nature’s God,” in the Declaration’s very first sentence in fact, the Founders say it has become “necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands” that tie them to another—one people, not all people, not citizens of the world, but actual people who make up actual colonies. The Founders frequently use the words we and us throughout the Declaration to describe that people.

        Furthermore, on several occasions, the Declaration speaks of “these Colonies” or “these States.” The Founders were concerned about their own circumstances; they owed a duty to their own people who had sent them as representatives to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia. They weren’t trying to free South America from Spanish or Portuguese dominion, much as they might have opposed that dominion.

        Perhaps most notably, the Founders explain towards the end of the Declaration that they had appealed not only to King George for redress, but also to their fellow British citizens, yet those fellow citizens had been “deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.” Consanguinity!—blood ties! That’s pretty much the opposite of being a citizen of the world.

        So while the Declaration is of course a universal document, it’s also a particular document about one nation and one people. Its signers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to each other, in English, right here in America—not in Esperanto to mankind in the abstract.”

        • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | November 13, 2017 2:55 PM at 2:55 PM |

          Hey asshole.

          Plagiarize much?

          If you are going to cut and paste quotes from that other well known asshole Tom Cotton, at least have the courage to cite that it is his words and not yours.

          Oh and before I forget, go fuck yourself.

          • Uhmm… Help me out, please: Which part of “Senator Tom Cotton, one of the smarter men in DC, puts it this way” did you not grasp? That, and the fact that the text that folllowed was in quotes. Perhaps I was too subtle.

            Sorry. Well, Not really.

            And as far as the physically impossible suggestion you make, I’m too busy being raped by the Left to comply. Thanks anyway.

            • Lebowski The "Dude" | November 13, 2017 3:44 PM at 3:44 PM |

              Frankly my dear Maaaaharagiewhat does any of this have to do with Troy Dowling and his inability to follow well established F&G laws?

              If you can answer that maybe, just maybe I will bother with some further discussion. Otherwise you are just a sad little troll.

  4. Public Trust advocate Kathryn QannaYahu broke the story on Downing’s FWP citations, which was picked up by the Chronicle. Is Downing behind this?

  5. He also does not know that JPs are elected or that judges do not “release” public records.

  6. so troy tries to claim the ‘art wittich defense’ , its a democrat witch hunt against me. how do you mistake your residence seven times? I suppose loaning out your elk tag to your buddy and letting your son use your drivers license to claim residence hunt fish license was just a misunderstanding too. BTW who did you pay off to get these licenses issued , sounds like they are a guilty accomplice as well .

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