Failed Leadership of the Montana GOP: Special Session Edition

Last week, a Special Session was called to fix the $227 million shortfall in the state budget due to the most expensive fire season on record and because state revenues are not coming in at the projections Republican lawmakers politically over-estimated last session. Republicans over-estimated revenues to the tune of $100 million dollars, out of thin air, so they could over spend state tax dollars, not make necessary cuts, and appease tobacco lobbyists who wanted to defeat a proposed tobacco tax increase. As the Montana Standard pointed out and every other newspaper in Montana, “it’s a crisis largely of their own making.” And let’s be clear, they left town two days early to avoid doing their jobs and making tough decisions.

So, by the close of the last legislative session, the Republican budget was already, shall we say, screwed. Then the fires came. Montana faced the worst fire season in our state’s history. We all know this because we breathed in the smoke everyday this past summer. The bill for our fire season has come due and its $75 million.

The budget needs work, it needs adjustments, and it needs sufficient revenue to pay for these fires. The budget needs to keep investing in Montana jobs and fund the essential services that Republicans prioritized when they passed their budget. Governor Bullock laid out a plan of a 1/3 in cuts, a 1/3 in revenue and a 1/3 in legislative funding transfers. Governor Bullock has already implemented $76 million in cuts to state agencies, now it’s time for the Legislature to do their part…or not.

In a Special Session focused on the budget, jobs, and funding services, it may surprise you that the first actions taken by Montana Republicans was to expand the session to consider taking out a loan for the Coal Trust Fund, increase health care costs for Montanans, and to discriminate against their fellow citizens.

The first of these bad ideas is the Republican’s continual effort to take money out of the state’s Coal Trust Fund and use it pay for services. Every time Republicans mess up the budget they want to break the Coal Trust. If they ever accomplish breaking the Trust, they’ll eventually decide to also take some money out and give it to corporations and millionaires because they “create jobs.” This scheme is a slippery slope towards depleting the Trust and robbing our children’s future. This bad idea should be the biggest reason to never have a Republican in the Governor’s Office. Thankfully, with the help of the Democratic Minority, this bad idea died on the floor, for now.

Next up was the bad idea of defunding the state health clinics that serve over 12,000 Montanans and their families and have saved the state $30 million. The ironic thing is that this came a day after Republicans praised how well the state clinics and health plans are doing. This idea also died on the floor today mainly because Republican lawmakers like using these clinics for themselves and their families with the free healthcare they receive all year long in turn for just 90 days of not actually doing their jobs.

But, the Republican hypocrisy didn’t end there. They also introduced a bill to put a tax on health insurance co-ops in Montana with no real reason besides doing the dirty bidding of Blue Cross Blue Shield. This insurance premium tax is put on private insurance in Montana but non-profits are excluded. If this bill passes and non-profit insurance companies are taxed, the direct outcome is a rise in health insurance for people who use PacificSource or the Montana Health Co-op. This is another bad Republican idea that will not solve the budget shortfall and will only make healthcare more expensive.

Now for the most egregious act by the Republicans today against Montanans. They decided that the proposed rule change by DPHHS to allow individuals to correct their legal gender status by submitting a form stating they have undergone a gender transition, or have an intersex condition was going to cost the state money. Republicans believe that Montana birth certificates should be looked into and reverse because the changes might cause reprinting costs. Yep, you read that right, the Montana GOP believes our budget is out of whack, not because of fires or making up a fake revenue estimate, but because DPHHS is updating their administrative rules from the 70s for birth certificates. And get this, it’s a flat out lie. There are no added expenses to this new change.

Of course, we all know who was behind this move, Jeff Laszloffy and the Montana Family Foundation. They got their theocrat Republican state senator Albert Olszewski to carry this bill to expand the session and discriminate against Montanans. This sadly passed with enough votes in both chambers and now the Session will derail into Straight White Male identity politics of the Republican Party instead of focusing on the mess they created with their unbalanced budget.

Bullock is the goalkeeper and will prevent this from happening, but it’s time to call your legislators and tell them to quit screwing around with our tax dollars and fix the mess their partisan games have gotten the state into. Call 406-444-3064 or find their contact information online HERE.


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  1. I simply love this post! It is a treasure trove of Leftist SJWisms, revealing numerous insights into the unjust, rationalizing perspective of the socialists. The author states that the Republicans deliberately overestimated revenues so that they could then overspend. If that were true, that would be grounds for umbrage. However, as with most Leftists assertions, no proof of malicious intent is offered, only alleged. No one should ever ask questions such as “Does it sound like a Republican to want to overspend? Or to overestimate revenue? Are these allegations realistic?

    Well, fear not; this seeming incongruity can easily be explained- the Evil Tobacco Lobby, which is on par with Hitler, did not want to have an even greater tax levied upon already highly taxed tobacco companies. The Republicans, who want all people to die (but especially the poor, women, and minorities) naturally fought to keep lung cancer from becoming more expensive. (Aside: Republicans only support “bad” corporations, like Evil Tobacco, but never “good” SJW-Converged corporations like Google). The Left, on the other hand loves the poor, women and minorities, and wants all people (except for Republicans) to live forever and so righteously wants to spend more and more of other people’s money to make that happen (and even though that won’t happen, they still feel good about it).

    Later, we’re treated to yet another journey through illogic with the favorite assertion that it’s foolish to expect “Corporations and Millionaires” to create jobs. No, those bad people will simply refuse to hire anyone or expand their businesses even if they make huge profits. Why? Silly, remember- they hate the poor, and women, and minorities, and want them to die. No they will take a pass on the labor needed to operate their businesses and also on the additional growth in revenue simply to feel good about screwing people. Everyone knows that only governments and unions create jobs… with other people’s money.

    Next we’re told that the Republicans, wanting everyone to die, proposed defending state health clinics (well, of course). We’re told that these clinics have saved Montana $30 million, though no details were given about how spending tax dollars on clinics “saves” the state money. I guess we’re supposed to assume that preventive medicine is the answer, and not question whether the numbers are made up.

    Enter next the Left’s favorite whipping boy, the Health Insurance Company, which also wants everyone to die. Blue Cross, (which, not being a government agency is of by definition malevolent and never helps anyone) is in cahoots with the Republicans, who will always abandon their morals to help any corporation that wants to hurt people- they’re just powerless to say no. Blue Cross, we learn, wants non-profit insurance co-ops to be taxed just as the for-profit ones are. One might be tempted to think that equal taxation is fair by definition, but then you’d be wrong… “good” companies should not have to pay tax, only “bad” (for profit) companies, even when those “bad” Insurance companies are being crushed by Obamacare.

    Naturally, no walk through the garden of SJW would be complete without signaling virtue to our new favorite victim group, the Men Who Think That They Are Women But Who Are Just Like You And Me Not Crazy. What would be so wrong with spending tax dollars to create new “birth certificates” that show the imaginary sex of the poor soul? We’d in no way be enabling their delusions, would we? With other people’s money.

    A beautiful pivot into an attack on Christianity ensues, rounding out the adventure. It’s okay to attack Christians who are pushing back against Trannies in Girls bathrooms, but of course if we object to Muslims wanting to practice Sharia Law (with honor killings of young women and all), then we’re haters, period.
    The author ends by exhorting the state to “quit screwing around with tax dollars”, …meaning tax more and spend more.

    NOTE: The only reason that the Leftists were able to stymie Republican efforts were due to the RINOs in the legislature. You’ll need another method soon, because they will drop like flies in the coming years.

    I’m going to make sure that this is preserved for the post-collapse generations as an example of what went wrong.

    • Hey whacky old lady! This special session is about balancing the budget, not about your hatred of brown and different people. Save your bile for the regular session.

      • My “hatred of brown and different people?” Who said anything about that? Are you projecting? SJWs always do. Ask Vox Day.
        You don’t have to hate anyone to point out socialist irrationality.

        • Hey whacky old lady! Can’t you read your own writing? Hey whacky old lady! IT’S ABOUT BALANCING THE BUDGET. IT’S NOT ABOUT TRANNIES AND MUSLIMS PRACTICING SHARIA LAW!

          Good Lord the Right is just plain stupid. I’d rather be an irrational socialist than be stupid.

          • You Lefties really hate it when your own tactics are used against you.

            • The post is an anti-Republican political screed. Where’s the calm, rational, let’s just balance the budget atmosphere there?

              • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | November 17, 2017 4:41 PM at 4:41 PM |

                I guess I missed it. Which state was it where the Honor Killings are taking place? One thing I didn’t miss was Secretary Cohen and a reporter from WSJ in front of 30 CEO’s that they asked “if the GOP tax cuts go through raise your hand if you will invest the money in “hiring or raising wages” to paraphrase. 5 of 30 raised their hands. We cannot live in a State with a rising population and demand for services and keep cutting the taxes we need to provide those services. Well, we can but the result is what we face now-either cut services or raise taxes. And of course it’s always easier to cut spending/services than it is taxes so we end up living in a Third World country even though we are the wealthiest Empire in History. If we invested in Infrastructure rather than tax cuts the same $1.5 Trillion in new debt would generate millions of new jobs and add roughly $8.5Trillion to GDP.

                • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | November 17, 2017 4:42 PM at 4:42 PM |

                  sorry, to RAISE taxes. Trickle Down economics has made us a nation of peeons.

                • “We cannot live in a State with a rising population and demand for services and keep cutting the taxes we need to provide those services.”
                  Hmm… if the population is rising, for a given tax structure, the tax revenues will also rise. So the only reason to raise tax rates would be to increase the penalty paid by successful people so that others don’t have to pay taxes at all. Extending that logic, we’d live in utopia if we took every dollar from the rich. Of course, all businesses would disappear, and we’d be living in a 3rd world country. I know, I’m just not giving socialism yet another chance.. like Charlie Brown should give Lucy one more chance to nit pull the football away.

                • Hate to be the one to break it to you (because it’s no doubt too late to be of help to you) but in the case both of individuals or governments, it’s not the amount of money coming in that puts you in debt, it’s the amount of money going out. The more money that taxpayers keep, the more they make, and then even at lower tax rates government revenue rises. That was what Reagan did, and it worked perfectly. Even after cutting taxes for all Americans the growth of the economy yielded such a surge in tax revenue that not only did the parasitical, demoralizing welfare state have more money than ever (spending increased) but we were also able to rebuild our military. Funny thing is, the Left continues to insist that so-called trickle down economics (supply side economics) didn’t work, when it did, and for everyone.

    • And then you woke up with your hand! After you purge the ranks of the Republicans from the commie RHINOS the commie leftists are presumably next. Who’s on your political elimination list after that?
      “I’m going to make sure that this is preserved for the post-collapse generations as an example of what went wrong.”
      You are right. Teachers will use it as an example of American fascist absolutism. You probably like to use a hammer to fix everything on your rocket ship.

    • Margerie Either you are referring to another article or can’t read and comprehend what the subject is about. I did not see where your rants in this well written and defined article had any merit for your rage.

  2. … defunding, not defending.. autocorrect is a commie plot.

  3. Disaster Governance by design of the Republicans. The poor, sick, disabled, working class, young and old, and all minorities will ultimately suffer under Republican rule. It’s the Koch Agenda in action, Montana is now in the race to the bottom along with Kansas and the Republicans could not be happier about it.

    • Sure. That sounds perfectly sane. Snort.

      • Well, a Party (GOP) that defends pedophiles, Nazis, White-Supremacists and works for the filthy rich and against the poor and working class while falsely claiming to be “Christians” is not very “sane” now is it?
        But hey, the new Republican values are lust for power, greed, and the worship of Mammon so no one is surprised.
        P.S. Use your real name like a real man, coward.

        • You bet. Care you explain to me how it would make sense for conservatives to defend those groups? I’m not sure that it would help us attract voters to support our agenda of putting America back on track. Perhaps that’s why we don’t support them, and hence why you can’t find any articles, fliers, speeches, etc. from real conservatives even mentioning those fringe groups. We’re a bit more focused on eliminating the scourge of socialist policies that have so heavily damaged out country. Since you Leftist seem intent on broadcasting the nonsense idea that we support those groups I can only conclude that you are all projecting about your own undying support for sexual deviancy (the Democrats in the legislature even voted to remove the word “deviant” from Montana law, even though it is a perfectly apt word), your tactic (and sometimes overt) support of radical groups like AnteeFaaah, and your own collection of Hollywood pedophiles and perverts who donate heavily to your commie causes.

        • Hahahahaha!! You just described the Clintons! As if either “party” is any better than the other. Dope.

          • Bingo! Go to the head of the class for correctly identifying the unrepentant center of evil in the Democrat party. Of course, they are only the most prominent anti-American Alinskyites on stage at the moment. By the way, don’t think for a minute that your purge of all things Clinton and your Hollywood Pervs will allow you to fool Americans into thinking that your ideas aren’t still dangerous; more and more Americans are on to you now, especially regarding the threats posed by your unvarnished support of the flood of not-Americans into the country to displace our own, highly successful culture. You foolishly think that you will sway them to buying into your vision of the Socialist Utopia. You’ll be sorely disappointed when you are on trial for heresy in a Sharia court.
            Thanks for playing.

        • By the way, I’ve always wondered- shouldn’t it be “the clean rich” and the “filthy poor”? After all, the poor can’t afford as much soap as the rich can.

      • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | November 17, 2017 4:48 PM at 4:48 PM |

        and I am pleased to say I still also agree with Kevin. Known him for many many years and gotta say he has evolved into a really insightful individual. I hope he is considering Public Service. Montana could use more voices like his in Helena.

  4. Now that “Margerie” has admitted the “she” is Art Wittich, we can safely ignore her unhinged ravings even more.

  5. Feel free. But you’ll note that I made no such admission. I simply agreed that Mr. Wittich was unfairly targeted by a weaponized COPP.

  6. Legislators voting for SB10 at the Special Session should have their heads examined. This bill will allow a person who’s had a sex-change operation to be legally recognized as having been the “new” sex SINCE BIRTH. How does this reduce the deficit?

    • I have no idea why that is in SB10, if it IS in SB10.

      If someone has had the full ummm conversion. Who gives a shit?

      It might negate the need to build a lot of Gender Neutral bathrooms, that would help reduce spending.

      • What the Hell is a gender neutral bathroom? One without either urinals or toilets?

        • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | November 17, 2017 4:55 PM at 4:55 PM |

          You really are dim aren’t you? The term refers to bathrooms that are suitable for use by members of either sex. And for the record, my late brother David was born in a male body but that in no way changed the fact that he was a grump little Queen from the day he was born, bless his soul. He didn’t live long enough to get reassignment surgery but if he had I would understand the need for a change. Issuing a new Birth Certificate actually costs the State about $1.50 and is done often for name changes, adoptions etc. when the $15 fee more than covers the cost.

          • Seems to me that when we have Men’s rooms and Ladies’ rooms we already have bathrooms for both sexes. Even better, we can keep creepy little queens out of bathrooms used by nice little girls.

    • I thought that all Leftists loved revisionist history. After all, you can’t demonized heroes and glorify evil unless you erase and replace.

  7. 444-4800, call, call and call! The good folks at there WILL get your concerns, comments in WRITING To legislators who can’t ignore your ‘Telegram’!

  8. Good God Margerie …Get a grip

  9. Hey, who you calling a pervert?

  10. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | November 17, 2017 5:11 PM at 5:11 PM |

    Really we could solve this by legalizing Cannabis and encouraging our hemp farmers rather than obstruct them. CalNevOrWa show very clearly the tax jubilee that results. Not to mention savings in prison and court expenses. Talk about a job creator! Also we could do far more to encourage our wind energy development. Also, Marggie, where are the $12 Million dollar farms in Montana? My uncle’s place in Circle is way bigger than Dad’s place in Daniels County, I think it’s 3X as much acreage but it was appraised at $1.4 million in 2006. I am sure it is one of the 15 most valuable ranches in the state according to tax rolls in 2006. In addition each parent can “gift” more than most of us earn every year, tax-free to their kids, every year they are alive. This “Death Tax” you conservatives hate so much was put in place by our Founders who hoped to prevent the rise of another “Royalty” in America. People often attribute the saying to Will Rogers that when fascism comes to America it will march in wrapped in the flag waving a cross and singing the national anthem. This is wrong in two ways-Will never said it, first, and second, when fascism comes it is on silent little stray-cat paws with sad defenseless eyes that lull you into complacency and the next thing you know you got 40 stitches and toxic plasmosis…

    • i suppose that when a post begins with “let’s legalize dope” that there’s really no reason to critique anything that follows.

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