Did Steve Daines Give Money to Roy Moore?

Steve Daines endorsed a racist, bigot, and alleged sexual predator Roy Moore.  When one of those attributes came to light, he un-endorsed Roy Moore.  But did he ever give money to Roy Moore?  Did the money he raised for the National Republican Senate Committee go to Roy Moore’s campaign?  Did he get that money back?  I’m left to wonder….

A political cartoon from Paul Seccomb



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  1. You’re a liar, Montana Hat. Moore is none of those things. Just saying it doesn’t make it so. You must be projecting again.

  2. Sounds like someone (whose name starts with —oh never MIND) needs a session on the couch and some prozac

  3. Way to funny. Where is this cartoon?

    HELENA – Sen. Jon Tester said Thursday he will take the $25,000 that was donated to him by Sen. Al Franken’s political action committee and give it to a Montana domestic violence group after news reports surfaced that the Minnesota Democratic senator had forcibly kissed and groped a woman in 2006.

  4. Smarter than Margerie | November 18, 2017 8:25 AM at 8:25 AM |

    Margerie: Another victim of the opioid crisis.

  5. I had a dyslexic moment and thought y’all were calling us square wave jerks. Whew.

  6. I’m just glad to be a liberal- that way I won’t be held accountable for anything.

  7. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | November 18, 2017 3:36 PM at 3:36 PM |

    Troll hair looks a lot like my mustache-Tell me Margie, have you found a decent hair mouse? I’d really like to have a nice handlebar when I dress up. I do have to compliment you though; I have rarely seen anyone use old Soviet propaganda techniques so effortlessly! It’s almost like you don’t even have to think about it before you speak your “truths”. But then I guess that is the point of mindless drivel, doesn’t require any intellect.

  8. Adult men who prey on school-age girls and boys are rarely prosecuted. When they are prosecuted, juries tend not to convict or judges give light sentences. And, when a pregnancy results, they avoid paying child support. Where is our outrage?

    If Alabama Republicans have their way, a sexual predator will join the others already in Congress.

  9. Can we at least get an “alleged” with that slur? How do you feel about having a proven socialist sexual predator REMAIN in office? Photographic evidence is not enough to make Al Franken step down, but the Leftists won’t insist on it. You certainly can’t blame the Republicans for HIM being there.

    • When you’re done trying to flog the Franken molehill into a mountain, google Ralph Shortey of Oklahoma and Wes Goodman of Ohio.

      • Come on- you Leftists OWN hypocrisy. By the way, whatever happened to that whole “free love” thing you Hippies were all sold on back in the 60s? It seems to me that the “sexual revolution” is long over, and now its just a hunt for perverts in the Democrat party. Of course, you have to kowtow to we women- we’re one of your victim groups. What are you going to do when the “Men Who Think That They Are Women But Who Are Really Just Like Us Not Crazy” types begin to complain that they’re not being called beautiful often enough?

      • So, let me see… You’re saying that Goodman was a bad man to have in office because he was a homosexual. Okay.

      • “Al Franken hit with groping allegation from second woman.”
        Oh well, I’m sure that you’ll maintain it’s no big deal. That’s what the Lockstep Left did for everyone of Slick Williy’s female victims.

        • The Frankengroper must resign!

          • BELIEVE THE WOMEN! WOMEN DON’T LIE ABOUT BEING GROPED BY SENATORS! Isn’t that what we hear regarding Judge Moore’s accusers? Jeff Bezos’ Billions couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with THEIR trailer park testimonies.

          • He will only resign after the Rtumpengroper-in-Chief does! Oh well, I’m sure that you’ll maintain it’s no big deal, right margerie?

            • Hmm.. making something up again? Are you accusing the President of groping someone? If so, whom and when? Or are you confusing speech with actions, as is common for Leftists to do?

      • NEWSFLASH: Leftists Outperform Republicans in Perversion, Lewdness.

        Dem Conyers Denies, then Admits being a Louse to Women: In documents obtained by BuzzFeed News, several former staff members reportedly accused Conyers of requesting sexual favors, rubbing their hands sexually and rubbing their legs and backs. 

        California Assembly Majority Whip Raul Bocanegra announced he plans to step down next year — after a staffer said he put his hands inside her blouse at a nightclub in 2009 and The Los Angeles Times reportedly presented him with harassment allegations from a total of six women.

        Commie Charlie Rose:Busted, Fired, Made to Stand in Corner.
        CBS News has fired “CBS This Morning” co-anchor Charlie Rose after the veteran journalist was accused of sexual harassment by several women. PBS also parted ways with Rose shortly after the CBS decision.

  10. Just thinking, all this smoke and mirrors about groping diverts our attention from the real issues “slight of the hand tax reform” and “Russian collusion.” As a foot note had to throw in citizens from Puerto Rico are migrating to the mainland in droves, guess what they can now vote, Margerie you can put that in your diaper and sit on it.

    • It’s readily apparent that the only Russian Collusion was with the Hillary campaign. SJWs always project, so it’s only natural for them to try to smear Trump with what they were actually doing. Why do you assume that PRs are going to vote socialist? Remember, almost all of them are Christians, and you’re going to have a hard time getting them hooked on welfare.

  11. That is a good one, just love you troll’s. BTW, nobody has to smear Trump, he does a pretty good job of that himself. No they won’t be hooked on welfare, they know better than move to a red state, hmmmm, red, so is Russia, how about that comrade Margerie. BTW, if you are really a girl bet you are coyote ugly.

  12. Yo, Cowgirl/Montana Hat: far be it from me to tell you how to run your site but “Margerie” has to go. I’m loath to block anyone and have maybe banned two people since I started blogging over a decade ago. I also appreciate a conservative viewpoint and have gladly parried with Republicans over the years. Someone who dominates a thread like “Margerie” is toxic to a site, though. I probably won’t be visiting the comment section much if she’s still around. Thanks for considering it.

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | November 21, 2017 4:22 PM at 4:22 PM |

      Look at it this way, this specimen spends a lot of time spamming an obscure website so it keeps them from spreading their hate to other sites. Think of it as a noble sacrifice.

  13. Great idea, this site could set a presidence by becoming a troll free zone.

  14. There you go! Ban all BadThink so that your world views are never sullied!

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