Ladies and Gentleman, Your Congressman

Greg Gianforte knows how to make us proud:

He assaulted someone.  He lied to the cops.  He told his staff to lie to the press.  He admitted he lied after he won.  Now he claims he never lied.  When you go to the ballot box, punch the Democrat for Punchin’ Greg.


A political cartoon from Paul Seccomb


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  1. That smarmy little jackass deserved more than he received.

    • Sage, I share your dislike of the Leftist root weevils in the Fake News media, but Gianforte should have seen this coming and simply shut that rat out of his circle. Trying to play with those snakes will just get you bitten.

      • And Gianforte’s bad judgment was compounded by lying. He bit himself when he lied. And it wasn’t just a disagreement as to facts or perspective. He lied about something that was demonstrably true; his lies were so obvious and public, it shows another major character flaw besides his temper and vicious striking out at another man. I don’t believe he has the character to be as forthcoming about his admitting to his lying as he eventually was about his assault on the smaller man, reporter Jacobs. I could be wrong about that, but if he isn’t honest about his lying, why, that’s snake-like in its own way, in my opinion.

        • I agree, for the most part. What Gianforte got caught up in was the RINOs’ most damning flaw- the central need to appear to be “reasonable” to the Left, even though the Left sees no such need with respect to the Right.

          By trying to accommodate what was obviously a Leftist reporter’s agenda- one of attack and undermine that they never use against their favored party- he set himself up to be harassed mercilessly by this toad until the toad got what it wanted, which was a “gotcha” moment. Notice that after Gianforte yielded to his frustration and took the toad to the ground, the weasel reporter’s first instinct was to narrate the event so as to capture it for his own use, whereas a fair, rational man would have responded instead by saying “What the heck, you jerk! I’m going to punch your lights out!”

          The emerging Right understands that you don’t give these Leftist Fake Newsies the time of day. Nor does one ever apologize for what the Left puts up as some sin; good people don’t need apologies, and the kind of people who ask for them will only use them against you later.

          Whoever in the Gianforte camp advised him to “play along” with these guys set Gianforte up for this abuse and humiliation. I trust he’s gone by now, and Gianforte would be well advised to turn a deaf ear to the McConnells and McCains in DC who don’t realize that they re next.

          • Yielding to his frustration is the key. I don’t know what Greg’s mother taught him, but my Mom told me not to lay hands on others in anger or frustration, and to instead use my words. If that fails, she said, walk away. That a reporter got under his skin to the point that he laid hands on the man does not get a pass. He does not have the temperament to be an elected official worthy of support. Lying about it compounded it.

            • Can’t agree with you there, Geoff- my mom taught me that sometimes violence is the best policy. Nagasaki is a good case study.
              Nothing settles things as well as a thumping.

              • With all due respect, that is just silly. We were discussing an incident between two people and you have used a wartime act as an equivalent example. I can’t take that sort of thinking seriously.

  2. The masked avenger | November 30, 2017 3:02 PM at 3:02 PM |

    “Leftist Fake Newsies”

    James O’Keefe.

    Enough said

    • Hardly. O’Keefe is a Steely-Eyed Truth Teller. He has exposed the WaPo for what it really is.

      • @Margie – O’Keefe??? A Steely-Eyed Truth Teller??? Well that certainly says everything necessary about your lack of either character or intelligence.

        Just idle curiosity……..on average, how many times do you have to stop on the way home to ask directions? Three? Five?

  3. The masked avenger | November 30, 2017 4:49 PM at 4:49 PM |

    You are so funny and don’t even realize it.

    Was Jaime T. Phillips telling the truth? Did Roy Moore really impregnate her and then force her to have an abortion when she was 15?

    Or was that a lie?

  4. The masked avenger | November 30, 2017 5:04 PM at 5:04 PM |

    But I though O’Keefe was a rusty eyed truthteller?????

  5. She lied, not he.

    • Bahaaahaaa! Gotcha. Since when did undercover sleuthing not require subterfuge in order to penetrate the walls of the Leftist castle? Unlike the Fake News Network, which lies to advance its causes, O’Keefe uses subterfuge to expose their lies. Only way to do it, because they surely won’t.

  6. The masked avenger | November 30, 2017 5:54 PM at 5:54 PM |

    So it is ok for Project Veritas (too funny) to lie? Because by being dishonest uas using lies they can tell the truth?

    You are one twisted sister.

    Kinda goes back to the Commie/Nazi ideas that any ends justify what they decided were the means.

    I don’t find that the least bit frightening.

  7. Boy I just can Nazi why you guys all keep picking on Mergaies. He’s just trying to help us poor stupid liberals.

  8. “Marjorie” is a Koch-funded, Bannon/Nazi-led troll. Ignore IT. IT gets paid to scream “leftist, leftist! Boogey-boogey-boo!” on the important/popular blogs. It’s a compliment, really.

  9. P.S. IT gets paid per word. Hence the long, nonsensical, circular-logic comments. All part of the distraction. Thanks for the entertainment, Marge!

  10. This is really sad. Everyone hates everyone else and there doesn’t seem to be reasonable discourse left. Until we can talk, listen, and respect our peers we will not have democracy. This is where the anger and hatred spewed by Trump has led us.

    • Is it Trump or just Trump fighting back against the Hillary Cartel, the liberal media and all the extremists that cannot deal with losing the election? What speakers have been beat down at Berkeley? This to will pass in about a year as people are getting tired of this radical rhetoric from the left and the GOP continues to succeed with the agenda.

  11. You are delusional. The pendulum swings both ways. If the GOP passes this so called tax cut, when people like you wake up and realize how badly they got screwed the House and Senate will go solidly the other way. Rinse and repeat.

    Of course that is if Donald Trump doesn’t have us in a war with either Iran or N. Korea or both.

  12. Breaking news, Flynn to plead guilty to lying to FBI.

    Say it ain’t so……

  13. Sing Flynn sing!

  14. Where do you suppose Sarah…. I mean Marge ran off to?

  15. I had been a regular reader and commenter on the Montana Cowgirl Blog. At least until Margerie showed up. Now it’s just not worth the time. Goodbye.

  16. Then he has succeeded in his mission. Resist!

  17. Thank you Greg for the Tax Cuts!

  18. No cuts Tester, Remember in November……..

  19. No Cuts Windwalker, remember that in 5 years.

    Projected debt in 10 years now 32 Trillion.

    • We will see what that debt is in 2020. Actually, you my see a nice tick down in the debt in May due to the very active stock market and a big increase in business. Yes, tax increases, if the Family Flexibility Credit cut is sill in the bill it and is it still projected to go away in 5 yrs, but the rates are still lower and increased tax credits. It is kind of hard to sort the details out when your main source of information is the Washington Post and Stephen Colbert. hehe. What have the Dems done in the last 8 yrs to help? Dems with more seats lost. Thanks for your support (increasing the debt and in moving money and jobs overseas). Bye Bye Tester 2018.

      • This is what is in the current bill, the child tax credit is double to $2000 from the current $1000 per child. In 2026 it reverts back to the current $1000.

        Let me know if you have different information from Jimmy Fallon, Nancy Pelosi, or Woopie Goldberg.

        Expands the child tax credit: The Senate GOP bill increases the child tax credit to $2,000 per child, up from $1,000 today, and above the $1,600 proposed in the House bill.
        Senate GOP tax writers would make the credit available for any children under 18, up from today’s under-17 age limit. But it reverts to under 17 again in 2025, a year before the increase is set to expire under the bill.
        But the $1,000 increase won’t be available to the lowest income families if they don’t end up owing federal income taxes. That’s because unlike the first $1,000, the additional $1,000 wouldn’t be refundable. When a credit is refundable, it means you still can get money from the government because of the credit, even when your federal income tax bill is zero.
        The Senate bill also greatly expands who is eligible for the credit by raising the roof on the income thresholds where the credit starts to phase out: To $500,000 for married tax filers, up from $110,000 today.

        • How many pages is this law? You have read the entire thing carefully and know everything that was added in the last minute rush?


          • 515 Pages, it has been on Tester’s page for several days. See link below. If Tester and his aids can’t get this read then what the hell are we paying him for? Also, if he can’t read annotations why the hell can’t he walk across the Senate floor and ask the guy that wrote it or is he to stupid to figure that out too? Daines didn’t have any problems.


            • Tester is clearly Pelosi’s bitch.

            • I asked if YOU had read the entire bill, including all the last minute hand written changes?

              And to add, Time. The rush to pass this stinking pile of shit was a disgrace. But you are so blinded by your partisan bullshit that you think rushing through a bill the will effect every American is good politics, never mind the fact that it passed with only 51 votes.

              You are your ilk are the worst kind of fascist pigs. We will see what happens in the 2018 elections.

              • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what the jobs market, stock market and the economy / 401Ks are doing to see that this is the right way to go. So what is your alternative suggestion, other then name calling? Don’t bring me problems—bring me solutions. This is a no whining zone?

                • I had no idea Bill O’Reilly was gracing us with his presence.

                  Jobs/Stock Market/Economy/401K were up more during the Obama years. No mean feat considering the mess the Bush WH left behind. But of course you ignore that because it does not fit into your absurd version of reality.

                  This was marketed as Tax Reform. It is a Tax Cut for the .1%.

                  • Bobs, are you determined to stay broke and stupid?

                    Friday’s market selloff does little to change the fact that more record highs are still ahead for the Dow, said top market technician Ralph Acampora, who sees the Dow rallying close to 25,000 by the end of the year.

                    • Broke and stupid? You mean like you are?

                      Sorry skippy, I own most of my home, own my 2 vehicles, have a nice IRA that has done really well the past 10 years and have zero in CC debt. In short, I am what the GOP and the conservative right pretends to be. Fiscally responsible.

                      You probably drive a 60K PU truck that you owe 40K on and live in a house with about 20% equity. Friday’s selloff was in response to the Flynn guilty plea. Ican’t wait to see what happens when Kushner and Don Jr. flip and plead to save their skins.

                      Your orange manchild was in bed with Putin and Putin was driving.

                    • @windblower – This entire pile of steaming GOP manure was a desperate attempt to appease the big money donors after A YEAR of doing NOTHING for them.

                      The riotously funny part is that it’s now too little, too late. The faucet handle has been turned OFF.

                      By the time the incompetent boobs in the GOP caucuses get done mangling the reconciliation. the Kochs and Mercers will look at what actually gets to Trumpsky’s desk and shrug and say, “Meh…. that’s not what we paid for. Now, go away boy, you’re bothering me.”

            • But were all of those lobbyists’ hand-written amendments on those pages on Tester’s site prior to passage? No, they were not, you dolt.

  20. WASHINGTON — In 2009, almost every Republican in Congress opposed a $787 billion stimulus plan in the midst of an economic crisis because they said it would cause a dangerous increase in the federal debt.

    “Yesterday the Senate cast one of the most expensive votes in history,” Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, said at the time. “Americans are wondering how we’re going to pay for all this.”

    Nine years later, during one of the longest economic expansions in American history, almost every Republican in Congress — including Mr. McConnell, now the majority leader — is set to vote for a tax plan that is projected to cause an even larger increase in the federal debt.

    Republicans got to that extraordinary point by a tangled path. First they argued that the tax cuts would stimulate the economy enough to pay for themselves, only to be confronted on Thursday with a report that said the cuts would add $1 trillion to the deficit over a decade. That bad news led to last-minute convulsions and a frantic search for more revenue.

    But in the end, it looked as though the political imperative to pass what would be the only major piece of legislation of President Trump’s first year, along with a near-religious Republican belief in tax cuts, would override their previous concerns about fiscal prudence.

    All but one Republican senator, Bob Corker of Tennessee, appeared set to vote for the bill on Friday.

    The House and the Senate would still have to reach final agreement on the details, and Mr. Trump would have to sign his name, but the Republican Party now stands on the verge of driving up the national debt after spending much of the last decade promising rectitude and criticizing Democrats for profligacy.

    The legislation reads “as if it were developed for a country whose debt problems have been solved, when in reality debt is the highest it has ever been other than around World War II,” declared the co-chairmen of a bipartisan commission created in 2010 to propose measures for reducing the debt.

  21. Hey Margerie – Are you aware that what you call “the left’s agenda” was the reporter following up on GIANFORTE’S promise that he would comment on the Healthcare bill after it had been scored by the OMB? So, I’d say that is The People’s agenda! He lost it and became violent because he was caught in another lie – one of omission. He desperately needed to dodge his position on health care, as it is another What WOULD Jesus Do-NOT! moment!!!!

  22. Marge is gone. The Koch Brothers got what they wanted. The tax bill will probably pass.

  23. The agenda moves forward. Watch the dems tip over like dominos in November. Dems need to grasp reality and quit smoking from the Pelosi, Clinton, Sanders pipe. Working Americans are tired of all of this garbage. Sanctuary Cities, Clinton mishandling classified information, Single payer health insurance, Comey leaked memos, refugee’s, uranium one, etc etc etc

  24. How would a Russian troll like you have any idea what an American worker is tired of?

  25. Being a veteran, I find the Russian reference extremely offensive. Is this how you win votes.

    • A veteran what? Certainly nothing committed to defense of country and Constitution.

    • Win votes? 1st of all you would never, ever vote for someone that did not have an (R) next to their name. And 2nd of all, Russian Trolls can’t vote in US elections.

      And I am a veteran too, served at Valley Forge with Gen. Washington.

      Sure you don’t mean Veterinarian?

      Take a lap loser.

    — The corporate tax cuts are permanent in the tax bill, the individual cuts DECREASE over time. For example:
    — By 2027, people making $40,000 to $50,000 would pay a combined $5.3 billion MORE in taxes, while the group earning $1 million or more would get a $5.8 billion CUT, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office. THAT IS WHAT THIS TAX BILL DOES OVERALL. PERIOD. You can fall for the bones they temporarily throw at the middle class so they can pretend they serve the people
    — Includes a tax cut for golf course owners
    — Also for corporate jets
    — Teachers cannot deduct the $250 they used to be able to when they spent their own $ for their students.
    — Even before the temporary ind deductions that you site (EVER HEAR OF BAIT AND SWITCH?), those savings will immediately be eaten at by not being able to deduct state and city taxes (Good luck with what this will do to the bond market!)
    — Transfers the last 5% of the Arctic Wilderness for development by coal and gas interests. The 95% THEY ALREADY HAD IS APPARENTLY NOT ENOUGH IN THE EYES OF THE REPUBS IN “OUR” CONGRESS.
    Some other AWESOME changes in this FOR THE PEOPLE TAX CUT – NOT!:
    — It will be even harder to afford a college education as interest on student loans will no longer be deductible and graduate students won’t be able to deduct tuition waivers – in fact, they woill have to pay taxes on them as if they received in cash!!!
    — Prohibits employers from rewarding employees with gift cards, fearing that a $25 Target card, for example, might escape being taxed.
    — Your health care insurance premiums will cost more due to the repeal of the individual mandate that was slipped into this tax bill. The pool will be smaller as an expected 13 million people — many being the young and healthy — opt out of “Obamacare.” Lowest estimates = at least 10% higher each year after the increases that happened this year.
    — House version gets rid of the deduction for medical expenses. (More sneaky, undermining of the TEMPORARY Ind. deductions! (BAIT AND SWITCH!)
    — Adds a “life begins at conception” provision — otherwise known as “fetal personhood.” (Believe whatever you do re this issue, but it has NO place in the tax bill!)

  27. Lots of goodies for the donors. Otherwise what was the whole point?

    It certainly wasn’t about fiscal responsibility or tax reform.

    Didn’t Trump campaign on ending the carried interest loophole?

    But I am sure that was closed up. Right?

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