My Senator Sold My State’s Future And All He Got Was a Huge Tax Break for Himself–And This Lousy T-Shirt

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  

Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP draft a terrible, rotten, no-good piece of legislation that will impact every American.  They do it behind closed doors.  They do it on the fly.  They do it to appease their rich donors.

Steve Daines goes on cable tv and talks about how we have to get this done for President Trump.  He doesn’t talk to Montanans about it.

Daines sees an opportunity to grab some cheap headlines.  He claims he is skeptical of this plan that his pals crafted.  He goes on cable TV talk about how he just isn’t so sure if he is going to fall in line or not.  He does not talk to any Montanans.

Daines announces he has fallen back in line with Mitch McConnell.  He pats himself on the back.  He still doesn’t talk to any Montanans.

No, this isn’t healthcare reform.  This time it is the GOP’s plan to cut taxes for the extremely wealthy and add literally a TRILLION dollars to the deficit.

Daines fell in line like a good lackey.  But his big extraction, the thing he held out for, is a provision that will make this bill MORE slanted to the wealthy.  

Steve Daines withheld his support because it didn’t help rich people enough.  

From the Politico story on Senator Daines brave and bold holdout:

Also, a disproportionate share of pass-through income, especially from partnerships, goes to the wealthy, so increasing the 17.4 percent deduction threatens to make their plan tilted more heavily toward the rich, and Republicans are concerned about their plan appearing to be a windfall to the well-to-do.

The median household income in Montana is about $47,000.

The estimated net worth of Steve Daines is $15 million.

It’s pretty obvious who Steve Daines was looking out for in this tax legislation.

I wonder what happened to that deficit hawk Steve Daines.  It’s almost as if that was a ruse all along.  Turns out our deficit hawk was nothing but a RINO.


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  1. We will see how Montana voters feel about this in November regarding votes for or against Tester, especially since this will be after they have received their tax returns. Of course we know how the Colstrip coal country workers, meat processors, ranchers, farmers, and loggers will vote.

    • Enlighten us, windwalker, as to how the “coal country workers, meat processors, ranchers, farmers and loggers will vote.” Have you commissioned a poll? I don’t see anything in the GOP tax bill that benefits them. Maybe millionaire hedge fund managers have something to cheer about but your average Montana family will see little benefit (unless they’re making over $196,000 a year). And if one takes itemized deductions instead of standard deductions, it looks particularly bleak.

    • Remember when Colstrip used to vote Democrat? bye bye

  2. “We will see how Montana voters feel about this in November regarding votes for or against Tester, especially since this will be after they have received their tax returns. ”

    All this great stuff happens in FY 2018 Komrade.
    You would think an American Citizen would know that.

  3. So did Russia and/or the RNC quit funding Margerie, and replace her with windwalker? If so, they got gypped. Margerie’s rapid fire commentary every five minutes at 3:00 a.m. certainly covered this site with more Santorum than windy is able to produce.

    Maybe it’s a cost cutting measure? Putin is probably employing Margerie’s skills at lashing out at the Olympic Committee.

    Putin, Trump, it’s all the same.

    • Did any of you get a phone call from Daines people asking you to call his office and have him “change ” his mind about voting no on the Republican tax package? His own “simple minded followers” weren’t smart enough to know this was just a typical Republican sham of distraction for some sneaky plan they were working on. And Daines “supposedly” changed his mind and voted yes with his clowns. The deceit from the Republican party would be laughable were it not for the economical and PHYSICAL destruction it is creating for EVERY man woman and child in America.

  4. Two polls of GOP tax plan today with near identical results.

    Gallup: 29% approve, 56% disapprove

    Quinnipiac: 29% approve, 53% disapprove

  5. THANK YOU Senator daines – you voted to start making America prosperous again!

    I like the idea of having my standard deduction doubled, and the tax brackets all cut !!

    Both my houses are paid for, I can no longer claim child credits since mine are gone, and I need all the breaks I can get!

    Isn’t this a great time?

    Illegal immigration is slowed to a crawl, businesses are hiring, wages are going up.

    And when our corporate tax rate becomes competitive with the rest of the world companies will repatriate trillions of dollars!

    President Trump has reversed a lot of the damage caused by the Obama regime already, and in another year things will be so good!

    • “The Republican tax plan can be divided into three buckets: individual, corporate, and international. That last bucket creates new incentives for companies to move factories overseas and shelter money in tax havens. […]

      The territorial model that the GOP is pushing would create an additional incentive to invest in countries like Ireland where the corporate rate is significantly lower than the United States. Republicans believe the differences won’t be big enough to drive investment abroad. Steve Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center, disagrees, saying that’s still “plenty of juice” to encourage companies to shift production to countries with lower tax rates. Kimberly Clausing, an expert in international taxation at Reed College, writes that the shift to a territorial system “makes explicit, and permanent, the preference for foreign income over domestic income.” She estimates that profit shifting already costs the US government more than $100 billion per year.”

    • Hey Junior, someone misplace your legos and you had to watch Foxnews with your parents?

  6. Eric, also, we are getting safer. Sanctuary cites will soon go away. Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita introduced a bill Friday that could imprison and fine public officials $1 million if they obstruct federal immigration authority efforts.

    Under Rokita’s Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (SLAP) Act, violators could face up to five years of prison time and a fine of up to $1 million for ignoring the federal government’s requests for custody of undocumented individuals. 

    Mr. Trump also lowered the annual refugee admission cap from 110,000 to 45,000, the lowest level on record.

    Fewer Muslims are among the new refugees, according to published reports. Muslims accounted for about 40 percent of refugees admitted into the United States in November 2016. But this past November, the figure stood at 10 percent

    Altogether, Hillary Clinton’s plan would proposed bringing in 620,000 refugees in her first term, alone, with no effective way to screen or vet them. Her plan would cost $400 billion in terms of lifetime welfare and entitlement costs.

    Is it not way too funny that if the FBI management was not so corrupt and indicted the Clinton Cartel for lying like they are doing now that Bernie Sanders may have been elected president. Why is everyone so upset, Hillary got Trump elected.

    • How is the weather tonite in Moscow?

    • So much for the Republican talking points about “local control” and “state’s rights”.

      Why should the cities engage in Federal Immigration Law enforcement when they aren’t getting paid for it?

    • Hate to put a crimp in your Muslim-bashing style, windwalker, but your chances of getting shot by a far-right white guy are four times greater than by a radical Islamist.

      I know linking to actual statistics is neither yours nor Eric’s strong suit, but I like to back up my statements with some facts:

    • Well, we all know what kind of person “Windwalker” is now. He/she is a coward for hiding behind a fake name, he SUPPORTS – Fascism, pedophiles, racism, higher Deficits, sexual predators, socialism for the rich, he hates the poor and all true Christian values (you know the things Jesus actually taught)….He is a typical modern Republican.

      • Be careful Kevin, if you believe in God and his Son Jesus Christ you could be labeled as “Deplorable” by the Hillary democrats.

        • OMG, am I a Deplorable? Do I need intervention to become a libtard? (Look it up)

          • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | December 7, 2017 7:21 AM at 7:21 AM |

            Libtard? That is the best you have got? What happened to your carefully crafted talking points Marge?

        • Oh that’s rich Eric!
          We all know Jesus himself would not be welcome in today’s Republican party because they worship Mammon over all else. Anyone who truly follows the teachings of Jesus are far more likely to be demonized by modern Republicans not by the Democrats….today’s Republicans ONLY like wealthy right-wing fake Christians who lust for power, money, and use the language of faith as a tool to manipulate. If Jesus walked into a Republican meeting and said we should care for the poor, sick, and those in need – or said “sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor” (Matt 19:21) today’s Republicans would crucify him all over again! BTW, Just to keep the facts clear Hillary called the “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” Trump supporters deplorable. Unless you personally support racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia and other forms of fear based hate you should probably agree that those very anti-Christian values are indeed shameful and deplorable.

          • Kevin – are you saying that you believe in God and that his Son, Jesus, died for our sins? That would be a bold confession for a Democrat, right?

  7. Idaho? lol, how’s things going in Venezuela?

  8. Foont’s Mantra:
    Republicons moan, Republicons bitch.
    The rich are too poor,
    The poor are too rich.

    I called Daines’ Washington office and asked the drone who finally answered, “Since there is so much social activity in Washington, how soon does Daines plan to introduce Roy Moore to his daughters?” He thought that was rude. Imagine my chagrin.

  9. I think initially the cuts may benefit many taxpayers. If so it may not be an issue next year. But as has always been the case, and pretty nakedly now, Republicans vote the interests of big business and the wealthy. And often there is a direct link to campaign donations. Of course Dems also profit from taking donations. It just seems there are very little ethics in politics. It surprises me that many working class people vote Republican. Most likely because of abortion, religious issues, gun control, military, law and order, etc. And in “Strangers in Their Own Land” many simply dislike government and support businesses because of jobs. A good read.

  10. I can guarantee corporations will not increase workers income. Any benefit they get from the new Republican tax plan will be used to either a) buy back company stock, b) increase management bonuses or C) both of the aforementioned.

    Nor does anyone mention that any possible benefit individual tax payers get will expire in 5 years, whereas the lower corporate rates will be permanent.
    Hold onto your social security and Medicare. Those deficit Hawks will soon be crying about the growing deficit and will come after your benefits claiming there is not enough money to pay you. I’ll betcha’.

  11. As an Independent myself I have said it before. It all boils down to the intelligence of the average voter in the U.S. The evidence is compelling. We are about to elect a child molester to the U.S. Senate in Alabama; we have elected a sexual predator/pathological liar and overall scumbag as our president, and those of us with very modest means are doing everything we can to enrich corporations and the super wealthy at our expense. This tax cut for the wealthy is perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever seen voters go for. Here we are at full employment, corporate profits at all time highs, stock market at all time highs, and what do we do? WE CUT TAXES TO THE ones who need it the least, and we finance it with borrowing which will drive up our national debt $1.4 trillion. This is the VERY economic period where we should be FIXING things, such as infrastructure, military, national parks, etc. rather than cutting taxes for the wealthy. So yes, Steve Daines is perhaps the worst U.S. Senator to ever represent the people of Montana. Almost everything he does goes against what MOST Montanans truly want or need. But, hey, as long as they spend zillions running all those stupid ads on TV, we will keep shooting ourselves in the foot and voting for the likes of Daines and Giantforte. They are not only irresponsible, they are bought and paid for cowards. They run from the light of day like rats in a sewer.

  12. The actions we have seen at the state level and federal level over this past year are not conservative. We are now seeing the rural areas of Montana seeing a disproportionate amount of financial harm do to actions of our republican legislature. The federal deficit increase is projected to be $1.4 trillion, but in reality it may be even greater if not for math gerrymandering. People like Daines and Giantforte who claim to be conservative must be changed as soon as possible by responsible independent-minded people who will care for the needs of all Montana people. Not just the wealthy.

    • Wrong. After 12 years of Gov BS / Bullock this State needs to go on a fiscal diet. Downsizing bloated State spending is conservatism at its best.

      • @Ercle – OK, let’s start that downsizing by eliminating all the sweetheart subsidies and tax breaks for large, out-of-state corporations. Then we can follow that up by doing the same for the larger, in-state corporations. Conservatives keep whinging that they want a level playing field. Let’s give them exactly that. The loud, shrill screams of corporate anguish would be heard all the way to the Mississippi.

        • Not quite – Gov BS increased State Spending 25%, and added 1000
          State Employees and all we have to do is go back to the previous levels, where the State give functioned fine and had a surplus. The Democrats (The Party of the Rich) don’t want real solutions, only to raise taxes and fees.

          • @Ercle – Oh, you mean go back to the time when the school districts SUED the state for underfunding them and WON? All this while the state was cutting corporate taxes?

            Foont’s Mantra:
            Republicons moan, Republicons bitch.
            The rich are too poor;
            The poor are too rich.

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