Teddy Roosevelt is Rolling Over in His Grave

A political cartoon from Paul Seccomb

Outside Magazine wrote a profile on our former Congressman chronicling his journey from moderate Whitefish legislator to looney-tune Interior Secretary.  But it ends with a conclusion this blog has held for a long time: Regardless of Zinke’s ever-changing policy positions, he’s been a fraud all along.

From the profile:

As Zinke and I casted over the ice-cold water, I noticed something funny about his setup. He kept struggling to strip line out of the bottom of the reel. For a while, I thought he was simply having trouble concentrating on our conversation while casting. No, there was something wrong, and when I asked him to stand for a portrait, I finally saw what the problem was. He had rigged his reel backward, so that the line was coming out of the top of the reel. Every so often when he went to strip line out, he would grasp air where the line should’ve been.

Seems like an inconsequential thing, but in Montana, it’s everything.


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  1. First Zinke played cowboy and wore his hat backwards like an idiot, then he plays fake fly fisher and “rigged his reel backward” like a fool…..anyone have any questions which direction Zinke will be taking our counrty?

    (BTW, That’s a rhetorical question, for the Trump/fascism supporters and FOX “news” watchers “rhetorical question” means a question to make a point rather than prompt an answer.)

    • Shichya! I won’t vote for a candidate unless they can skin a buck in less than 5 minutes or run 5 trap lines per winter. (well, except of I Ho, Barry Obama, Al Franken, and Hillary, oh poor Hillary) Yee haw, Montucky!!

  2. This is too funny – all this uproar over fixing a land grab that Barack Hussein Obama did
    In his last days. There is no uproar.

  3. At Eric. Remember that the land you are talking about belongs to ALL the people of the US, not just those living in Utah, or those living in foreign countries that want to exploit the land for its riches.

    Plus, it was the people living east of the Mississippi that paid France for it purchase. Don’t you think that they should have a voice in its disposition?

    • Less we forget, it was the Mormons who took over Utah and had the Native American’s banished to the reservations after the Natives befriended them… [Look up history]

  4. SALT LAKE CITY December 4, 2017 – Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes released the following statement on President Donald J. Trump’s modification today of Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

    “Today, with the designation of five new monument units, President Trump has taken a historic step to correct the hubris of past administrations. The new designations are much closer in scope to the “smallest areas compatible with proper care and management” of protected objects, as required by the Antiquities Act. These corrections were made after extensive input from local citizens and interests, including tribal members, conservationists, ranchers, hunters, business owners and elected representatives. President Trump and Secretary Zinke have found a balance that considers the needs of our local communities and still protects the singular, stunning, and sacred lands of our state for future generations.

    “Over the history of the Antiquities Act, national monuments have been reviewed and modified by subsequent presidents. It is no surprise, given the disproportionate original designations, that President Trump would reduce these monuments to be more consistent with the intent of the Antiquities Act. Such remedial measures would not be necessary if Congress would clarify the limits of initial monument designations. I echo the statement of Secretary Zinke that executive power under the Act is no substitute for congressional action. We are hopeful that our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. will pass legislation that makes political games with Utah’s public lands less likely in the future.

    “The Utah Attorney General’s Office will continue to monitor the process with interest and will continue to protect Utah, its people, and its lands, from federal overreach.”

  5. Eric, please provide corroborating information that “after extensive input from local citizens and interests, including tribal members, conservationists, ranchers, hunters”, the decision was reached. It is easy with an internet search to find many articles that show the opposite. The only individuals that can be found to be in favor of the reductions are business men (wanting to exploit the riches for their own benefit) and politicians so that the business men can fund (bribe) the politicians with campaign donations.

    If the decision is so popular why are the Native Americans suing over it?

    So rather than provide Faux talking points, provide REAL data.

    • I’m kind of thinking that official statements from the State of Utah are credible.

      • They represent the bought politicians. They do not represent the voices of the local, not political leaders. Keep trying and maybe, just maybe, you will find why the Native Americans are suing.

      • Kind of thinking like “the Fox guarding the chicken house’? That’s credible ?

      • @Ercle – You tried to cover with, “I’m kind of thinking that official statements from the State of Utah are credible.”

        That’s like saying that “official statements” from Corey Stapleton, Ellie Arntzen, Matt Rosendale, or Roger Koopman are “credible.”

        Try again. That was a swing and a miss – by a mile.

  6. Stinky Zinke will go down in history as the absolute WORST Sec. of Interior. He is bought and paid for by the gas, oil, and coal industries He has NO soul. He is a faux wanna-be cowboy with a black hat. That doesn’t give him cred. What an embarrassment to MT. Please don’t come back to Montana. We deserve better. Drain the swamp and take Stinky Zinke down the drain.

    • If you take the time to look, the people of Itah are applauding the current administrations actions. What part of Neverland do you live in?

      • I guess that you do not believe that the Native Americans are people of Utah. How convenient. This way, you rationalize that the lawsuits that they are filing are not valid.

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