Tax Cuts for the Ultra-Wealthy Set Tester’s Flattop on Fire

A political cartoon from Paul Seccomb


6 Comments on "Tax Cuts for the Ultra-Wealthy Set Tester’s Flattop on Fire"

  1. Good for him. Our president be longs in a padded cell.

  2. And the damned Republicans call this a tax PLAN? So, the PLAN is to screw the middle and lower classes while giving to the ultra rich? People, it’s past time to vote the Republicans out of office while we are still allowed to vote.

  3. The Plutocrats plan for a Confederation of Trickle Downers will be within their grasp with this latest attempt to transfer the last of our money to them. The biggest scam in the history of civilization will succeed because we the gullible are complacent fools.

  4. Love it! Love Jon!

  5. Love it! Love Jon.

  6. What is interesting is the fact that the economists who advised both George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan call the bill a scam. It is their opinion that today’s GOP is following an agenda to purposely run up the national debt by a huge amount. Since they have already pledged NOT to raise taxes, they will then express concern over the huge runup of deficits (which of course they caused). So they will begin cutting spending, but where do they cut? Can’t be interest on the debt. Can’t be military. So that leaves SOcial Security, Medicare and other spending for govt. services that primarily help the ordinary person. It is all about money, power, wealth, and corporate profits. So as an Independent, hey, all you folks that just LUV to pull that lever next to the guy’s name with the R? Just keep on shooting yourself in the foot. Kinda like the idiot who is chopping wood and when the squirrel crawls up on his foot, he still swings the axe.

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