Is Matt Rosendale Standing by Roy Moore His First Act of Fealty to Steve Bannon?

We should not have an accused child predator as a Senator is apparently a controversial opinion in 2017.  

After a story, with over 30 sources, broke in the Washington Post accusing Roy Moore of preying on teenage girls well into his 30’s people across America from all political parties were appalled.  Even Steve Daines withdrew his support!  But not Matt Rosendale.

Just last week on Voices of Montana Rosendale stood by his (certifiably creepy) man.

The D.C. media publication Roll Call highlighted Rosendale’s–unconventional–stance:

He went on to praise the public service career of Moore, who was twice removed from his post as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

“As far as Judge Roy Moore, to me, it looks like the actions that he has taken as his public service, over the last I would guess 20, 30 some odd years has been honorable and I would commend him for that,” Rosendale said.

The radio host then asked Rosendale to clarify that he would support Moore unless he’s proven guilty of committing a crime.

“There you go, that’s exactly how I feel,” Rosendale said.

Alabama no longer has a statue of limitations for sex offenses involving victims under 16, but it only applies to crimes committed after 1985.

So under Alabama law it is impossible for Matt Rosendale not to endorse Roy Moore.

Wow.  Over 30 people in ruby-red Alabama tell the Washington Post that Roy Moore preyed on teenage girls and that wasn’t good enough for Rosendale.  Dennis Hastert had 20-30 some odd years of “honorable” service and we all know how that one ended up.  It would seem like Rosendale thinks talking loudly and frequently about God absolves a man of all sins.  I would hate for someone to show Rosendale the movie Spotlight…

This bizarre allegiance to a child predator flies  in the face of common-sense, general empathy, and any political instinct.  Except for the fact that Rosendale’s sugar-daddy Steve Bannon is heavily involved and invested in the Moore campaign.  Bannon endorsed Rosendale months ago and it looks like he is already calling in the favors.  

Is Rosendale willing to defend a child predator like Moore because Bannon says so?  Just what else might he do if Bannon asks?

Rosendale’s other bestie, Mitch McConnell, has yet to signal just what he will do if Moore is elected in Alabama.  When an accused child predator is welcomed with open arms, the party of family values has become the party of no values. 

The moral compass of the GOP is on the fritz and it appears Matt Rosendale and Steve Bannon are playing a loud siren song to favor child predators in order to get tax cuts for the wealthy.  Let’s hope the rest of the Montana GOP doesn’t run into that rock.  Being the party of child predators is not a good look for them.  With the election going on in Alabama today, it is a good chance for MT GOP’ers to let us all know where they stand: with a child predator, Rosendale, and Bannon or with common decency.


14 Comments on "Is Matt Rosendale Standing by Roy Moore His First Act of Fealty to Steve Bannon?"

  1. Just think, after Moore is elected he could drown someone in his car and we could label him “Lion of the Senate”.

    • I think baby-raping pedophile is sufficient for Roy Moore, in perpetuity.

      • Now its “baby-raping”?

        Next thing you guys will claim was Moore was ripping out the unborn, hacking them up and selling parts.

        • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | December 13, 2017 8:20 AM at 8:20 AM |

          “Next thing you guys will claim was Moore was ripping out the unborn, hacking them up and selling parts.”

          I guess with Moore’s loss we will never know.

  2. GOP (Grand Old Perverts)

  3. In GOPland, a huge sigh of relief was heard.

  4. Well, maybe the End of Moore presages the End of Trump: certainly the Trickle-Down tax bill is trickling down GOP legs.

  5. I think it necessary to remind democrats that the outcome was very close and this was just one election and one seat. Awful legislation is sometimes passed on a party line vote in the dead of night by one vote. If democrats truly want to succeed they should be reminded that everything is not about sex and race. The transformation into a more tolerant society in my lifetime has been nothing short of miraculous. The constant and ongoing demand that hardworking and honest citizens must carry the entire weight of human history is nonsense. It’s about enacting policies to foster equal opportunity and rewards. Produce a platform which supports your citizens rather that ever more protected classes and maybe you will start gaining support amongst those who make government possible!

    • Maybe if Republicans stopped emphasizing sex and race there wouldn’t be the need for protected classes. Maybe if Republicans stopped their quest for a theocratic republic the load wouldn’t be so heavy. Maybe if Republicans stopped denying science and fear-mongering we would have a better informed electorate.

  6. Republicans were willing to elect a Pussy Grabber for Pres, why would they be bothered by a cho-mo Senator?

  7. Rosendale can’t wash out his ‘stain’ of going ALL in for Bannon and Moore, words matter dude! Now we have to stop and repel the awful Tax scam, welfare for the wealthy!

  8. Good Republicans are going to have to do a gut check and become Democrats for a few years if they hope to stop Republicans going the way of the Whigs. The Nazi element that is trying to take them over is intent on destroying Western Democracy and if the Republican Party is destroyed, oh well. It will be one more functioning small d democracy agency crippled and stripped of influence, another reason we should just let the Free Market take care of everything. Destroy the moral authority and Judicial impartiality from the FBI, label the F B fucking I as a bunch of Liberals?!!? So, time for all those Republicans who claim to be “Teddy Roosevelt” Republicans, Law and Order, Fiscaly Responsible and Morally Upright Republicans need to Teddy up! And become Nelson Rockerfella Democrats, for the sake of the Nation and to save the GOP. When the Fascist FanBoy arm finally loses enough elections and gets bored you can revert to Republican assholes pushing Biblical morality as Constitutionality while ignoring every order Jesus gave them, but at least do it with a clean conscience…

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