Conservative Radio Show Trolls Troy Downing by Playing Hotel California During his Segment

A tipster passed along a nice little tidbit from a radio interview last week.  During a segment on KMMS’s Open for Business the radio host played the Eagles hit Hotel California during his segment.  Now this might seem like a honest mistake or a cruel joke about Downing not being able to ever leave the interview chair, but it is actually a next level slap in the face to Downing’s Montana credentials.

Take a listen HERE for yourself.

It is no secret that Troy Downing is California Dreamin’ of becoming Montana’s next Senator.  But in order to succeed he will likely have to shed his California Soul.

He California Loves his home state so much he’s continued to use it as a residence.  He takes a big tax break for his million dollar home out there.

Downing helped his California Kids obtain a resident hunting license despite his son having a California driver’s license.

This should come as no surprise since Downing has one of the original California Gurls Lola Zinke running his campaign.

Here in Montana, we are very worried about the Californication of Montana.  Troy is part of the problem.

Suffice it to say if radio hosts are looking for killer jams to play Troy in and out of interviews they will not be in short supply.  And if he’s doing a TV interview I know just the intro!


10 Comments on "Conservative Radio Show Trolls Troy Downing by Playing Hotel California During his Segment"

  1. Time to show that California carpetbagger the exit ramp.

  2. I am a transplant from Ca. 5 years ago. When I left I left all vestiges of Ca. behind. Why? Because I wanted to embrace my new state without any ties to my past life. Troy Downing is a carpetbagger plain and simple. He also can’t be trusted since he claims he has Trumps back. What does that mean in political terms? Is he a sexual predator and has no problem demeaning women? Is that what he means about supporting Trump? I see Trump as a pig and anyone who supports him is also of the same frame of mind!

  3. Cali’s not that bad. Gov. Jerry said the fires were due to climate change. They have the semi-legal weed now too. The rich racists that don’t want to spend taxes on the non-whites down there move up here.

  4. I’m in sort of an awkward position here; my step-monster was a lifer in the Navy so I lived in San Francisco in 1966-1969 and I didn’t get back to Montana until the late 70’s. The Montana economy drove me out for a few spells and I have spent years in Baja California & points South before returning here in 2010. The family farm has been here the whole time, and with it the family and my heart. One thing I have never indulged in(and the small Native part of me wants to)is shutting the door behind me. Paul Ryan’s big hard-on for Social Security wouldn’t offend me nearly as much if he had not depended on it to get to where he is. My problem with Matt and his ilk isn’t where they have lived lately-it’s the vacancy in their intellect and morals that worry me. One last thing-being so huge and having such a small population need not necessarily mean poor choices for ISP-We need a Montana State ISP, as a utility, just like Chattanooga or Denmark. In Europe consumers get 100Mbps, 200 TV channels and unlimited cell phone service for 85% of the Continent, UK and Ireland, Iceland is less expensive but you only get about 150 channels…

  5. OOPs, left off “for under $40” before Iceland is less expensive. I’ve been pushing the Flathead Coop to get in the ISP biz but they keep deferring to Spectrum. Where is the Free Market here? I have basically two choices for broadband, only one truly so. In France they have over 100 ISP’s to choose from, same for vast majority of Europe. Don’t get me started on Japan or Korea!

  6. Zinke and GN40 have homes in CA too, all in Santa Barbara, yet pretend to represent Montana when they want folks to vote for them!

  7. Guess the GOP is going to throw everything except the kitchen sink at Tester to see if they can take his Senate seat, which includes out-of-staters who lie like Trump! Let’s make sure someone who actuals lives and works here full time continues to represent all of us in DC!

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