5 signs your United States Senator has been co-opted by the Communist Party of China

Some mornings you wake up, bicker with your Amazon Echo on a weather update, and hustle out the door.  Other times you roll out of bed, scan the day’s news, and find yourself crying out, “damn my toast is burnt again and holy crap my US Senator is a Communist Party operative.”

Well Montana, it is happening to you.  We probably overlooked some early warning signs like Senator Daines’ six years in Hong Kong and mainland China moving American jobs overseas or his repetitive tax-payer funded trips to the Far East. While the picture is becoming increasingly clear for us Montanans, I suspect Senator Daines might still be clueless on how increasingly tied his actions are to supporting Communist China’s interests.

The Washington Post recently exposed Senator Daines’ cozy relationship with China in an opinion piece titled: How China got a U.S. senator to do its political bidding

Our Senator looks so happy to be doing China’s bidding!

I may not be a seasoned spy, but I did watch a few seasons of Homeland. The best intelligence assets have no idea they are even assets right? Well Senators Daines, I hope you read this because it’s time to wake up. Time to acknowledge some misplaced priorities and spineless ignorance.

Let’s get to those five signs:

1) Oppressing Tibet. Senator Daines recently helped China pull off one of its most common tactics designed to keep Tibet under its thumb.  Our good Senator, who often refuses to meet with Montanans, gladly hosted a meeting with Chinese officials in DC to during a visit by Tibet’s exhiled leader.

2) Questionable beef deals. This fall Senator Daines orchestrated a $300 million beef arrangement with China for the Montana Stockgrowers. $300 million is a lot of dough.  It may not be richest member of Congress Greg Gianforte money, but it’s enough for a two employee business from Whitefish to rebuild Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure, right? Wait, no maybe not.

Regardless, it is a significant chunk of cash. That is why I originally tipped my hat to his efforts.  But let’s step back a bit. It is a non-binding agreement with a country that does not have our best interests at heart.  It is foreign investment into our pastures with significant strings attached that will cause Montana ranchers to lose control of their ranching practices. It benefits only a select few ranchers that are part of one trade association. It buys China undeserved good will and potentially even anti-American favors.

Is it actually a good deal for Montana once you start asksing questions? Probably not. And will China follow through after Senator Daines fulfills a couple more favors? Doubtful.

3) Tax reform. Experts estimate that Apple may save close to $50 billion in Senator Daines’ tax reform bill.  Where does Apple manufacture most of its products? China.  If they invest the cash in manufacturing, where do you think that will happen and who will benefit from more jobs? China.

4) Net Neutraility.  Senator Daines supports allowing internet service providers to censor web traffic and control American’s access to websites.  Again, this sounds a lot like China. It seems to me that the Chinese would love to start paying American internet service providers to prioritize Chinese companies and propaganda.  Senator Daines seems to be fine with that being our new reality.

5) Who does he work for? It appears Senator Daines would rather go visit China than host a town hall in Montana.  Do the math folks.  He’s visited China infinitely more times this year than he has hosted town halls in Montana.

How do you say WTF in Mandarin?


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  1. This isn’t exactly it, but it is in the ballpark according to Google translater…

  2. Wonder what his connection it to try to open a huge slaughter house in Great Falls under shady conditions.


  3. And Jon Tester is doing bank deredgulation. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/11/the-senate-is-getting-ready-to-erode-obamas-landmark-wall-street-law/ We’ve got great senators and a wonderful rep, don’t we?

    • From the article you cite:”It includes a requirement that credit bureaus offer free credit freeze services each year—an idea first raised in a bill introduced in September by Wall Street foe Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) It also includes protections for veterans with medical debt and victims of foreclosure, and allows the Treasury department to redirect some funds to tackle lead and asbestos in homes.” So you can see why it might be attractive to Jon: hint Asbestos abatement.

  4. The masked avenger | January 1, 2018 6:39 AM at 6:39 AM |

    ^^^ All by himself eh?

  5. Whe I saw the title I thought you were talking about Max.

  6. Cowgirl? Please provide more info on this uptempo from your story : “It is foreign investment into our pastures with significant strings attached that will cause Montana ranchers to lose control of their ranching practices. It benefits only a select few ranchers that are part of one trade association.”

    Thank you.

  7. Cowgirl? Please provide more info on this quote from your story : “It is foreign investment into our pastures with significant strings attached that will cause Montana ranchers to lose control of their ranching practices. It benefits only a select few ranchers that are part of one trade association.”

    Thank you.

    • Any time you become a contract farmer or rancher, you become a serf, just as has happened with the chicken industry in this country. China will call the shots, and if you don’t dance to their tune, it’s bye bye your contract. Picture this. A Chinese cowboy shooting at the feet of the greenhorn Steve Daines and his stockgrower pals, and them hilariously dancing around trying to avoid the bullets. The cowboy laughing all the while. THAT is what this is all about.

      And the added Chinese bonus is that we MUST eat their toxic chickens in the hopes that if enough Americans get sick and die, they will raise their food safety standards. That’s how globalism works. According to Daines, we must all do our part to help China and make the world a better place in the long run.

      It’s all in that article I posted above. If you think that China is our friend, think again. They’re more than willing to take advantage of an idiot like Daines and contract cowboys.

  8. Oh how ironic!!!
    I remember Commie Daines and the MTGOP completely lying and accusing my wife of being a “Communist” during his 2014 election. The Montana press jumped on the red-baiting train without even doing the slightest bit of research into the dark, shameful, history of McCarthyism and Red-Baiting being used against American Union members for political gain (the very thing Commie Daines did!). We got hate mail and threatening calls to our home from Daines’ supporters because of it! I spoke with Daines just before the first 2014 Senate debate and said I really did not like his “outright McCarthyism” and thought it was “shameful and un-American”, he just tipped his big fat head back and laughed like a maniac….the only thing that kept me form knocking him on his ass right then was my good Christian upbringing. BTW- the MTGOP didn’t take down their official web smear site that falsely claimed the Wife had “Communist ties” until just last spring (2017)! Typical modern Republicans….they always accuse you of what they are in fact doing. If you want to turn our great country over to Fascists, Russians and Communists keep voting for the modern Republican Party, they wont let you down!! Oh the irony of it all!!! lol

    • Settle down Kevin!

      Don’t force us to send Greg over to have a talk with you!

      • Hahaha…Eric, I would actually love that soooo much!

        • Actually Kevin – I don’t see you post much, but every-time I see you defending Democrats I wonder why.

          Looking back in retrospect, the Dems are not going to let a woman get elected to a National office, and they have proven it numerous times.

          They give women candidates lip service, but they don’t support them with Tester/Baucus kind of money and in state and out-of-state support. And aren’t these so-called friends of yours the same ones who arranged to set up several ad-hoc central committees to make sure they would get the nomination to singing Robbie?

          If I were you I’d give the Dems the finger. What do you respect more, a good enemy, or a bad friend?

          • Eric*,

            Confused as always.

            What you label as defending Democrats I read as calling out the many shortcomings of Republicans. Kevin’s post above never uses the D word.

            Pull your head out of your ass.

    • A great site for the great fight currently taking place in GF. I’m sure that Daines will show up any day now and tell us we need this damn thing for god and country and free trade! I can smell a weasel a mile away. No one wants the country’s largest slaughter plant right on the edge of our city. But the corporate fascists could care less. They tried to sneak it through before anyone could notice, but they got caught. Hopefully, they can be stopped.


  9. Many of these comments have very good points but how do the democrats by attacking the stockgrowers of Montana think they will gain any of their voters. I believe the Montana Democrat Party has a big rural Montana problem. By attacking this deal will only be used against whoever is the democrat candidate in upcoming U.S. House race. I can assure you Tester will not attack this deal

  10. Are his meetings with China “treasonus and unpatriotic”?

  11. so we should shut down the MT cattle deal to placate Tibet exiled government?

    • It should be shut down because we got screwed. That’s all. Daines is incompetent. Don’t take my word for it. Read the conversative financial journals like the one posted above.

      • Its call fair trade, something Obama and others, no names mentioned here, could never fathom, especially with his 2 yrs in the senate experience and Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Geezzz Sure you are impressing the MT stock growers and most all other MT voters. The RNC should be funding the MT dems for helping Tester lose his seat over all the dumb comments. I bet the chicken sells real good here. lol

        • Well, since you seem to know, tell me about the Dem members of the Montana Stockgrowers Ass. that you know of. I’m sure there are lots, right? I’ve got to try harder to make them understand what’s really in their own best interests. They seem a little slow according to you.

  12. Let Daines know, more tax dollars into the wind.

    On 27 April 2011 Sikyong Lobsang Sangay was elected Kalön Tripa of the Tibetan Government in Exile

    Notably, the six million dollar fund sanctioned this year (2016) by the US Congress is a 100% increase from the one sanctioned last year. The US Congress sanctioned $3 million under a new line item to aid the Tibetan community in India and Nepal last year in its budget.

    Sikyong Lobsang Sangay has congratulated Nancy Pelosi on her re-election as the Minority Leader.

    How much has Sikyong Lobsang Sangay received over the years that is undeclared, unaccounted for, and untracked? Has all of the financial contributions reached their intended recipients i.e. the Tibetan people? Who really knows?

  13. Windbreaker has never been known for their sanity or grasp on reality.

    • And you want Sanctuary Cities?

      • Uh, no.

        What in the hell do sanctuary cities have to do with a sweetheart deal for the Chinese?

        Fair trade with China is a joke as long as they can sell us crap that cost so much less because it is substandard and unsafe.

        • Lib taking business. Sorry we cannot afford your stupidity anymore, especially in MT. Dump coal, no oil, no cattle, no pipelines, raise taxes and you are the first to whine over the blown budget. Don’t leave Montana sad, just leave.

          • Fuck you asshole, I was born here, my parents were both born here and so were their parents.

          • Coal is dying. Oil is done for now. And pipelines provide no revenue. So I think the stupidity is on you, my friend. What do you suggest? The progressives are being proactive. You guys, not so much. You’re out of ideas except for a return to the nineteenth century, and that isn’t going to work.

            • Wow, Ambrose thanks for proving me correct.

              Keystone pipeline estimated property tax is 26 million per year. Also there are many other pipelines in Montana.

              Total oil and gas production taxes paid for just for one oil well over the life of the well to Montana are $3.415 million. This does not include Income Taxes paid by the mineral rights and surface rights owners.

              State Natural Resource Tax Revenue FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014
              Coal Severance Tax $51,782,415 $49,683,555 $53,292,536 $54,067,610
              Coal Gross Proceeds* $7,563,632 $9,086,446 $9,070,834 $8,768,283
              Oil and Natural Gas Production (Severance Tax) $109,206,049 $120,608,210 $116,916,507 $129,023,504
              Oil and Natural Gas Production (Privilege & License Tax) $1,963,032 $1,987,666 $2,152,702 $2,505,508
              Metalliferous Mine License Tax $10,653,330 $13,171,513 $13,222,539 $10,457,348
              Metal Mines Gross Proceeds* $1,096,356 $2,106,806 $3,179,676 $3,108,193
              Miscellaneous Mines Net Proceeds* $321,519 $392,736 $406,458 $311,735
              Resource Indemnity & Groundwater Assessment Tax $2,146,960 $2,343,678 $2,112,327 $2,278,971
              Bentonite Production Tax $410,025 $494,248 $352,050 $172,039
              Total State Collections $185,143,319 $199,874,860 $200,705,629 $210,693,192

              • What you meant is will, not is. As in “if and when” completed.


                No one is arguing that mineral and energy development are not important and will be for some time to come.

                What is equally true is that people are also now wanting to price in the impacts of carbon to the overall cost of every type of energy. I don’t include dinosaurs such as yourself in that group.

                In the future oil will be too valuable to simply burn to create heat/electricity.

                • Troy, your right on the “When” part and thus, this brings up the question on how much taxes did Obama cost Montana buy rejecting the start of the pipeline 2 yrs (46 mil). Also remember the highly, not ready for prime time, subsidized alternative energy costs are rolled into our utility rates which really makes it tough for the poor. The inflated cost of heating and electricity is one more burden they do not need.

                  • Sorry Windbreaker, I was opposed to Keystone XL and remain opposed.

                    As for you specious argument about “highly subsidized costs for alternative energy”. That is just more bullshit as well.

                    Blow it out your ass. Oh and I am not leaving.

  14. you know, I like Jon, but when he does stuff like this, I wonder why I vote for the guy.https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/01/05/here-are-19-senate-democrats-still-not-committed-defending-net-neutrality
    Read the list.

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