Warmongers for Rosendale!

Matt Rosendale, who depicted himself in a campaign ad shooting a drone out of the sky.Matt Rosendale, who depicted himself in a campaign ad shooting a drone out of the sky.

If you want a candidate endorsed by the fringe elements of the Republican Party Matt Rosendale is your guy.

Rosendale touted his endorsement of the now disgraced and deposed white nationalist Sloppy Steve Bannon.  Rosendale did this back when President Trump and Sloppy Steve were BFFs.  Rosendale thought touting the endorsement of an anti-trade, pro-white nationalist would be a boon for his campaign.

Things got a little awkward for Rosendale after Trump and Bannon’s very public and very ugly breakup.  As much as I would like to take credit for Sloppy Steve, President Trump coined that moniker this week after Bannon gave a candid assessment of the Trump presidency to an author.  

But now that Rosendale’s meal ticket to the Trump base has been voided he’s scrambling to find some legitimacy for the fringe coalition he is attempting to scrape together to try and beat the Trump supported candidate Troy Downing.

Luckily for Rosendale, mustache-icon and warmonger John Bolton is for sale and Rosendale has secured his backing.  I imagine Bolton is not aware that Rosendale shoots down drones.  That might make it more difficult for them to wage perpetual war together.

Matt Means Business for the Military Industrial Complex

Endorsements aren’t really what they used to be, but Rosendale seems to think if he lines up enough out-of-staters he has a shot.  Since Rosendale so gleefully announced Bolton’s endorsement it is fair to think Rosendale is also endorsing Bolton’s past foreign policy ideas.

Here are 5 things Bolton advocated for which may be the beginning of the Rosendale doctrine of foreign policy:

  1. No regrets when it comes to the Iraq War
  2. Thought Cuba had WMD’s. (Hmm where have we heard that before as a reason to go to war?)
  3. Endorsed a nuclear attack from Israel on Iran.
  4. Advocated for the bombing of Iran by the US  
  5. According to Senator Rand Paul Bolton believe nation building is a good idea

I think there is a lot the MAGA-squad longs for but a return to the Iraq War and the disastrous foreign policy of the Bush years is not it.

It is hard to wonder what an real-estate developer turned Insurance Commissioner’s foreign policy platform might be.  Rosendale touting an endorsement from the Military Industrial Complex’s leading man gives us an idea.

Montana is home to a high rate of service.   We are proud of our military and the men and women in uniform.  Matt Rosendale seems to want to send more of them off to war.  Or at least the guy who’s endorsement he is touting does.  For a guy towing the America First line, Rosendale sure seems like he is ready to get us entangled in more foreign wars.


29 Comments on "Warmongers for Rosendale!"

  1. Rosendale shoots drones.

    Obama shoots kids with drones.

  2. This morning I heard an ad (twice) from America’s PAC 527 for Rosendale. It was on 103.9 in Kalispell (an oldies Rock station). It was very poor quality. Voiceover, twangy line from Matt on the stump, voiceover, twangy line, voiceover, disclaimer. It was difficult to understand what Rosendale was saying.

    It’s not on his site or youtube yet, that I could find.

  3. So Rosendale thinks that getting Republican rejects to support him is a good idea. Bolton could not even be confirmed by a Republican Senate to be UN Ambassador. Who will be the next republican reject to endorse Rosendale?

  4. Bolton a ‘saber-rattling’ Buffoon who has blood on his hands for going into Iraq…

  5. Rosendale is the best thing that could happen to Tester. If Rosendale takes the GOP primary, Tester is a slam dunk! That being said, the rank and file Republicans I know are supporting Russ Fagg.

  6. I grew up and have lived all my life in the Northwest: Idaho, Washington, and Montana. I was taught that a real westerner eats what he or she shoots and I’ve gutted and prepared fish, plucked and prepared wild birds, and cut up and cooked wild meat, but this is a new one on me. Maybe this is an eastern, say, Baltimore Maryland game bird. How do you cook a drone?

  7. What the heck is he supposed to be shooting at?

  8. I think it important to consider that probably 40% or more Montana voters will always vote a republican ticket. So, if Mr. Rosendale is on it he will get their vote no matter how reprehensible his ideas or political connections. So if democrats want success in Montana they best pick capable candidates who carry a platform which represents the interests all the remaining Montana voters.

    • Interests like higher taxes, $hithole health insurance, open borders, restrictive regulations and no jobs?

      • @Big SwedeHead – Better add another layer of tin foil to your hat – looks like the voices are getting through. Either that, or you didn’t get in the house quick enough when a passenger jet flew over spewing all those mind-control chemicals that make you stupid.

      • Good One! You are exactly my case in point, Mr. Swede.

  9. The Fake News Awards turned out to be as fake and incompetent as the guy who was running the show. SAD!


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