Senator Daines Hosted a 48 minute Tele-Town Hall and Didn’t Take a Question for the First 15 Minutes

Last night Senator Steve Daines continued to avoid his constituents and hosted his 20th tele-town hall.

Here at the Cowgirl blog we are not a big fan of the tele-town halls.  Especially when we haven’t seen Daines in Montana in months.

This tele-town hall was particularly farcical because Daines filibustered his own event.  

Daines opened the call as always with one of his staff talking about how they are from Montana.  Daines proceeded to speak for 5 minutes about how great the debt-busting tax bill is.   It was difficult to understand Daines during this moment.  With his lips firmly placed on the President’s keister it was difficult to make out the words.

Rather then get to questions from totally not pre-selected Montanans, Daines decided to go to a special guest.  In order to avoid speaking to real Montanans Daines brought on Senator Rand Paul.  What a guy from Kentucky is doing on a tele-town hall meeting is beyond me.  Paul proceeded to continue Daines filibuster for 4 minutes.  After Paul was finished it was finally time for some questions.  

Except it wasn’t.

Daines resumed his butt-kissing and talked about the tax bill again.

By the end of the charade Daines was on the phone for about 50 minutes. He spent nearly a third of the time avoiding questions.  When you throw in his “poll questions” Daines hosted a “town-hall” and took less than 10 questions.  

In all, Daines occupied 48 minutes of Montanans time.  He spent 15 in his intro.  4 minutes on his poll questions.  And 3 minutes on his conclusion.  That left about 20 minutes of Q&A.  Montanans might be better off trying to run into Daines in security at the Bozeman airport for a substantive discussion.

This leaves us with the old philosophical question: If a Senator hosts a “town hall” but filibusters the thing does it really happen?


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  1. Where the 279,000 Montanans who voted for Trump “butt kissers”?

  2. Right here loving the economy and jobs, but not the foolish broke libs that disrupt meetings and intelligent exchange of ideas.

  3. I didn’t see Tester voteing for tax cuts. What else has he done other than getting the national christmas tree back? He has been there how many years now?

  4. I’m told Steve takes his advice from his boy wonder Chief of Staff Jason Theilman, why would we expect anything less? Dodging the public won’t work for the long haul, but this is a lesson the good Senator is going to have to learn the hard way.

  5. Good Men and Women of Montana…….please do NOT delete me here. I know Daines personally, but, I am sad, constantly sad, because he NEVER DOES anything !!!!!!!!
    What I need is…….ALL of you,every single one (1) of you.
    The editor of this blog, every single one (1) of you, altogether.
    Skip Daines, skip Tester, skip Zinke……I have asked all of them…….all of them.
    And none of them ever do diddly squat, except collect their $500 + + every day salaries.
    I have over 4,000 hard internet hours of study of Railroad Law,every facet and every tentacle of it all. {{BNSF destroyed my pawnshop and Bible book store in Miles City from land it NEVER COULD LEASE…….$424,800}}}
    My TRUTH and FACTS and KNOWLEDGE award me I have Warren Buffett’s criminal mob BNSF by the corporate nuts, by the corporate nuts.
    I need……Montana needs………….the entire USA needs………….all of you to LINK with me here in this feature and CONNECT with me in Miles City.
    WE CAN AND MUST move the entire state to expose and sue BNSF for at least five billion dollars ($5,000,000,000).…………….Rob Shipley, Miles City…….406-234-2477
    GRAND ISSUE : Since 1969 BNSF has been LEASING and SELLING federal land under ROE jurisdiction (Railroad Only Easement) NEVER ONCE EVER provided from the U.S. Congress.
    100s and 100s and 100s of millions of $$$$$$$$$$ extorted “under color of law”.
    I have 2000% of ALL the facts. PLEASE CONTACT ME….please…. For GOD and for country….for your progeny.

    Blog Administrator, please, do not edit nor delete this PLEADING for sanity and justice……….”Ship”

  6. Wow, all you republican voters just got another slap in the face! Daines is no Montanan for if he was he wouldn’t be such a coward in facing his constituents in person. This state is paying for a full time representative not one who can only manage a phone call home every once and a while!

  7. Well, I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Montana citizens elected Daines then voted for him again. Personally, I’m an Independent, but I have often wondered why citizens vote against their own self interests. This recent column in the Belgrade News helped me understand why citizens do this. The link is below. Read it. I figure the brilliant citizens of Montana will go out and re-elect GG and Daines. The majority of ordinary working Montanans apparently enjoy being ripped off.

  8. HumbleCountryDoctor | January 19, 2018 10:52 AM at 10:52 AM |

    If anyone would like to act on their disappointment with Senator Daines’ lack of real meetings with ordinary constituents, I will be walking the sidewalk outside his Bozeman office each Wednesday at noon. I am mortified to be making such a public display, but this is too important to ignore. His office is unmarked from the outside (make of that what you will) but the address puts it upstairs in the Downtowner building near the corner of Main and Willson. If you can be civil while exercising your First Amendment rights, please come with an appropriate sign. See you Wednesday.

  9. I want to know what Tester has done for specifically for Montana and not nationally by sucking up / voteing with republicans. I know most of his national votes were with Pelosi. Keystone pipeline? Coal..etc?

    • @Windy – Tester has done more than any other Senator, Democrat or Republican, to improve care and benefits for veterans. He has done more than any other Senator, Democrat or Republican,to expose the despicable corruption and incompetence in the BIA. He has been one of only a few Senators, Democrat or Republican, who has consistently and respectfully reached out to members of both parties to work for the people of Montana and the entire country. He spent YEARS working to involve and include all parties in cooperative efforts to provide better forest management and increased access for timbering.

      And what does that get? Moronic, hate-filled name-calling from numbskulls on the far right, and deliberate efforts from his “colleague”, Steve Daines, to undercut everything he does.

      Tester has frequent, face-to-face meetings with his constituents without “screening” them or packing the meeting with tame tea-baggers. Daines, in contrast, is scared spitless of ANY contact with the people he wants to vote for him, and only does “tele-townhalls” that are nothing more than an excuse to pump out lying campaign garbage and to run off at the mouth about how great a Christian he is.

      Daines is what I’ve always heard of as a “Sunday Christian”. He goes to church on Sunday, sits up in a front pew, all smug and self-righteous, and shouts “Hallelujah!!” and “Amen, brother!!” in all the right spots……….then goes home and kicks the dog.

      What kind of a Christian are you, Windy? I suspect you’re one of those mentioned in Proverbs 18:7 – – A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

  10. Good points all lost on a waste of DNA.

  11. That’s what Daines does on his tele town halls. He is all hat, no cowboy. So is Gianforte and Zinke. Montana embarrassments all.

  12. Jon Tester hosted REAL ‘in your face’ TOWN HALL at Great Falls MT Electric Co-op Office and meeting room was packed, AND critical questions were put forth to the Senator, all were welcome. VA and wilderness areas were the more contentious issues, but all there were civil and what’s problem does DAINES and his ‘protege’ Gianforte have with hold REAL ‘in your face’ Town Halls? Do those two multi-millionaires fear tough questions on HOW MUCH those two will PROFIT personally???

    • This should not be hard as Republicans do not want to listen to on how stupid tax cuts are, it is ok to outsource jobs overseas, sanctuary cities are a must, open borders, chain migration, amnesty for illegals, giving tax dollars to oppressive nations, letting countries take advantage of your tax dollars for patting us on the back for ridiculous projects. Republicans do not see the use of shouting down those that object. Enjoy your Burning Man Festival and Birkenstocks. See you in November 2018. Hugs

  13. I like they way Stevey boy cherry picks his call in commenters. Funny you don’t hear any detractors, and there must be mulitudes. This whole tele-town hall is as phony as it’s host.

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