Episode II: Just What is Going on With Corey Stapleton?

Being Montana’s Secretary of is a big job.  Unfortunately, our Secretary of State Corey Stapleton has turned it into a joke in short order.

We’ve chronicled some of Corey’s little mistakes here.

The Montana Post has done a great job chronicling Stapleton’s teansy, little accounting errors and misuse of taxpayer money.

But this week Stapleton might have bit off more than he can chew.  His miniature acts of defiance to the norms of being an elected offical have become a big problem.

This week, Stapleton sent out an e-mail, from his official SoS office, blasting the media.  This wasn’t a campaign e-mail.  This wasn’t a fundraising pitch.  This wasn’t a drunken message board post on Breitbart under the alias TooTall4UCorey.  It was a taxpayer funded attack on the media.

This e-mail went out to every business that registered with the Secretary of State.  If your business wants to be able to file taxes, you’re going to be registered with the Secretary of State.  Not really the audience for a poorly written attack on the media.

Montana’s media took it personally.  The Missoulian editorial board pushed around Stapleton.  

“It’s hard to know where to begin to respond to such a diatribe.  What on earth motivated Montana’s secretary of state to write this?  More importantly, why did he think disseminating this message was a good use of public resources.  Let’s start by acknowledging what should be obvious: Stapleton has no idea what he’s talking about.”

The message from the Montana media to Stapleton: pick on someone your own size.

Like any middle schooler who has done something bad, Stapleton has started his ad hominem attacks on the source.  We are left to wonder what has Stapleton done to warrant a pre-emptive strike on the media?  If you have any idea–our tip-line is always open.  Knowing Stapleton it’s something way bigger than him.


15 Comments on "Episode II: Just What is Going on With Corey Stapleton?"

  1. I’m sorry to be so direct….Corey is an idiot. I know county Clerk and Recorders most of whom are also Election Administrators…..Republicans and Democrats holding those offices agree that Corey is an idiot. Worse, he’s an idiolog. Stuck in a deep rut of radical ideology that can do nothing but harm Montana. I pray to God that everyone, from the left to the right can see what a farce this man is in this office. He sickens me when compared to wonderful, intelligent and THINKING men like Jim Waltermire. yes, there actually are GOOD republicans, and Jim was one of those.

  2. Another Trumpista who’s missed the peak, knows it, but thinks the Great Awakening & rejection of their Alternative Fact Explanation will be reversed by ranting even more delusional & fanciful. Sorry (I hope), the cat’s out of the bag.

  3. I was lucky. The E-mail ended up in the junk folder.

    Just dug it out so I can reply. This should be fun.

  4. That’s 10 days and one week in Auckland. There must be severe voter fraud in NZ.

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  6. He further confuses the voters with his latest PSA which gives out bad information: When voting by mail DO NOT SIGN your BALLOT……!!! DO SIGN the affirmation envelope it is returned in!!! Once again the Secretary fails to receive input from election administrators (or his staff, apparently) before going off half- cocked with poor judgment and bad info. As long as they are talking about him! He is one heck of a slow learner…..

  7. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | January 30, 2018 10:00 PM at 10:00 PM |

    Say what you will about Corey, Montanans keep voting for him. I really don’t know where we went wrong-we used to elect people like Rankin and Mansfield, how the hell we turned into a Red Red state I just can’t figure out. We used to have a 30% coal tax cuz we knew someday the coal would run out. Now those coal jobs are disappearing and the Coal Tax slashed and the Trust Fund has been depleted and rather than using the fund to promote wind and solar jobs we whine and cry give the Coal Barons gigantic tax cuts. We deserve the government we vote for-or NOT. Take a friend, maybe two?

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