Yet Another Ethics Complaint for Russell Fagg

In what has become a pattern of ethical lapses for the former Judge, Russ Fagg is again being criticized for his shady fundraising and campaign tactics.  

The American Democracy Legal Fund filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee for errors and omissions in his financial disclosure.

If this sounds familiar it is because Fagg already has a rap sheet for unethical campaigning that is getting longer than the ones of some of the defendants who came before his court.  

Fagg’s rap sheet, according to the complaint includes:

  • Filing his report a month late
  • Not reporting his income from the government job he had as a judge
  • Not disclosing the boards he sits on
  • Didn’t include his new law firm on his disclosure form

And Fagg failed to disclose he owns a private plane.  What is it with GOP’ers and private planes these days?  It used to be experience, integrity, and authenticity made a good candidate.  Now it would seem the GOP’s questionnaire includes a “check yes or no for if you own your own plane.”

We could chalk this up to a man in over his head forgetting to check some boxes, but the pattern around the Fagg campaign shows a desire to skirt the rules, hope no one notices, and act in bad faith.

Heck, Fagg ran a shadow campaign for months so he could avoid ethics scrutiny.   This unethical behavior would be disturbing but expected from a low-life candidate looking just to get rich running for office–but from a judge?  Fagg knows better but is choosing the unethical path and that’s scary.

Hopefully his response to this ethical complaint will be a little more honest than the last one, which was to immediately lawyer up.  I bet he knows the best lawyers from his years on the bench.

You can read the whole complaint HERE.

It will be interesting to see if Matt Rosendale, Troy Downing, Ron Murray, and Dr. Al Olszewski start taking shots at Fagg over his ethical lapses.  Due to his botched campaign roll-out most of the other candidates don’t see him as a threat, but they might see his ethics as a liability for the party now.


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  1. Talk about an ethics violation. Is this the best you can do? Please check your sources before you insult the voters. Tell Brock to say Hi to Soros and Clinton for me.

    In 2004, David Brock founded the progressive media watchdog group Media Matters for America (MMA) which describes itself as being “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”[30 In 2011, Brock vowed to wage “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against Fox News.

    David Brock also founded and runs the American Democracy Legal Fund, a nonprofit that has been accused of existing solely to create “a steady stream of lawsuits accusing Republicans of ethics and campaign finance violations.”[36]

    In September 2015, Brock and Correct the Record produced a piece on Bernie Sanders, linking him to Hugo Chavez and British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.[5]

    Jan, 2016, David Brock responded to a Sanders campaign ad by telling the Associated Press: “From this ad, it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders,”

    At a campaign event in Iowa in late January 2016, Bernie Sanders denied any plans to “bus in out-of-state college students to caucus for him,” charging that this was a lie and attributing it to Brock.[55]

    n 2001, Jonah Goldberg wrote in National Review that while Brock has been “hailed by liberals for ‘coming clean,’ they would never really trust him.” He quoted reporter Jill Abramson as having said that “the problem with Brock’s credibility” is that “once you admit you’ve knowingly written false things, how do you know when to believe what he writes?”[16] Similarly, The Guardian referred in 2014 to “residual unease among some liberal operatives that Brock’s conversion story fits into a pattern of opportunism and self-promotion rather than ideological transformation.”[30] Observing in 2015 that Brock had admitted to mudslinging before, The Daily Beast noted a difficulty in dispatching fears he would do it again.[5]
    Brock’s claim that the Clintons have never committed any wrongdoing has received criticisms from many, including fellow Democrats, who have cited instances of abuse.[62]

    • Wait, did you call into question a source then copy and past from Wikipedia? I have some beachfront property in Joliet that you might be interested in.

  2. Windwalker: Regardless of political persuasion, or which side of the aisle one is on, ethics in politics should be of the greatest concern for everyone. Seems like today ethics and morals in our government has gone down the toliet. No amount if projection, name calling, or innuendo will change that. When pedophilia, theft, collusion with foreign governments, obstruction of justice has become the accepted norm then we have a cancer in our government, and wecare the victims.

    • Abraham, I totally agree with you, but you know in this case the only purpose of this complaint is the manipulation of the system to influence votes. You will soon see this complaint is found to have no foundation like the last one. I do find it interesting that Mr. Fagg instilled enough fear into David Brock and Co. to pull out the Clinton tactics. Looks like the race in on.

  3. Fagg was seen at Gianforte’s Great Falls office in December last year, probably looking for an endorsement?

  4. Thurston Howell III | January 31, 2018 3:56 PM at 3:56 PM |

    Gawd… you guys are hilarious. Like a bunch of gossipy old ladies! I saw him coming out of a gas stations. He must have been buying beer! Jeeezz… And isn’t it rich when the Cowgurl talks about ethics! How long were you writing this white trash blog while collecting a government check when you were working for Schweitzer and more than likely using state owned resources to boot!

  5. Throw back to when a democrat authored a tax break for private jet owners..…

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