Yellowstone County GOP Invite Sheriff Accused of Withholding Water from Mentally Ill Inmate Who Later Died to Keynote Event

This is the current state of the Montana GOP.  As part of their LETS HAVE A BALL AND BUILD A WALL gala [capitalization choices made by the GOP not us], they invited former Sheriff David Clarke to be their keynote speaker.

Clarke is famous for many things.  One being wearing a bunch of lapel pins and pretending they are medals for service including a Harley Davidson “Sheriff’s” badgeAnother is for tweeting about how he wants to make members of the media “taste their own blood.” My personal favorite though is when Clarke’s jail shut off water for a mentally ill inmate for 7 days.

The Yellowstone County GOP seems to not have a problem with any of these things.  If one of the countless atrocities that occurred on Clarke’s watch weren’t disqualifying the fact that he was an elected Democrat would be for the Yellowstone County GOP–or so you think. But Clarke has been an unwavering Trump supporter and the Yellowstone County GOP seems to have gotten into the liquor cart on the Trump Train.

Here at the Cowgirl Blog we suggest a little more ambitious or accurate rhyming schemes for their annual fundraiser.

  •  Let’s Undermine the FBI and Never Let a Guy Marry a Guy
  • Scott Baio Wasn’t Available And Tax Cuts Make our Debt Unpayable
  • Stormy Daniels Had to Cancel But Our President’s Hands Are Ample
  • You Think There Was Collusion? You’re Cruisin for a Bruisin
  • President Trump, It Is Hard For Us To Capitulate When You Have No Ideological Compass [this one rhymes in Russian we swear]



14 Comments on "Yellowstone County GOP Invite Sheriff Accused of Withholding Water from Mentally Ill Inmate Who Later Died to Keynote Event"

  1. Dangnabit! That isn’t what I said! I said the sheriff is NEAR! Meet our new sheriff, Uncle Tom Mix!

  2. Racists..sry could not resist.

  3. He also kept female prisoners shackled to their beds during childbirth.

    One newborn died in a prison cell.

    He wasn’t the Sheriff of Milwaukee county; just the county prison, the interstate highways and the airport area. All hat no cattle, and no ranch.

  4. Speaks reams for the GOP and Montana Republicans. No more needs to be said.

  5. Clarke’s a toxic maniac, not a role model for any professionals in law-enforcement!

  6. I hear he also beats stupid white people.

  7. Heard that while he was hitting you, eh?

  8. Lets provide the cinder blocks and mortar so that they can build the wall around their ball. Then they will not have to worry about being contaminated by facts.

  9. There once was a sheriff from Cheeseland,
    Who ran his jail like a s**tcan,
    He campaigned for Trump,
    Then went on the stump,
    Raising bucks for Yellowstone Repubman.

  10. so, another roy moore joe arpaio, rosendale, jennifer fielding; james, indeed, the dems have to get off our duffs and quit attacking the wingnuts and get positive.

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