TBT: That Time Matt Rosendale Ran for Statewide Office and Refused to Debate

Those slick, DC consultants must have worked wonders on Maryland Matt Rosendale’s accent because Rosendale suddenly is feigning some courage and wants to debate Jon Tester!

Nevermind that Rosendale needs to get through Troy Downing, Russell Fagg, Ron Murray, and Al Olszewski just for the chance to debate Tester.  Rosendale knows that and is just trying to puff up his chest.

For those of you who are new here, like per se Troy Downing, you might remember that just 2 years ago Rosendale was running for his current job of State Auditor.  Rosendale refused to debate his Democratic opponent  former representative Jesse Laslovich in a televised forum.

Maybe he was shy about his legendary accent.  Maybe he had no idea what he was supposed to do as an auditor.  Maybe he was fundraising for the next job he wanted: Senator.  Regardless, the fact of the matter is that Rosendale refused to debate on TV.  Laslovich was young, actually from Montana, actually knew what the job of Auditor entailed.  The perfect foil for a carpetbagging real estate developer.  

Rosendale was too scared in 2016 to debate in front of all of Montana.  What’s changed?  He’s enlisted a crack team of hometown advisers from DC to teach him how to be a Montanan.  It will be interesting when he shows up to the first primary debate in a Stetson, riding a horse, and claiming to be a rancher.  Probably won’t be able to hide that accent though.