Why Won’t Steve Daines Hold a Billings Town Hall?

What exactly does Steve Daines spend his time doing? It’s certainly not fighting for the people of Montana. Though Steve Daines is a very busy man, riding around on a horse, Snapchatting his dinners and meeting with wealthy donors. But he doesn’t pass bills and he absolutely doesn’t meet with his constituents.

Shouldn’t an elected representative’s first priority be to listen to his constituents and get work done for them? Not Steve Daines.

Montanans are sick of the scripted telephone conference callhalls where people from Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Missoula and Great Falls are never allowed to ask questions though they Represent 50% of Montana’s population.

You’d figure a Republican would hold a town hall in Billings, but Steve Daines is too much of a coward to even hold an event there.

Billings is Montanas most populous city, in case you’ve forgotten Senator. It is right between Big Timber, Hardin and Roundup.

Montanans have grown sick and tired of the horse and pony show of Steve Daines, it’s time to come to Billings Senator Daines.


15 Comments on "Why Won’t Steve Daines Hold a Billings Town Hall?"

  1. Only one thing to do.

    Register and vote next November.

  2. Same reason he doesn’t hold them in Helena and Bozeman and everywhere else. He must think he has re-election in the bag and doesn’t need to talk with constituents. He’s a useless water carrier for the rich who bought his seat and presumably will try to do the same next time.

  3. I wrote a comment, but instead of printing it you keep saying that it’s a duplicate. Well, it would be if you had printed it, but I see no evidence that you have.

  4. Its very well know that he has fear of the public and that they will confront him on important issues in a direct way.So he stays away and needs a buffer

  5. Daines doesn’t even have the ‘Ballz’ to have a REAL Town Hall in his HOMETOWN of Bozeman, what’s his fears?

  6. Oh you will see and hear plenty from Daines in 2020 when he is up for reelection. Until then why bother with the little people until you need their vote?

  7. He is listening to and working for his constituents, unfortunately they are not from MT.

  8. You guys are being played. Daines has refused to hold town meetings because he knows that when he does all you lunatic fringe Dems will turn it into a shout fest.

    Screamers make for great TV ads. Montana voters will see what you guys are really like.

    • @Big Sweety – No, no! You’re thinking of the teabagger nimrods who kept shouting, “Keep government hands off my Medicare!!” and “We love the ACA, but get rid of Obamacare!!”

      Riddle for you – What has 17 teeth and an IQ of 85? Answer: The front 3 rows at a Trumpsky rally.

  9. If what you claim is reality then it would be in little Stevie’s best interest to have an open town hall and have what you claim actually happen.

    I think what would really happen is that a bunch of well informed people would ask him questions he couldn’t answer and make him look like a jackass. (not difficult).

  10. I was on a Daines FAKE Town Hall for an hour, never got a chance to ask a question, just on hold forever, same for a Gianforte FAKE town hall, all scripted, questions screened and lot of baloney and platitudes from Daines and his puppet GG.

  11. OH, OH, I KNOW!! PICK ME! PICK ME! Because he’s a coward. A rich one that doesn’t want to hear what the people want because he’s going to do what he wants…specifically any legislation that contains the words “HUGE TAX CUT FOR THE WEALTHY”. And so he uses massive amounts of outsider and dark money to inundate the airwaves with attack ads, and then makes promises he never intended to keep at a few county fairs (medicare, social security, taxes, etc) to a gullible electorate here…he’ll create canned conference calls with limited access or marks throwing him softballs and avoid all contact with we Montana serfs.

  12. I hope everyone is filling out the survey and respond cards that Daines’ old boss Giantfart is sending out using his franking privilege. I tell him he’s wimp for not facing his constituents in person.

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