After Bringing CHIP Recipient to State of the Union, Daines Votes Against CHIP Funding

As if Senator Daines’ momentary and politically convenient championing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, wasn’t obvious enough after he suddenly supported it after over 110 days, Daines voted against funding for the program last week.

After Daines had his fun with pretending to be a supporter of CHIP he left the Montana families that rely on it out in the cold.  Daines voted against an additional 4 year extension for CHIP.  I guess health insurance for Montana kids is only a every few years kind of thing.

This is a particularly ugly and sickening form of hypocrisy because Daines engaged in political theater by bringing a CHIP recipient to the State of the Union Address.  Daines’ guest, who the Cowgirl Blog is not going to name because we don’t find it appropriate to use kids as political chess pieces, was 9 years old.  Daines trotted the kid out for the cameras, claimed to be their champion, and then proceeded to vote against the very program that helps their family.

I guess Daines only wanted the child to have health insurance until they were 15, not 16, or 17.   This putrid example of politics at its worst earns Daines a certain amount of shame.  It’s one thing to be intellectually dishonest with your stances, but for the love of God don’t bring children into it just to score political points.  This was a new low even for Daines.

If Daines had his way, that child and any other child on CHIP would face more uncertainty and being uninsured sooner.  If this is how Daines treats his honored guests, just imagine how he looks at the rest of us.


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  1. Really….Who’s surprised in the slightest by anything or anybody Daines betrays or lies about…?

  2. You spell the man’s name as ASSHOLE. Another computer geek that screwed over his employees just to make a buck.

  3. How come no comments about Fester? He voted againest it. How many jobs and taxes has your crew generated before being elected? More trying to get rich on the backs of voters.

    • He voted against it because it didn’t fund community health centers. What good does insurance do when there isn’t a health care facility to go to, dumbass?

    • @Windy – Would you PLEASE try, once in a while, to deal in actual facts? Just mindlessly repeating the Fox Fraudcasting, alt-right garbage just makes you look like an idiot. Well……..more of an idiot anyway.

  4. One is a ….. and the other is not. This will win you votes. Keep up the support.

  5. I think we are tired of your great ideas.

    Cisco: We’re moving our $67 billion cash pile to the U.S.

    Another mountain of money is being brought home to American shores following the new tax law — and much of it will end up in the pockets of investors.

    Tech company Cisco (CSCO) said Wednesday it plans to repatriate $67 billion in foreign profits in the coming months.

    The Silicon Valley firm, which makes gear for computer networks, said it will pass on a significant chunk of that cash to its shareholders over the next two years through share buybacks and increased dividends.

    In total, Cisco investors are set for a windfall of about $44 billion.

    Related: 34 things you need to know about the new tax law

    It’s the latest big U.S. company to map out its plans to bring home cash that has been stashed overseas for years.

    Multinational corporations had previously been reluctant to move their piles of offshore money into the U.S. because of the heavy taxes they would have to pay on it. But the tax bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump in December offers firms a one-off lower tax rate on funds being repatriated to the U.S.

    The new rules also mean companies can no longer avoid paying taxes on past international profits by holding the cash outside the U.S. They must pay tax on the money whether they bring it back to the country or not.

    Moody’s estimated in November that U.S. companies were holding about $1.4 trillion in cash offshore. Five large tech companies — Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), Oracle (ORCL) and Cisco — accounted for nearly $600 billion of that.

    Related: Apple to pay $38B in taxes and add 20,000 jobs in the U.S.

    Supporters of the tax changes had argued that giving companies an incentive to bring the money home could boost the U.S. economy by promoting hiring and investment. But critics said Main Street wouldn’t feel the effect because many companies would opt to reward shareholders with dividends and stock buybacks.

    That appears to be what Cisco is doing. And its announcement pleased investors: the company’s stock was up almost 7% in after hours trading.

    Apple took a different approach last month, promising jobs and investment alongside its plans to move money back to the U.S. It said it would pay $38 billion in taxes on the huge sums it has been keeping overseas and also pledged to create 20,000 jobs and invest $30 billion in U.S. facilities over the next five years.

    On Wednesday, Cisco also reported a loss of $8.8 billion for the final quarter of 2017 after it took a multibillion dollar charge related to the tax law.

    Other large companies have reported similar big hits to their profits from the new law. Microsoft said last month it would take a $13.8 billion tax charge. It didn’t specify whether that was due to the new repatriation rules.

    • @Windy – Are you REALLY that stupid? The reason Cisco is bringing that money back onshore is BECAUSE IT WON’T BE TAXED!! That was the whole point of the Tax Scam bill. You’re right, though, when you say it will go to the stockholders. And it has been proven time after time over the past 40 years that NONE of that gets re-invested or raises pay or benefits for employees. In fact, it just goes back offshore again so THEY won’t pay taxes on it.

      • Precisely right Claudius…it’s amazing that the wingers scream these tales of success that aren’t success at all. These are huge gifts to these companies, stockholder and everyone BUT employees and the country in general.

        But these are the same doofuses that have always backed the global economy idea to the hilt and then suddenly pretended that was an evil democratic plan when Trump lied to the rubes about doing something about it. The same repubs that will tell you they’re going to use US steel and metals in infrastructure development but pass a law after taking power doing the exact opposite. Same guys that used concern about deficits and spending like shields of glory right up until they’ve tried to pass or have passed huge amounts of spending and are toping out at trillions a year in deficit spending. Hypocrisy 101 – the republicans must have been out smoking in the parking lot and miss the entire semester’s lesson.

      • What taxes did they pay when the money was offshore? How much was reinvested?

        • @Windy – You really are dense, aren’t you? The answers are NONE and NONE.

          If you really do get any kind of benefit from the Tax Scam Bill, you should use that to buy a clue, because you don’t currently have any.

  6. “Moody’s estimated in November that U.S. companies were holding about $1.4 trillion in cash offshore”

    So we rack up a 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit over 10 years in order to allow US companies to bring back 1.4 trillion?

    What a great deal. For those US Companies.

    I have a better idea, maybe they should move elsewhere if they refuse to pay their fair share.

  7. Daines voted against CHIP Funding because it was part of the BiPartisan Budget Bill that would add about $300 billion to the debt. Daines does not like any bill that adds to the debt, even if it will help repay Montana for it fire fighting costs.
    But the Tax Cut Bill that will add a minimum of $1.5 TRILLION to the National Debt over ten years is okay because Daines is seeing some benefit from it.
    If Daines opposed one for adding to the debt, why didn’t he oppose the other.

  8. So Mr. Daines is concerned about budget. I understand why you are not concerned about that. The tax cut is a stimulus in case you have not noticed with our jobs and economy.

    • Please provide historical evidence that cutting taxes pays for itself and adds to economic growth.

      The statement that revenue increases in years after the tax cut is passed fails to take job and wage growth. You need to provide hard evidence, not merely the musing of conservative economists, that this actually happens. To help you out, what was the wage and job growth after the TWO Bush tax cuts. Explain the results.

    • when the market, unemployment and inflation are all booming like they are now it is NOT a good time to cut taxes and churn the economy, it’s when we should be raising taxes on the top 10% and investing in infrastructure and educatation which are the foundation of a rosy future. Instead we are fluffing Wall Street Robber Barons and slashing so-called “social spending” good luck with that.

  9. We want to see a balanced budget. They knew this would pass but our voice was heard.

  10. Lets go back to your way and have our software engineers train engineers in India to take thier jobs. Move auto manufacturing to Mexico. Etc. Job well guys…not.

    • Ummm what you are describing is the Conservative, Right-wing way.

    • Reagan launched us on this NeoLiberal voyage in 1981/1982, based on the Powell memo laying out the plan to infect America with Fascism and rule by the 1/10 of 1%. Please show me where the Founders expressed the idea that Corporations should have more Rights than humans do-I WILL give you some of them felt only wealthy land-and-slave-owning-white-men should govern us but we grew up and decided women and brown people should even be allowed. We now have to show the same courage as those early activists and pass an Amendment that says “persons” must have a bellybutton. If you have no bellybutton you aren’t allowed to vote or engage in electioneering. Also we need to replace the Fair Time Policy for broadcasters and stop allowing one “person” to own every source of information in town. The new GOP tax scam Bill contained riders to REWARD FORD for moving 8,000 jobs to Monterrey and 4,000 to Montreal. And now that tax cut is passed Apple is saying because Canada and Mexico both have better healthcare they may change their plans and move that new robotic plant to Canada or Mx after all…

  11. Trump is leading the US I’m the same direction he took all his businesses….into bankruptcy. Half of Congress is gleefully going along for the ride, which included Daines and Gianforte. First class for everyone but the taxpayers.

  12. A fun (really!) look at cutting taxes

  13. Idiots.

    The Laffer Curve theory later became a cornerstone of President Ronald Reagan’s economic policy, which resulted in one of the biggest tax cuts in history. During his time in office, tax revenues received by the government increased from $517 billion in 1980 to $909 billion in 1988.

  14. contradicted that this problem was not because of too little demand but due to the burden of heavy taxes and regulations that left producers without incentive to produce more.

    Tax rate cuts affect revenues in two ways. Every tax rate cut translates directly to less government revenue but in the longer term, puts more money in the hands of taxpayers, increasing their disposable income. Hence, business activity increases, companies hire more, who in turn spend more, and this leads to economic growth. The growth creates a higher tax base and generates higher revenue in the long term.

    A higher tax rate increases the burden on taxpayers. In the short term, it may increase revenues by a small amount but carries a larger effect in the long term. It reduces the disposable income of taxpayers, which in turn, reduces their consumption expenditure. Aggregate demand in the economy falls and due to an increase in unsold stocks, producers create less. This leads to unemployment and producers feel that there is no incentive to produce more and earn more income, as most of it is taken away in taxes. The tax base for the government falls and so does its tax revenue.

    • @Windy – On average, how many times do you have to stop on the way home to ask for directions? 3? 5?

      Over the past 40+ years there is not ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE, at any level of governance, of a tax cut on the incomes of the wealthiest individuals and/or major corporations that has resulted in more revenue, more jobs, or higher pay for paycheck workers.

      When you CHOOSE to believe arrant nonsense because it’s just saying what you want to hear, that makes you an idiot. Now, that’s a fact.

      The most dramatic and sustained economic growth in this country’s history followed WW II, when the marginal tax rate on personal wealth was in the 90%+ range. When the rich are required to pay their fair share, the whole country benefits. That’s why they oppose it so vehemently. The thought of poor people improving their lives makes the rich acutely nauseated. It’s just…..un-natural…… in their view.

      • This is scary. Tax cuts are for everyone. Your kind of socialism is scary. Your kind are pushing voters out of the dem party. Watch this November.

  15. Thank you Senator Daines.

    CHIP needs to go away – as I can’t afford it.

    • Yes, darling. It’s all about you.

    • @Erikkk – If you can’t afford to pay your taxes, you must be one of those worthless bums in the lower 90% of society. You’re obviously not one of the elite.

    • “In 2012, the average American taxpayer making $50,000 per year paid just $36 towards the food stamps program and about $6 per year for the rest of the social safety net programs.”

      I bet you spend more than 42 dollars a year on all kinds of bullshit Eric.

  16. I might spend $40 on wings and beer Saturday, but it’s my choice.

    Myself and my employers paid for my kids insurance – no handouts.

  17. I am amazed how you can believe and justify being losers. Are you all unemployed and living off welfare? Please explain. Tax the rich so slugs do not have to get a job or what?

  18. Tough choice, get a real job or pick up trash. Also mighty cold out now but it should easy to see on top of the snow. I would buy you a stick with a nail in it if that would help.

    • @Windy – You’re just jealous because you can’t even get hired for a mandatory job. Maybe that’s because, when they hand you a broom the only thing you know how to do with it is to lean on it.

      I’ve hired, trained, managed, and occasionally fired literally thousands of people over my career. INEVITABLY, the scruffiest applicants from the poorest backgrounds are the ones who work their tails off, while the shit-kicker white guys who think they’re doing anyone a favor by taking any kind of job are the ones who do nothing but ‘goof’ off and ‘goof’ up. The mantra from people like you is always, “I’m here 40 hrs a week….you expect me to WORK too? I’m outta here!!” You wouldn’t last two weeks in a job that the average immigrant would take on as a SECOND job and gladly pay the taxes to have it.

  19. Maybe you can get a job with ICE. They should be hiring when half the people on food stamps that show up to have to work will be illegals.

  20. Tag your congress person to pass a law put those persons on welfare to work except women with very young kids and those with medical issues.

  21. Your choice work or not.

  22. Yikes. Not a whole lot of tolerance from the left on this site. A lot of name calling from angry old people, though.

    • Intimitation and ignorance will never stop the truth.

    • True. We don’t have much tolerance for ignorant inbred redneck dumbfucks spouting tired, trite rightwingnut talking points.

      • Doug- You have no interest in solutions. Out here in the real world, we call you part of the problem. If you’re so smart, why do you even take part in this discussion? Just to call names, swear and hate half your fellow Americans? You should get outside and try getting some enjoyment out of life. Until then, your anger and vitriol toward your fellow man reveals your insecurities and lack of success & achievement (proven by your lack of last name use). — Just my two cents from Big Sky, where it’s too cold for a city slicker like me to be on the slopes (though I’m loving the views and happy people up here!) — Larry from MPLS

        • @Larry – I don’t hate much of anyone. But I do have lots of contempt for the brain-dead bigots who continue to support the most dishonest, corrupt, and stupid man to ever infest the White House.

          His pathological character was obvious in the campaign, yet you voted for him because he despises the same people you do. You continue to support him because he is determined to destroy as much of this country as he possibly can, and you figure that you’ll come out ahead in the process. You are totally aware of his lack of character and his vicious spite, yet you want sane, responsible people to roll over and “cooperate” with the slimy GOP scum as they demonstrate they’ll willingly accept crooks, perverts, and wife-beaters as long as they’ll go along with repealing the entire 20th Century.

          No thanks. I have higher standards than that, as do the others in this forum that you object to. Interesting to note that YOUR only contribution has been to troll the people you disagree with. I’m a little surprised to see you claim to be from Mpls. I remember it being a cleaner city than that.

        • Nice example of projection.

          What were the surnames of Publius and Poor Richard?

  23. In breaking news, Steve and 24 other Senators want tRump to re-engage in TPP. The link goes to a tweet with a copy of the letter.

  24. Breaking news, RNC is getting record donations and the DNC is broke. Guys keep up the good work.

    • NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2018 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released on February 20, 2018.

      Dem. CoH $80,752,701
      Rep. CoH $108,381,350

      I wouldn’t call $81 million broke. You need to stop lying about information that is easy to verify, windy.

      • @doug – Windy is as inept at lying as his idol, the so-called president.

        There’s that alt-right departure from reality – if I say it, it must be true, and anyone who points out the dishonesty is just “fake news.”

  25. Where is Hillary’s money. She bought the DNC in 2016.

    The Democratic Party is carrying more than $6 million in debt, according to year-end filings — and has just $6.5 million in the bank. Do the math, and the party is working with just over $400,000 overall. Meanwhile, the Republicans are swimming in pools of money. The Republican National Committee had raised $132 million by the end of 2017 — about twice as much as the DNC — and entered 2018 with almost $40 million to spare, with not a penny of debt.

  26. It seems Windwalker has hijacked this blog. He is so full of BS that I shall log off and stop wasting time. Montana Cowgirl needs a new handle, free of that Windy gas bag.

  27. Economic data showed U.S. jobless claims fell more than expected to a near 45-year low last week.

    • And that is great news. And even more reason why the Trump/GOP Tax cut makes little sense.

      Most sane people understand that you do not increase Deficit/Debt during times of solid economic growth.

    • @Windy – Glad to see you appreciate everything the Obama administration did to restore the economy that Bush/Cheney wrecked. Of course, being brain-damaged, you’ll believe Trumpsky’s incessant lies about all the hyuuge successes he’s having. All those jobs saved (NOT) at Carrier in Indiana. All those jobs (NOT) brought back from China and India.

      You should probably talk to a lawyer about filing child-abuse claims against your parents. Getting dropped on your head that many times could not have been accidental.

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