Troy Downing’s Valentine Poem

Troy Downing Poaches the Judge’s Heart:


Will you be my Valentine?

I can afford the poaching fine

But please no jail time!


I love my vacation home in Montana,

I get to play cowboy and wear a bandana!


BUT the FWP Deep State is coming for you and me,

I am trying to make you all see!


I’m a real Montanan,

Like Gianforte is a tough man,

for punching that reporter,

for holding a voice recorder.


Just like Gianforte,

I know I committed a crime,

I do it all the time,

but it’s because the hunting in Montana is Sublime!


3 Comments on "Troy Downing’s Valentine Poem"

  1. Whhhhaaat? You don’t deserve to even vacation in Montana!

  2. Troy Downing is a California Carpetbagger.

  3. Looks like the second bullet point is right-on about Troy. “ego gratification”.

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