How Much Is Steve Daines Fealty to the NRA Over Flights Going to Cost Taxpayers? A Lot of Time, Money, or Both.

Following a gruesome, horrific, and tragic shooting in Florida earlier this month, people around the country started to question the blind loyalty many have to the National Rifle Association.  This includes a boycott of companies that affiliate with the NRA.

Two of the bigger companies that were being boycotted were Delta and United Airlines.  In response to the threat of boycott and the NRA’s continued opposition to things as simple as background checks or banning bump stocks, United and Delta both cut ties with the NRA.

This upset Senator Steve Daines.  The brave Senator proudly took to twitter to declare he was standing with the NRA and was willing to sacrifice his plush “diamond” status (whatever the hell that is) to show his solidarity with a group who thinks arming two-years away from retirement Mrs. O’Keefe with a Glock is a better solution than closing the gun-show loophole.

Daines rightfully got raked over the coals on twitter.

The Great Falls Tribune even did a story about our viral (in a bad way like shingles not in a good way like cute cat videos) Senator.

But what this story doesn’t point out is the incredible cost to the taxpayer Daines butt-kissing to the NRA will incur.  Anyone who flies to the east coast from Montana knows Delta is 9/10 your cheapest option.  The other one time it is United.

So now that Senator Daines stands with the NRA rather than any semblance of fiscal conservatism during taxpayer-funded travel let’s look and see just how much this stunt will cost us.

I tried to crunch the numbers.

On an average week, Senator Daines needs to be in Washington DC from Monday through Friday.  Then presumably he will come to Montana and hide out from his constituents.  Then he fly’s back to DC Monday morning to be back in time to vote on the Senate floor.

If Senator Daines needs to be back in DC by 5 pm ET on Monday March 5th, let’s look at the options for flying.

According to the Google Flights, the cheapest flight on March 5th that gets Daines in DC on the right day and time is $318–not bad. But it is Delta so Daines can’t fly on it.

When you remove United and Delta from the search though you run into some trouble.


The only thing that meets our criteria would force Daines to fly from Kalispell–a mere 5 hour drive for Daines in the morning from his home in Bozeman–at 6 a.m. MT.

Oh, also the flight is $1,386.  So if Senator Daines follows through on his pledge to stand with the NRA and not fly Delta or United he will miss his votes, charge the taxpayer an additional $1,068 for his stunt.  That’s just for next week.

I know what you are thinking, “of course it’s going to be super hard to find a perfect flight one week away.”  Okay, just for kicks let’s project out to April.

Presumably Daines will be traveling in Montana during the April recess.  That means he needs to be back in DC by Monday May 7th by 5 pm ET.

Daines can get a cheap flight for as low as $167.  All Montanans know that’s a hell of a deal!  Oh wait, it’s on Delta


The only flight that works for Daines into town on time is over $500 more expensive.  And this is 3 months out.

So due to Daines’ undying fealty to the NRA he will either have to spend less time with his constituents (probably what he wants anyway) by flying out a day early or spend more taxpayer dollar for less efficient flights (not very conservative if you ask me).  All this just to kiss the ring of the NRA?  Seems a bit much.

I wonder how Daines is going to get to and from Washington without two major airlines?  Guess we will see and feel it in our wallets.


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  1. What is Tester doing? He has a A- rating from the NRA.

    • @Windy – Can you spell g-o-o-g-l-e and peck it out on a computer keyboard? The public library will be glad to let you use one of theirs.

      Senator Tester received NOTHING in campaign contributions from the NRA, and voted to support universal background checks.

  2. Oh, darn, I forgot and Tester is up for election this year, not Mr Daines.

  3. Mr. Windwalker, It seems all you ever want is to argue with anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with you. There is nothing constructive to be seen in your comments and you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind here. I’m sure there must be a place that is more closely aligned with your views. Please be a gentleman and play in your own sandbox.

  4. Daines will probably hire a jet to take him back and forth, he has enough money. We’ll just have to wait and see what he does with this one, but expect a fight if he expects taxpayers to foot the bill for his NRA worship. Also, I read on one NRA recipient list that Tester did receive a little money from them, I think it was under a thousand, can’t remember the exact number, nothing compared to the 77,000 plus (from the list I read) that Daines got. I am not sure why he gets an A- rating from the NRA, but he has voted against some gun control laws. I love Tester, but I think being a rep to Montanan’s would put him in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to gun control. The NRA has pulled off a good campaign of pitting gun right activists against 2nd Amendment diehards and it is going to be a battle, but it is past time.

  5. The NRA stopped being about guns a long time ago. Now, it’s simply the new age nazi party designed to sell guns. And really, how can gun manufacturers survive? The country has reached the point of satiety. I can’t even think of what I need to add to my armory. I, like most Montanans, have all the guns I could possibly use. Maybe the gun manufacturers could try a Joe Camel type campaign. Dana Loesch just ain’t working. Sumthin’ real scary about a good looking nazi. It’s creepy!

  6. Maybe Daines should start taking Amtrak. Perhaps he will find more support for mass transit.

  7. What about hitch-hiking? He could meet real Montanans and chip in for gas!

  8. Or goverment aircraft like bollock and pelosi

    • When Pelosi was Speaker of the House she was mandated to use government aircraft as second in line of succession.

      • Paul Ryan flys commercial. Geezzz, quit with the group thought. I bet if they told you had a mouth full of shit you would start spitting.

        • Just political oneupmanship. Ohio and Wisconsin aren’t at the other side of the country.

          “House Speaker Paul Ryan will continue John Boehner’s self-imposed prohibition on using government-chartered, private jets.

          As second in line to the presidency, the speaker of the House is allowed use of an Air Force jet to travel around the country. When Boehner (R-Ohio) took the speakership in 2011, he vowed to not use the jet. On Friday, Ryan’s office told POLITICO that he would not use the jet, either. Boehner’s prohibition did not extend to overseas travel.

          Nancy Pelosi caught flak when, as speaker, she flew home to San Francisco on a military airplane. That prompted Boehner’s decision to impose the ban.”

  9. Looks like Trump has saved us a billion and a half on the Air Force One replacement planes.

    EXCLUSIVE: President Trump has struck an “informal” deal with Boeing for new Air Force One planes, according to the White House — resulting from negotiations that started before he took office.

    “President Trump has reached an informal deal with Boeing on a fixed price contract for the new Air Force One Program. Thanks to the president’s negotiations, the contract will save the taxpayers more than $1.4 billion,” Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said Tuesday.

    The deal is worth $3.9 billion. Officials say it represents $1.4 billion in savings from estimates of over $5 billion for two airplanes and related costs.

    Should make up for Daines increased travel costs, if any.

    • “The price has always been around $4 billion,” said Richard Aboulafia, an aviation analyst with the Teal Group. “There’s no evidence that anything has changed at all with this program. Happy Air Force One Theater Day!”

      Keep drinking that FUX Skews kool-aid, swede.

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | February 27, 2018 3:21 PM at 3:21 PM |

      This is what passes for reality in Swede World eh?

      When you consider how much time away from the WH that fucking Chimpanzee masquerading as a human spends, he should pay for those planes himself. After all he is sooooooo rich.

      Hey Swedie, didn’t trump (small caps on purpose) criticize Obama for all the time spent playing golf and going on taxpayer paid trips?

      How many days has trump spent playing golf or hiding at Moron-lago (sic).

    • @Big Sweety – Be sure and let us know when one of those Trumpsky “informal deals” actually pans out. It sure didn’t happen with that “informal deal” to save jobs at Carrier did it?

      • How many jobs did obama save there? What did Mr Trump do? Oh ya, made a phone call.

        • And that was president elect

        • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | March 1, 2018 4:54 PM at 4:54 PM |

          There where?

        • @Windy – Do you EVER bother to check on the lies you swallow from breitbart, infowars, and Fox Fraudcasting?

          “Trump didn’t save any of the hundreds of jobs at a sister plant an hour’s drive up the road in Huntington. Despite a Trump tweet promising otherwise, his public shaming didn’t stop a ball-bearing plant around the corner – Rexnord – from leaving Indianapolis for Mexico in May. … Those jobs promises haven’t been forgotten. Resentment among those remaining at the Carrier plant has simmered as the company has continued with the staggered layoffs of the jobs Trump didn’t save. The last of the condemned will be let go just after the New Year.”

          “The Indiana-based heating and air conditioning plant Carrier will lay off 215 workers this week, the last of about 600 layoffs that were previously announced, despite efforts from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to prevent the company from moving operations to Mexico and slashing its workforce.

          The Trump administration touted its role in negotiations that led to around $7 million in economic incentives to Carrier to encourage the manufacturer to keep about 1,100 jobs at its Indianapolis plant — around half of what Carrier’s parent company United Technologies originally planned to cut.”

          So Carrier got a $$$SEVEN MILLION sweetheart deal from Pence, pocketed the money, and still kept moving the jobs to Mexico. Laughing all the way to the next board meeting where they could brag about how they suckered Trumpsky.

          Do you think “President” Chump is tired of winning yet?

  10. Obama…drop the mic….party on bro

  11. Windwalker, here is the FACTS about the “Speakers” gov jet. The BUSH admin put that jet in place for the then REPUBLICAN speaker. He used it a lot!!! Nancy seldom used it, she flew commercial because she said it gave her opportunities to interact with everyday people. Again, if YOU EVER checked facts you would have know this. I nearly lost a good friend who is a republican over this issue nearly 8 years ago, that’s how long this lie has been perpetrated. Check your facts so that your opinion matters….lies, they don’t matter, they HARM, but they never help matters.

    • But…but…if Windy started checking for actual facts, he might find out something he doesn’t WANT to know. It’s so much more …satisfying… to just repeat the distortions, misinformation, and outright lies pouring out of Fox Fraudcasting and the AM radio idiots.

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