Why Is Russell Fagg Still Touting the Endorsement of Someone Who Has Since Passed?

Billings area judge Russell Fagg has banked his candidacy on being the Establishment’s pick.  The anti-Trump, the “oh he’s probably going to vote to sell off our public lands but at least he’s tall and generic looking” candidate.  As part of his campaign he has touted the endorsements of the who’s who of MT GOP.

Failed Senatorial candidate Denny Rehberg

Failed Gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill

Failed Supreme Court Justice Candidate Kirsten Juras

But the strangest endorsement that continues to lead Fagg’s website is that of former Montana governor Judy Martz.  Martz passed away in October and as of today, February 26th, her endorsement still sits at the top of his campaign website’s endorsements page.  Her endorsement was before Fagg had come under investigation by the Federal Election Committee.  It was before he received yet a second ethics complaint for running a shadow campaign.  Pre-ethics scandal Fagg was probably a decent GOP option, but can he really pretend he is the same person who Martz endorsed before she passed?  Probably not.

It just seems strange to continue to tout the endorsement of someone who is no longer with us.


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  1. Mr Fagg, Distict Court Judge and Tester music teacher and what do they do? Make laws. Hummm, I will have to think this one over.

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