A Cartoon by Paul Seccomb

A Cartoon by Butte’s Paul Seccomb


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  1. ‘tweedle dumb and tweedle dee’ money bags can buy their OWN plane if they don’t like Delta’s corporate policy, and I thought those ‘two’ were all about
    government ‘not’ messin’ with business decision? These two are terrible cowards, afraid to engage Montanans face to face?

  2. If GG ever met with his constituents it would be great to hear why the richest member of the House needs $331,000.00 in contributions from the NRA.
    Must be some special interest legislation that needs to be brought forth.
    The only solution to mass shooting massacres is banning these guns. Nothing else will work.

    • The NRA was going to split the $300K with Tester but after he stabbed Montanans in the back with Obamacare and the Trump tax cut they couldn’t depend on Jon protecting our guns rights.

      • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | February 28, 2018 4:55 PM at 4:55 PM |

        So that’s how you see it eh Sweety?

        If being stupid is painful you must live a life in excruciating agony.

      • tRump in his meeting today with bi-partisan lawmakers on guns.

        “TRUMP, JUST NOW: “take the guns first, go through due process second.””

        The ammosexuals are clutching at their pearls and their penis compensators.

      • @Big Sweaty – There you go again, trying to emulate Trumpsky’s incessant lying. The NRA only contributes to politicians who they know will protect the rights of mass murderers – you know, the ones who are sure to buy more guns.

        Smarten up, Bud. You’re embarrassing yourself…….again.

  3. From the Huffpost.

    “The Russian people will readily admit that a similar dynamic exists with them: they hate the rich Russians. Their excuse? Russians despise and loathe anybody else’s success — not just wealth, any success. It’s because, deep down, they hate themselves with a kind of low self-esteem only losers can boast. I think it’s because they know they could have the same success but aren’t prepared to push themselves or work hard enough to obtain it. Or perhaps that most of them have lived their entire lives under a system — socialism — that destroys success.”

    • Yep, but like most Republicans you failed to mention all the facts that don’t fit your narrative. The fact is that it was an OPINION (with many falsehoods-btw) written by the extreme right-wing Republican goofball who uses the pseudonym “The Relentless Conservative”.

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | March 1, 2018 10:09 AM at 10:09 AM |

      Oh Sweety you are such a caution.

      I don’t hate the rich, I dislike rich assholes.

      Daines and Ginforte are rich assholes who think their wealth entitles them to buy a political office and shape this country in their warped vision.

      You are merely a stooge.

      • Who do you want? Someone smart enough to make their own money or a career democrat that gets rich off of the backs of voters and buys votes with voters tax dollars? Have you not figured that out yet? Geezzz

        • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | March 1, 2018 4:53 PM at 4:53 PM |


          Typical Windbag logic.

        • @Windy – Trumpsky is broke. Always has been. He has always lived high on the hog by lying, cheating, and stealing from everyone who has ever dealt with him.

          He’s so frantic now because, according to his entire history, by this time Mueller, the FBI, and assorted state Attorneys General should have thrown up their hands in disgust and just given up while his legal beagles were prepping the paperwork for another bankruptcy filing. He just recently learned that he can’t take out a multi-million dollar lien on the White House, and he is OUTRAGED!! What kind of a country is this when a a slimy, pathological crook can’t steal everything in sight and just walk away from it?

    • Obviously the USA should have had a MUCH more restrictive immigration policy when all those nordic numbnuts were flooding into the country in the late 1800’s. That influx has obviously had a severely detrimental effect on the gene pool here.

  4. Wow, not one but three low esteem personal attacks.

  5. Hit ‘em again with the “snowflake” meme. It’s really effective. It makes them look weak and effeminate. And you will appear to be clever, strong and well-informed.

    • @Kittifer – That was certainly the intention of the alt-right when they originated that meme. Unfortunately, typical for trump-chumps, they were projecting.

      I see where Daines is sucking up to Trumpsky by advocating for teachers to be armed. His rationale — shooters attacking schools are “cowardly, white males”. Yet another case of projection it would appear.

    • You seem triggered.

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