After less than a year on the job, Greg Gianforte must not like being in Congress very much.

After campaigning for Governor, then again for Congress, on a promise (an obviously false one) to protect public lands, he’s just gone and done the exact thing he said he wouldn’t do. Shock!

Gianforte last week introduced not one, but TWO bills to get rid of federally protected wilderness.

Montanans are not surprised that Greg Gianforte is trying to gut public lands.

The first is a House counterpart to Steve Daines’ bill to release nearly 500,000 acres of wilderness – but that just wasn’t quite enough for Gianforte. On top of that he had to go and outdo his good buddy in the Senate by introducing another bill to release an additional 240,000 acres. All together, that’s almost 750,000 acres of wilderness that Greg Gianforte thinks would be better off leased or sold to private interests.

You only need a passing knowledge of Montana politics to know that Republican, Democrat, or anywhere in between, public lands are sacred to Montana voters – you don’t mess with them. And make no mistake, these are some of the worst public lands bills in Montana history.

Greg Gianforte really much not care what Montana voters think of him, introducing this kind of access-killing legislation. After years of denying his obvious anti-public access positions, Gianforte got to D.C. and proved what everyone knew all along. He doesn’t care one bit about public lands in Montana, he’s only interested in following the marching orders from his bosses in Washington.

By making these clear moves to reduce public access, Gianforte has basically given Democrats an updated playbook for defeating him in 2018.

Can the Gallatin County Sheriff charge Gianforte for assault on our public lands?


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  1. Scumbag!

  2. Nice to see Greg Gianforte’s mug shot back in circulation.

    That photo should always include a caption identifying it as such. Internet search engines need it.

  3. Even Bernie Sanders cannot get it right but Heenan can?

    Heenan said he would push for a single payer, Medicare-for-all system, saying all Montanans are entitled to quality health care.

    In December 2014, Vermont canceled its plan for single-payer healthcare.[68] Vermont passed legislation in 2011 creating Green Mountain Care.[103] When Governor Peter Shumlin signed the bill into law, Vermont became the first state to functionally have a single-payer health care system.[104] While the bill is considered a single-payer bill, private insurers can continue to operate in the state indefinitely, meaning it does not fit the strict definition of single-payer.

    Representative Mark Larson, the initial sponsor of the bill, has described Green Mountain Care’s provisions “as close as we can get [to single-payer] at the state level.”[105][106] Vermont abandoned the plan in 2014, citing costs and tax increases as too high to implement.[107]

  4. What is Heenan’s stance on imigration?

  5. Would Heenan support repeal of the tax cuts?

  6. What is Heenan’s stance on Colstrip and coal?

    • Hmmmmm……Windwalker, you are acting like a paid political operative. Do you get a big fat greasy paycheck from anti-progressive Hilltop if the Progressive loses the Dem primary?

  7. These bills were developed by Daines and Gianforte without a single public meeting to hear what Montanans think about these beautiful wild lands. People who are interested in defeating these anti-wilderness bills should sign on to the open letter to our entire Congressional delegation at Our Land, Our Legacy. See

  8. The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | March 8, 2018 9:25 PM at 9:25 PM |

    Heenan seems to have you more than a little frightened ya windblower.

    • You are kidding. It does not matter who runs with that
      platform. Someone will ask these questions. No more softball questions.

      • @Windy – Try asking those “softball” questions of Gianforte. He’ll put you on the floor and start hitting you. What a yutz!

      • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | March 9, 2018 12:33 PM at 12:33 PM |

        Then you have nothing to fear. According to you, 2018 will be a GOP Landslide.

        You can fuck off now.

  9. With the way things are in DC and the State, There are strong reasons to boycott all Republican candidates in the mid term election. Seems a shame it has come to this.

  10. This is too funny. A blind person can see that Greg is cruising towards an easy re-election.
    What will the Dems message be?
    The economy really isn’t booming, we hate Trump, we love illegal aliens, and we want to take your tax cut away?

  11. Denver is a sanctuary city.
    Do these dem canidates support sanctuary cities?

    Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, 26, has been charged with one count of vehicular homicide-DUI and one count of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

    Zamarripa-Castaneda was driving a pickup truck shortly before midnight on Saturday when he allegedly caused a fiery accident involving a semitruck near eastbound Interstate 70 and North Brighton Boulevard.

    The crash resulted in the death of the 57-year-old driver of the semitruck. The semitruck driver has not been identified.

    Zamarripa-Castaneda then fled the scene of the accident, the Denver Police Department said. He was arrested at his home in the 2600 block of West Bayaud Avenue early Sunday, prosecutors said.

    According to a probable cause affidavit, Zamarripa-Castaneda’s speech was slurred and his breath had a moderate odor of unknown alcohol.

    He was taken to Denver Health Medical Center where three blood draws were conducted. The results are pending, police said.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs agents want to take Zamarripa-Castaneda into custody because of his immigration status in an effort to get him deported to Mexico.

    But the Denver Sheriff’s Department has said it will refuse to honor the detainer. If Zamarripa-Castaneda posts his $25,000 bond, he will be free to go until his next court date.

    Denver and all other state agencies stopped honoring detainer orders from ICE in 2014 after courts ruled it was illegal.

    Zamarripa-Castaneda is scheduled to appear in court on Friday morning for a second advisement.

    • @Windy – And the ever-growing circle of fellow-criminals around the so-called president are facing a rapidly-growing list of indictments. Looks to me like Zamarripa-Castaneda is less of a threat to society than the entire administration in the White House.

      Hey!! DC isn’t a sanctuary zone… you suppose ICE could grab and deport Manafort?

      More great news!! The trump-chumps in Congress have vehemently blocked closing Guantanamo; so convenient when Trumpsky is impeached and convicted to have someplace to send him. I could even be persuaded that re-instating water-boarding might be appropriate in that situation.

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | March 10, 2018 12:59 PM at 12:59 PM |

      Does this mean you live in Denver? I don’t live in Denver, I live in Montana.

    • “A former Bossier Parish pastor has been arrested after admitting to police he had meth at his Bossier City home.

      Andy C. Harris, 56, of 2406 Benton Road in Bossier City, was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

      Harris was the senior pastor at The Church of the Cross, an Assemblies of God congregation perhaps best known for the 199-foot exterior cross it erected in 2009 on its property along U.S. 80 in Haughton.

      Church officials confirmed Friday that Harris had resigned, but they wouldn’t comment further. References to Harris on the church’s site and some on social media have been deleted.

      Harris’ lives in a 3,519-square-foot home on an acreage, according to parish property records. Detectives found approximately 3.4 grams of suspected meth for personal use, along with a smoking device and snorting straw at the home, the sheriff’s office said.”

  12. Next…..
    Heenan is for single payer health care and…

    Republican US Senate candidate Russ Fagg says the vote shows how out of touch Tester is:

    Jon Tester’s latest vote in favor of sanctuary city funding is an embarrassment to Montana. Tester continues to put illegal immigrants ahead of United States citizens.”

    • @Windy – Republican US Senate candidate Russ Fagg…….you mean the guy who violated the ethical standards of the judiciary by becoming a candidate and accepting manipulated campaign contributions under false pretenses while still on the bench?

      Is that the candidate you mean? The guy who makes Rosendale look honest and upright by comparison?

    • Drunks for Denny | March 10, 2018 1:20 PM at 1:20 PM |

      Why would anyone in Montana care about illegal immigrants? Are there scads of illegal immigrants taking our high paying jobs away from us? Only a stupid bigot who watches too much Fox News would give a flying crap about Sanctuary cities.

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