OPI Chief vs. The English Language, Rd. 1

A Political Cartoon from Butte’s Paul Seccomb


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  1. Maybe she’s trying to say that schools should have a stated policy that “students should enter the school carrying their backpacks, and should not leave the school in a body bag.” I do believe.

  2. Duncan Chambers | March 10, 2018 7:40 AM at 7:40 AM |

    Almost as dumb as Betsy DeVos

  3. She always talked like a democrat.

    • @ele – How would you know what a Democrat sounds like? You’re too busy listening to breitbart, Alex Jones, and the treasonous idiots at Fox Fraudcasting to have any clue about that.

  4. Ele) you mean more like a republican! Isn’t your commander in chief notorious for speaking like a 4th grader?

  5. to ranchgirl: he’s your commander in chief/president too

    • @njd – No, he is NOT. He is a congenital, pathological liar; a narcissistic sociopath; and a lifelong, brazen criminal. That may be the sort of person YOU have chosen as YOUR president, but that doesn’t mean that sane, responsible people have to accept his incessant violations of the oath of office he swore. YOUR president has forfeited any right to the dignity or respect due the OFFICE of the presidency.

      LOCK HIM UP!!!

    • No He is a criminal fraudster who was installed by a foreign power. Those of us with any sense refuse to accept him.

  6. Now that I hear there will be a Hobby Lobby coming to Bozeman, I am reminded of how they were so upset that their employees might get contraceptives with insurance because it would be sinful. This is very hard to comprehend in light of their recent actions in buying stolen antiquities from ISIS. It would seem first that buying know stolen goods would register on their sin meter, but way beyond that how can you rationalize giving money to an enemy of our country. An enemy that is still killing our soldiers. I have only one word for this, treason.

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