Troy Downing Secures Dan Quayle’s Endorsement. What Other Non-Montanan, Rich, Yellowstone Club Members Have Yet to Pledge Their Allegiance?

Rich Californian Troy Downing is excited to announce he has received the endorsement of rich Midwesterner Dan Quayle.  Quayle, such a doofus that there was an entire publication dedicated to his gaffes known as Quayle Quarterly, was Vice President for 4 years under George H. W. Bush.

Downing announced Quayle’s endorsement on Twitter:

The only thing really endorse-able there is Downing’s surfer locks.

Now that Downing has secured the endorsement of a fellow cosplaying Montanan we are left to wonder which one of the multimillionaire Yellowstone Club Members will be the next to get behind the California Dream.

According to Wikipedia here is a list of Troy’s fellow “Montanans”:

Damn, Troy doesn’t even make it on the list of his gated community’s wikipedia page…

Will it be former Senator (from Tennessee) Bill Frist?  Anaconda’s  Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel?  The Pride of Hysham Tom Brady?  The Martinsdale Miracle Bill Gates?  The Jewel of Jordan Jennifer Garner?

Wait, none of these people are actually from Montana?  That seems like a pre-requisite to join Team Downing.


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  1. Warren Miller is dead now, so scratch that endorsement.

    I see a lot of names on that list that probably won’t be endorsing the california carpetbagger.

  2. With an endorsement by Dan Quayle clutched firmly in his sweaty little fist, surely Downing is ready to go for the big time…..PeeWee Herman!!!

  3. I woulld rather see a small businessperson, a teacher, a rancher, a service worker, an electrician, a member of the clergy, (heaven forbid)a small town lawyer, a credit union teller, or a social worker who had actually worked a job in service to the people of Montana than one of these out of state idiots who have nothing of themselves invested in Montana. Yes, they buy their ranch-mansions and hunt Montana wildlife and consume the best Montana has to offer. But when did they serve on a fund-raiser committee for a Montana school, support a Montana high school athletic team, help somebody fix a flat on the side of the road, shovel a neighbor’s sidewalks, serve on a local board or community committee, buy local, etc.? How can they claim to represent the people of the State of Montana when they are consumers living in gated communities, and not contributors to the lives of the people? Legislatures need to be made of a lot of different parts of society and I for one think we have too damn many rich opportunists who will only eventually serve the plutochracy. If the people voted what’s in their best interest, they would never elect somebody with this guy’s resume’.

  4. Downing doesn’t have near as many endorsements as Russ Faggot. He has no chance.

  5. Looks like Jon’s pledging his allegiance to Donald.

    • Wrong again. He’s providing an response to all the rightwingnuts who bray like the jackasses they are words to the effect that “Tester has accomplished nothing for Montanans” while in office.

  6. Tillerson (correctly) calls tRump a moron-tRump does nothing.

    Tillerson (probably correctly) says the Russian poisoned 2 people in the UK-tRump fires him for impugning tRump’s campaign and lifestyle financiers.

  7. I saw that ad this morning. It took a while for Tester to become a Trumpist, didn’t it?

    • Old Line Democrat | March 14, 2018 6:03 PM at 6:03 PM |

      How can passing legislation that helps veterans, firefighters and the rest be construed as “trumpism” ?
      Clearly only by someone seeking to disparage good work in the face of great odds for an ulterior motive.
      The trolls are out in force trying to divide by sowing doubt and suspicion by sniping from the sidelines. Be aware folks the curative sunshine is still being blocked by the dark money minions.
      We can only be heartened by the fact that they feel the need to come here and try to distort the facts to gain an advantage. Stay strong folks it’s just beginning.

      • The Dems have all been united to resist the Trump agenda, and here comes Jon Tester bragging about passing bills with President Trump. That is a definition of a Trumpist.

        It’s actually a smart move for Tester because the Dems in Montana are still reeling from the last election cycle and they will forgive him for moving right.

        It is overkill though, because Tester doesn’t even have an opponent yet, is rolling in cash, and cruising towards re-election.

        • Jon Tester is a Democrat. He is and has always been a conservative Democrat. That you seem to be unable to grasp that fact is not surprising. BTW, nice letter in the comical.

    • Cat got your * Eric?

  8. All the comments about Tester selling his soul to De Debil, seem a bit of a long shot and may be intended to make loyal Democrats question their faith. Every fool I ask about their understanding of Congressional antics, seem to believe that the Minority Party will have some voice in the passage of bills through Committee. With GOP Committee Chairmen in all the right places, pledging eternal feality to the Crown and the candy bar of Mitch and Paul, the possibility of any minority member getting any scraps of legislation through Committee seems like they may need to offer some trades to actually accomplish anything for their State. Tester seems to assume the GOP will do all they can to destroy the economy without his help, so why not give them a little push over the Financial cliff? Jon may be like me and enjoying the lumps in his bed as he sleeps on his cash, I find the lumps comforting, doesn’t everyone?

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