Steve Daines(R-China) Stuck in Beijing Beltway Mindset

It’s time for Steve Daines to get out of the bubble. He needs to get back to the people in the country, the farmers and ranchers in Yunnan and Hubei. He needs to reconnect to his roots when he was busy working in China in the 90’s.

It has been fact-checked, by and it is true that:

“Daines worked for years in China, helping an American company build factories there, at the same time Daines’ company was firing thousands of American workers here.”

Daines really should just move back to his Beijing penthouse and quit pretending to be a Senator from America. His interests have always been in China and will always be in China.

Steve Daines continually calls for the reengagement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the vastly unpopular trade deal that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump agreed was a bad deal for American workers.

You know you are stuck in a bad place if you are disagreeing with the leader of the Republican party in Trump and the most popular elected official in American in Bernie Sanders.

Daines even went so far as to send a letter to President signed by 25 of the most absurdly out of touch Senators that, like himself, would rather work to outsource jobs for American workers rather than fight for American jobs.

Go home Daines, you’re drunk on Baijiu.



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  1. If Republican President Donald Trump gets his tariffs against China, Senator Daines will have some ‘splaining to do…

  2. Hey, I’m just glad to hear Daines is capable of disagreeing with Trump.

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