SURPRISE: Ryan Zinke Caught Lying About Public Lands–Again

You know the one with Lucy holding the football and Charlie Brown running up to kick it?  Where Ole Chuck truly believes he’s going to FINALLY kick that ball and yet again Lucy pulls it away at the last second; leaving our balding protagonist flat on his butt yet again.

The Peanuts comic strip is kind of like Ryan Zinke and his statements about public lands.  You see ole Ryan assures everyone he’s going to be for public lands.  He says, “I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican.”  He puts on his waders, or his camo, or his cowboy hat and assures us he is going to keep public lands public.  But at the last minute he always pulls the football away and reveals himself to be nothing but a regular old Lucy.

This week’s episode finds Ryan Zinke being called out by Politifact for this whopper:

“The president is a builder and the son of a plumber, as I am,” Zinke told the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. “I look forward to working with the president on restoring America’s greatness through a historic investment of our public lands infrastructure. This is the largest investment in our public lands infrastructure in our nation’s history. Let me repeat that, this is the largest investment in our public lands infrastructure in the history of this country.”

Zinke, who’s bravado and bluster is only rivaled by his boss’, was not particularly truthful in this statement.

Politifact has a pretty comprehensive take down of his lie but the kicker comes at the end:

Zinke said that a Trump administration proposal for the Interior Department “is the largest investment in our public lands infrastructure in our nation’s history.”

It’s far from assured that the maximum figure of $18 billion in the proposal will ever be reached if enacted. Beyond that, though, Roosevelt’s $3 billion investment in the Civilian Conservation Corps would amount to $53 billion today, and it accounted for vastly more than the Trump proposal as a percentage of federal spending at the time.

We rate the statement False.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So here is two thousand words:


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  1. I waver between which cabinet member should go next — Betsy DeVos or Ryan Zinke. I have decided on Zinke. He KNOWS he’s lying. Bubble-head Betsy has no clue.

    • @Barbara T – I think you’re absolutely correct. Zinke is just another sociopathic, agenda-driven liar. In his thinking, anything that suits his agenda or benefits him personally is entirely justified. That’s why he alternates between defensive bluster and genuine befuddlement when he’s called out for it. He really believes that justification.

      DeVos, on the other hand, is so feckless and transparent in her determination to destroy public education that she actually provides some degree of protection. Even smarmy hypocrites like Daines and Gianforte can’t figure out a way to support her bumbling without revealing their own commitment to the dismantling of the DOE.

  2. I’m not sure anyone has caught Zinke in a truth. I didn’t know Trump’s father was a plumber! Must be a metaphor.

  3. What’s with the plumber father of Trump? Exactly what kind of ‘plumber’ was he?

  4. But Zinke’s a former Navy SEAL! You gotta trust him, right? Wait, he lied about travel expenses then. Hmm.

    • Has anyone ever asked our SEAL to expound on the feats of valor that earned him those 2 Bronze stars he’s so proud of?

      • @PL – Re Zinke’s Bronze Stars. There are two types of that decoration – for Valor, and for Meritorious Service. From what I can find, Zinke’s were both for Meritorious Service. That means they had nothing to do with combat action or courage. That usually means they were awarded for kissing the right butts and came at the end of an assignment. Sort of like getting a good letter of reference when you manage to quit a job just before being fired.

    • Trump glories in surrounding himself with ex-military men. “Duty, Honor, Country”, “We Shall Not lie, Cheat or Steal, Nor Tolerate Those Who Do”, lofty ideals. It seems Trumps selections leave some room to cast a jaundiced eye upon the whole military. Generals Flynn, Mattis, Kelly and McMaster have a sold these ideals in order to bask in the shadow of Trump. Zinke is no better, that is if he ever had those ideals. One really has to question the loyalty of our military leadership.

  5. I think you have your Roosevelt facts mixed up. Zinke aspires to be like TR not FDR. No coment on the plumber or his son, neither impress me much.

  6. I thought Trumps father was a slum lord in New York Hell Daddy T. evicted Woody Guthrie who has done more for this country by meeting the people and worked with migrant farm workers in the California fields.

    • Don the Con’s father was a driven, aggressive builder of homes, apartment complexes in Queens and Brooklyn, not just a ‘humble plumber’ and Fred Trump can certainly be applauded for helping his mother – German IMMIGRANT – carry on the family building trade when Don the Con’s grandfather (DEPORTED from Germany for failing to perform military service) died of influenza in 1919. Fred gave Don the Con a million bucks after college (Don the Con didn’t go to WHARTON MBA program, just a Penn undergrad!) and Fred bailed Don the Con out up to FIFTY million bucks through the seventies and eighties through all of Don the Con’s business disasters.

  7. Ben Carson, Betsy, Zinke, you wonder if they actually make Congress seem a bit less distasteful?
    One would assume the money spent on the last General Election would buy some actual carecters who were somewhat capable of perfirming some kind of function as representatives of the public in general? Or are they supposed to simply work for them that bought them…..?

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