While Insurance Rates Continue to Climb on His Watch, Insurance Commissioner Rosendale Touts Staffing Reductions?

If your business was failing at one of its core missions, would you be bragging about how little your spending to serve customers?

For most reasonable people, the answer to that question would be no.  But Matt Rosendale does not seem to be a reasonable man.

As our state’s Insurance Commissioner Rosendale has the privilege and elected duty to oversee health insurers in Montana.  So far, after only a year or so on the job, Rosendale has sat idly by as Insurers raised rates across Montana.  He’s been reduced to bringing in known “health insurance” scammers into Montana.

Most Montanans have been wondering, what is our Insurance Commissioner doing?

Well it seems like we now know.  The reason behind his inaction and overall complacency with insurance costs going up is to reduce his office’s operating costs. In a bizarre tweet, Rosendale touts the reduction of costs at the Insurance Commissioners office by 23%.

Maybe he cut the person who actually does work at the office’s job?  Maybe it was too costly for Rosendale to stand up to insurance companies?  Maybe the office electricity bill goes down because he’s spending time in DC instead of doing his job?

Bottom line: it seems pretty easy to reduce operating costs if you’re not doing your job.


5 Comments on "While Insurance Rates Continue to Climb on His Watch, Insurance Commissioner Rosendale Touts Staffing Reductions?"

  1. What’s ‘DRONE BOY” doing to fight Insurance Korporations (that just received MASSIVE windfall tax ‘gift’ from GOP and tRump) from raising rates when same Korporations should be holding all rates STABLE or reduce ’em!?

  2. Rates climb while life expectancy drops.

  3. Montana Republicans sure do love their carpet-baggers!

  4. When will journalists start investigating Rosendale’s job performance as OUR public servant and what’s he’s done to defend us against corporate greed?

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