Another Embarrassment for Russell Fagg: Campaign Literature Riddled with Errors

Russell Fagg is just not ready for prime-time.  It’s funny to watch the Montana GOP establishment flail about looking for an ANYONE but Matt Rosendale candidate.  But sadly, they’ve hitched their wagon to a man who just isn’t ready for the spotlight.

He’s had ethics complaints.  He’s asked reporters to beef up the crowd size from his events.  He’s continued to tout the endorsement of a deceased person.  And now, you can add failing to spell check his campaign literature to the list.

Last night at the Missoula candidate forum Russell Fagg distributed some sleek campaign literature.  It could have used the spellcheck button.

The big breaking news of the day was that Fagg has been endorsed by someone named Marc Raciot. For those of you who are new to the state (like maybe Matt Rosendale), the former Governor of Montana was Marc Racicot.  You’d think Fagg would be able to spell his endorsers names right.

Also, although he has taken a moderate position on immigration, it might behoove Fagg to require his campaign staff  to “LEARN ENGLISH” as some on the right often yell at immigrants.   His campaign literature notes:

I’m grateful to supported by

It would seem Fagg is missing the word “be.”  

While these minor errors may not seem like a big deal, it shows a complete lack of attention to detail and vetting for a US Senate candidate. Fagg seems to be firmly in 3rd place in this packed primary and with errors like this it doesn’t feel like he will be able to make a move.  As the June primary creeps closer, it will be interesting to see if the establishment abandons Fagg for Downing.


4 Comments on "Another Embarrassment for Russell Fagg: Campaign Literature Riddled with Errors"

  1. I am disappointed with this post. I expect Cowgirl to be able to comment on issues, not spelling errors!

    • Russell Fagg’s competence, or lack thereof, IS an issue. A candidate’s potential performance, if actually elected, depends a great deal on the people with whom he surrounds himself. The sort of slipshod incompetence reflected in that handout is telling.

  2. They also spelled my name wrong. Going to have a long talk with my staff about this.

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